Nov 4, 2009

Community might be my new favorite thing

We caught it a couple weeks ago (Geoff wonderfully tapes TV for us, I will admit happily that I am grateful because I would NEVER remember to watch anything myself. I try not to watch too much TV, I feel guilty if I get into to many shows, like I should be more productive, but am really enjoying a few right now, and there are a couple that I REALLY need to watch, you know)

Anyway we caught this between Parks and Rec (which is letting me down. Amy Poehler you are better than this) and 30 Rock and it is SLAYING the other shows on Thursday night!

And I just found out that one of the creators also created Arrested Development, so now I straight up love it.

This trailer is a bit long, but it really sets it up for you.

And if you get a chance to watch the Halloween episode I highly recommend it.

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