Nov 6, 2009


I spent the day puttering around the house, organizing and setting things up.
It feels like I am doing a lot of that lately.
This is the first house that we've lived in that feels really me, which is kind of hilarious since Geoff is the one who grew up here.

Did I tell you that before? The suite that we are renting from Geoff's Mom IS the house that Geoff grew up in.

The space is EXACTLY what I would look for if I was house hunting on my own, and I think that being married is making me feel like nesting or something. Like now that we are married I get to decorate like an adult.
Weird I know, but there you have it. It's been really fun too. I really enjoyed painting by myself (Geoff was in class when I painted the bedroom and the dining room, and while I can't say that I usually LOVE painting rooms, it felt really nice to do it all myself.)

The dining room is as sorted out now as I can make it, I am still collecting art for The Art Wall.

(I'll start taking photos this weekend, hopefully I get a bit of sun)

The kitchen is also at that same point. I've got a wall that is getting a smattering of thrifted and flashy plates, I saw something similar on a design blog months ago and couldn't get it out of my head, so I'm going to make my own!
(again, I will share pictures this weekend)

The bedroom still needs some TLC, but I've got a great idea that my mom inadvertantly gave me while we were having lunch last weekend, so I now need to get my hands on a projector and some paint pens to draw my own tree "wall paper". (maybe free hand? don't know yet)

Plus run the idea by Geoff.
That seems fair right?

And after today I feel like my studio is in a better set up for productivity.
I've got a new print for work on the go on my drawing table, some new earrings to work on, on my bench and a Fork Fork Fork Spoon wall plaque to fix for Geoff.
(a wedding gift that the glue has come undone on.)

Feeling good about the space these days.

Now I just have to invite some friends over to hang out in it!


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