Nov 27, 2009

where I apologize to lady on the street.

While I was driving home from dropping Geoff off at school today I turned onto a side street and there was a lady jogging with a toddler on a bike. They had stopped on the corner (the little guy wobbled into a tree) so I drove on.
Well she wasn't watching and I clearly scared her because as I drove by she yelled at me and glared at me with her hands on her hips.

I feel AWFUL right now.

I know that they are fine, I kept my eye on them as I drove away to make sure that they were okay, and she jogged on. But I am feeling so shaken. Like I should have done anything else but drive on. And I am feeling guilty/terrible/anxious/sorry for making her scared.

So instead of working on something productive right now I am fretting.
What if she is still mad and tracks me down to yell at me?
What if she calls the police? (I know that I am getting ridiculous here, but I feel like I need to talk it out and no one is home to listen to my anxiety.)

So from now on I am going to drive even more like an old granny (Geoff gives me the gears for diving so slowly through the neighborhood, but he's seen NOTHING yet!)

And I am really very sorry for scaring a (probably) nice lady and her kid. It was unintentional and I hope that they feel better than I do right now.


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