Mar 23, 2014

OOAK Family Ring... maybe it's a Lichen ring? Coral?

I can't remember if I posted this ring already or not, please forgive me, but my brain is not working like it usually does.

But I came across it in my inventory stash this morning and thought "I SHOULD POST THIS!"

Entirely made by hand, two layers of hand pierced silver with a Chalcedony cabochon and a facetet Peridot set in GOLD.  There are a couple gold beads in there for interest too.

I like me some gold bead details.

This is a custom order piece,  made with your family's birthstones if you wish, or just your favorite stone.

This is also something that will start happening in the Summer, AFTER baby.

I'm not taking any commission work right now, just because we are IN THE ZONE and I don't want to commit to work that I can't finish in case Chickpea comes early.

But it's something to think about if you have a special date in the late Summer or Fall!


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