Oct 30, 2007

Are you kidding??

So hilarious and fantastic.
To see more silliness like this, please check out cuteoverload.com
Good lord!

Finished the neck tube. It's a little big, but now I know for next time!

Oct 26, 2007

Halloween fireworks in the neighborhood

Ha ha! Just kidding folks, I'm pretty sure the neighbor kids (and I say KIDS rather lightly, I am imagining goofs in their late 20s and early thirties popping off bottle rockets 4 blocks over)

But these sure are pretty yes?

I digress.
Just got back from the basketball game, pretty fun. The crowd sure loves Steve Nash.

How could they not, just look at that face. (plus Victoria is his hometown and he wanted to play for the Grizzlies. But they blew it.)
Oh Grizzlies. Come on back to Vancouver.


Geoff's at the Aesop Rock show and I am planning to emery some antler rings I picked up this afternoon for a bit. Then knit (you should SEE the neck tube, it's getting huge. So awesome)
Then sleep.

Oct 23, 2007

It was so WARM today! Completely unexpected, was totally overdressed.
But I am not complaining.
I deviated from my usual Tuesday schedule today and hung out with my friend Nicole and her lovely man Wyeth. They are in town for a couple of days from Winnipeg, so I HAD to.
Can't have longtime friends in town and not see them. I'm sure it's in the constitution. Don't get at me for not living in America people, that's a thing that is Just Not Done.
So we hung out and it was lovely to see them.
Now I am home and preparing to work in the studio for a while tonight.
It's late yes, but I need to make up for lost time, no matter how much fun it was to wander around in the sunshine.
Off I go, wish me luck!

Oct 22, 2007

I actually came in to find this,

This was not a set up.

Just got home from work, ate a sandwich.
Going to sit with the dog for a bit.
Then I am going to work in the studio for an hour before bed.

Gotta stay productive!

Oct 21, 2007

Oct 20, 2007

idle hands... are not mine.

These are the new rings for the show.
Oh my god I love them so much!
I've got 20 going, some finished, like these babies, and others in various stages of production.
Plus I've got 24 pendants going, tons of earrings to get started and antler rings being cast this week. I am hoping to drop off some more waxes when I pick up the finished ones and just keep the process rolling.
I was looking at my day planner yesterday and I realized that I've only got one more paycheck until the show.
Panic has officially set in, but I am focusing now.
Once I eat lunch.

I whipped up this little number this morning. I know I know! I should be working on jewellery! And I am, but I've had this tugging away at my thoughts for about a week now (since I unpacked the fabric from a bag of stuff left untouched since we got back from Halifax) and it only took me a couple of hours all told and now I can stop thinking about it. (this isn't the best picture of it, but you can see the button in this pic, which is how I plan to tell which side is the front.)
I have finally accepted how my brain works, I am going to work WITH myself.

This teapot was a gift from the Lovely Kathryn for my birthday. Which was in August yes, but I have wanted to post this picture for ages because it's just so sweet! I love love love this teapot. It's perfect with my teeny mug, I get 2 and a HALF(!) cups of tea out of it and it's always properly steeped.
Bless you Kathryn!

Oh yeah! And I am knitting again. To relax after working in the studio.
The humble beginnings of a cozy neck tube/scarf.

Enough blogging for now. Must eat and work!
Ciao dahlings.

Oct 16, 2007

I don't know if I am the only person who notices little things like this, but we were walking home one night after a dog run at the park, and this little guy caught my eye.

So I snapped a pic just before it was too dark to see anymore.
Pretty apropos I think.

Oct 14, 2007

So long between posts!

I've been working hard in the studio these past couple of weeks, the Out of Hand Show is coming up fast. FAST. And I am putting all of my energies into that.
Yesterday I spent a good part of the day scooping wax out of (what will become) Antler rings, cutting out discs for Jangelica pendants (what I would do for a disc punch right now!) and prepping 10 more Woozy rings.
Today I am hoping to finish cutting out the rest of the discs for the pendants, solder and possibly get some gold soldered into the Woozys and finish the waxes for the Antler rings so I can drop those off for casting this week. And if I have time, clean up the edges on some A Cute rings too.
I will certainly post some pictures when I take them, but right now I just work work work until I am too tired or my fingers are too sore to work any more!
This show is going to be AWESOME!
I hope all and sundry are having a great weekend.


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