Nov 1, 2009

In like a lamb, so far

November is starting off pretty mildly here. It's warmish and bright this morning after a really clear night (not too spooky I'm afraid).

We didn't get up to too much last night. We don't usually do the Halloween thing. Every year I think about it, but costumes don't come together in time (or at all) and Geoff isn't very fussed on dressing up because he's expected to. although he'll dress up for no reason, go figure.

But our new neighbors asked us if we'd help out scaring the kiddies in their elaborate haunted house last night, so we suited up in warm clothes, had our hands and arms painted white, and stuck our arms through some holes cut in some walls and creepily reached for the preteens as they walked through. Pretty hilarious.

The house was broken up into a bunch of different spaces...

1. when you first walked in, there was a girl chained up in a little cage, crying to let her out. Of course everyone that went through it wouldn't go near her (she did a really good job of looking scared, mascara running down her face and all grubbed up like she'd been there for a while) And she would pitifully ask that whoever went by would at least push her hair out of her eyes. If they did go in for it, they were rewarded with a near bite or a scream, and getting pushed into the next section.

2. There was a live chicken on a table across the hallway from us to distract from the wall that the hands would come out of, then on a signal we'd all (there were three of us) reach out grabbing at the same time.

3. The kids would then go into Santa's room where he was on the phone checking to see if they were "on the list" for some candy. He'd get off the phone and attack with a skill saw! There was also a dead clown that would shoo the screaming kids into the next section while Santa laughed brandishing the saw.

4. Then the kids would crawl through a little room that would get flooded with insane light, to blind them just a little bit, then chased out by a big guy screaming with a real chainsaw.

There was a candy section at the very end, but most of the kids came running out of there so fast that they screamed right past without stopping!

Apparently they do a haunted house like that every second year! The whole family gets into it, everyone with their role to play and everyone seems to really love it.

We were cold but laughing for most of the event.

I would definitely help out again!

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