Nov 30, 2010

When the time comes

I am going to order this lovely top...

(It was originally designed for breastfeeding and I like the idea of looking stylish when I've got a tiny human attached to me like a limpet.)

The designer, Replicca is Canadian too.
Got to love that.

(plus I love that everything in her shop looks luxurious and comfortable)

Nov 28, 2010


I've been coveting THESE for the longest time.

I bet that they would be really good for a new mama, slip on shoes, ready to go!
(plus I love that they donate a pair to a child for every pair sold. Incredible)

Maybe in the spring.

I have been spending WAAAY too much time on etsy looking at baby things. I'll put together a list to share soon. Now I have to eat breakfast and get dressed. And stay away from the computer for the rest of the day! I haven't even started my christmas gifts for this year yet! December is going to be INSANE.

Nov 25, 2010

The Bun.

Remember a little while back when I was posting really irregularly (similar to now in fact) and had no energy and have been basically off the radar for the last few months.
I was all, "I've got this bug that's keeping me down"?

Remember that?


This is why I've been so out of it.

18 weeks along now, 4 1/2 months!
We are really excited and happy to share that we are having a BABY!

Yup, I am going to be someone's mama.

I am still really tired, definitely better than the first trimester, but still sleepier than I had expected. I have heard that you get this amazing new energy back once you are out of those first 3 months, but I am still waiting.

(Do you hear that Wiggler? Mama needs some of that back. Don't you know that Christmas is right around the corner and I have to save some money to get ready for you?)

And this baby IS wiggly. Our midwives laugh about how busy this little bug will be keeping us.

The bump is starting to show, I can no longer pass it off as a big lunch, and I can feel the wriggles. It's amazing!

Another reason that posting has been light here is that I am so excited about all the amazing baby things that I have been discovering and I want to share them, but I wanted to sit on this for a bit so that it was just ours for a while. But this morning we had our 18 week ultrasound and everything looks good and it's getting harder to keep this excitement to myself.

So I apologize now if this turns into a baby bonanza for a bit, but I have to get it out of my system!

There is so much cute stuff out there and so many amazing Mama bloggers that I feel really lucky to be able to share in some of that.

(I might just post drivel about myself, but we should all be used to that by now surely?)

Nov 24, 2010

Snow (sick) day

I've been fighting off a head cold for the last three weeks and it's unfortunately settled right on my face.


Plus it's snowing here again. I think that being out in the snowy bluster on Monday is what helped this sneaky cold to get a firm grip on me, so I've taken today off to sleep it off as much as possible.

I've got a couple of things to do around the house between naps (we have 1/4 of a roll of toilet paper left. Not good for a gal with a drippy nose drinking extra liquids!) So a very brief trip to the corner store is in order, plus I've got 2 rings to finish and mail off by the end of the week so I'll try to work on those too.

But I might just have to cozy on the couch with the dog for most of the day and get as much rest as I can.

We've got an early appointment tomorrow morning that I've been anxiously awaiting too, so an early bedtime is on the menu!

I hope that everyone out there is having a cozy November day wherever you are, stay warm and safe on those icy roads!

Nov 13, 2010

If we get married again...

I might have to wear something like this AMAZING Carolina Hererra gown that the lovely Miss Camilla Belle is wearing.

She looks so fresh and springy! D ring belt?? Love it!
(image found here)

Nov 12, 2010

name change

Yes we have been married for over a year.

But I still haven't changed my name on ANYTHING even though I took his last name.

So right now I am filling out a form for my new care card.

One step at a time people.

Nov 9, 2010

Oversized glasses LOVE

I have been really thinking about oversized eyeglasses in the last 6 months or so. Not in a I-have-to-go-and-find-designer-giant-frames-right-now kind of way, but more of a If-I-find-a-pair-of great-cheap-frames-I-might-get-my-prescription-put-in-them kind of way.

You know, like that.

And on a whim I googled "over sized eyeglasses" and among the many pictures of JLo and Lindsay Lohan in HUGE sunnies, was this article about Iris Apfel

She is a pretty cool lady my friends. Those glasses are Rocking My World right now.
And I can't believe that I have not discovered the Modcloth blog before now.

There goes my evening!


This is so awesome.

I found it on Designsponge today and it's available here

Nov 7, 2010

Long hair!

Before I cut my hair off again I want to get it to something like this for a while first...

My hair might be too think to pull this off, but I bet some fancy layering technique could do something similar.

I'm currently growing out bangs, so it's living in a series of weird pinned up topknot these days. *sigh*


image found here

Nov 1, 2010

I am sorry, it's NOVEMBER???

What the heck is going on here TIME?? I don't understand why you feel the need to race away from me like this.

I thought we were friends.

I really thought that we had a connection.

But it turns out that you are doing your damndest to get away from me at every opportunity!

This hurts.

Maybe I'll skip away from you for a while and see how you like it.



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