May 27, 2011

snippets of time

are all I get these days.

I am in no way complaining. In fact I am completely in AWE of the Mums out there who can keep up a regular blog schedule with a newborn. Really I am.

Because I can get just enough time to maybe brush my teeth, or make myself a little bit of food that I have to INHALE before this sweet boy get's tired of hanging out somewhere that isn't in my arms.

But I know that it won't last, so I will not complain about it and soak up as much of this cuddle time as I can.

Because I feel like he's going to be a firecracker in no time and I will soon be missing these days of rocking in the recliner in the living room with the Food Network on TV in the background and the Dog bundled up on the couch and this amazing little man snuggled up in my lap.

(Also, I just have to say that he's got the BEST hair right now. He's totally bald on top and he's got slightly gingery Old Man hair on the sides and back. AMAZING. A friend today described him as looking like a tiny Patrick Stewart.)

May 12, 2011

Jazz hands

I'm sitting feeding Mr. Ali, his little hand is cool against my skin because he refuses to let us swaddle his arms, so he's always flinging his hands into his own face, startling himself.

But right now he's content to just sit for a moment with a boob in his face, mostly asleep, occasionally suckling like a little piglet.

(we took this picture just before we left the hospital, he's so different already!)

May 9, 2011

A little radio silence

due to this little guy!

Our Son, Aldous Glen Francis.
Born 2 weeks ago, 5 lbs 8 oz, after a SUPER fast labor.
It was actually really scary for a little while, in the hospital (I'll go into more depth soon, but it all turned out great, he's healthy and perfect, and really, that's all I care about)

But he's starting to squirm so I've got to dash.

All I'll say is Overwhelming LOVE.

I had no real idea until he was placed in my arms just how much love one person could evoke.

But boy, does he.


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