May 31, 2008

Lake time

So last weekend was spent at the lake and it was A W E S O M E.
It was exactly what I needed after a couple straight weekends of serious painting (our house and my work).
We got a chance to organize a lot of our random stuff up there as well.
The most hilarious of which was Geoff's toys.

So many action figures.
There were boxes of up there that were strewn about the deck so we could go through them. And we donated a pretty big chunk of it when we were done too.
As well as a few bags of clothes and other things that we were holding onto from our Halifax days that we literally hadn't looked at since we packed it up 3 years ago.

It was really good to clear it out. And I found a few things that I had been looking for as well.

This weekend it's catch up time. I've got 2 big projects to finish up and then it's time for INVENTORY.

Oh yes.

(I heard back from Circle Craft this week. Didn't get in. But considering that I sent them the wrong package with the PIXILATED photos (I KNOW!) I don't really blame them.)
My friends Cara and Angie are coming over this weekend though to help me go over some marketing things (because I am so bad at it myself) and I am hoping that I can discuss the possibility of a great catologue with them while they are here.
So nice to creatively brainstorm.

So next year, Circle Craft!

-I am selling my bike. I rode it once last year to work and haven't touched it since. My legs were entirely made of jelly for days!
I love it, but I need to find something a bit lighter for living in a city entirely made of hills!
Please let me know if you know anyone who might be interested.

May 30, 2008

Daily Norman

I have added a new section to Janamade This.
Daily Norman.

I have actually had a request for this, so Erin, this is for you!
Check it out to your right.

I am going to try to update that section every day.

Because he is too damn hilarious not to share.

May 29, 2008

Ooh cute summer shoes.

I was chatting with a friend of mine this weekend and we were discussing the merits of summer shoes.
I am a fan of the totally open flip flop, my toes like their freedom.
But I love the cuteness of a sweet little flat.

I think that I may have found a good mix of the two (plus I already have the most amazing flip flops already.)

I first saw these here
I read this blog pretty regularly and today she posted a picture of the shoes on her actual feet.
Very very cute.

So I am sold.
Although I like these ones because of the hilarious open toe.

And I like these ones for their classic black flatness.
Yes that's what I said.
How awesome and Audrey Hepburn are simple, beautiful black flats??

Pretty dang awesome.

I know that I am always (ALWAYS) saying that I am going to start getting back into the studio. Yes yes, You know.
Well I am slowly getting back in there.
Last night I cut out probably 30 pairs of cute Leather Feather earrings. Tonight I'll cut out some more and get those rolling.
I want to send 10 pairs to Nelson next week so it's officially on my list of things to do.
And some of these are SO CUTE! I was given some printed leather this weekend and it's all so sweet!

And this weekend I've got a couple of bigger pieces in the works.
SO I am hoping to get them done so I can start building up inventory again.

And more prints.
I've got a cute new one up my sleeve!

May 23, 2008

vanilla mint toothpaste

it's like brushing your teeth with jelly beans.

I am taking a mini holiday this weekend. I feel the need for some doing-nothing-in-the-sun time after two straight weekends of painting, and busy weeks in between.
I am thinking about new prints, got some source material and everything so I'll maybe work on those. And I am getting back into the studio next week when I get back, so soon there will be some new stuff in the shop (finally!) and some lovely new things to look at.

Have a great weekend everyone, wear sunscreen, I hear it's going to be a warm one.

May 22, 2008

wall shelves!

Okay, so I don't know if you are aware of how much I love wall shelves.
I love them.
- they keep crap off the floor
- they usually look pretty nice
- I love things tidy, and they have a knack for keeping things at least UP.
- they don't make the room feel smaller (like some arrangements of bookshelves I've had in my life in the past)
And I've had a lot of bookshelves in my day, I'll tell you.

They are just great, and I have been JONESING to get some into the new studio space to organize my catologues and misc. crappola that I invariably collect.
Even though I try REALLY hard to simplify and minimize my stuff on a semi regular basis.

Geoff is amazed at the amount of clothes that get donated every three months.
And I barely shop at all any more.

Where does it come from?

So, new wall shelves.

I still have some tidying and organizing to do yet, there are still a few things that I can't find ANYWHERE that I kind of really need. Like my chequebook.

I know that it will turn up somewhere weird, but I'd really like it if it would show up soon since I've got some chegues to write.
Like, right now.

Last night instead of watching TV when I got home from work, I drafted the pattern for my BAG. Yeah, that's right, I am designing a bag.
It's just for me, since I have incredibly specific bag needs (all in my head, I know)
and I am really excited about it. I probably won't start actually making it for a while yet, since I haven't decided on colour or fabric or any of those fussy little things like necessary details.
I've got a button for it so far.

It's a process.

Okay, I'm off to work. Today I am interviewing for new staff. All by myself.

May 20, 2008

This week has been pretty busy. Busier than I'd like, but there is a light at the end of this tunnel.
Friday night we went to a show.
Yeah, a show.

Holy crap is was SO AWESOME.
I don't know if you are Kids in The Hall fans, but we sure are.
They played all new material and they were on point.
So good.

It makes me laugh just thinking about it. That good.

And Saturday, Sunday and Monday (the nicest, hottest days of the year so far) were spent painting the clinic where I work.
If I have to paint again it will be too soon.
Although I am sure that I will soon forget and paint something else before the summer is out.
This is how my head works.
I don't have pictures of the new clinic colours, but it looks pretty good if I do say so myself.
This week I intend to finish organizing my studio space, I picked up makeshift wall shelves yesterday, so I want to sand and paint (ACK! What did I TELL you!!) them before I put them up tomorrow.
So off I go!

May 15, 2008

new apartment, without moving!

We are still setting up and organizing everything (Ikea here I come!) but here are a couple of photos from our painting last weekend.

It is so exciting to refresh like this! We feel like we've upgraded to a fancy new apartment, but we are so glad to be where we are. The best of both worlds really.
We switched the bedroom and the studio room, and both of us are now wondering why the heck we didn't do this before, it's SO nice now!

We painted the studios a bright white, and it's so great to have the extra light in there now. The bedroom is a lovely gray/sage green and the kitchen is a really soothing twilight blue/dove gray.
Oh so nice!
I can't WAIT to get myself over to Ikea for a quick trip (wall shelves, magazine holders, mini chests of drawers for all my random mini sized crap. That sort of thing) for the last few things, and then I'll be ROLLING! I am so excited about the studio right now! I am brimming with inspiration and new ideas already.

Amazing what a coat of paint can do.

Norman was really good while we painted. We got lucky and had some good weather. So he sunbathed for all of us!

May 12, 2008

it's been a little quite at janamade this...

But it's been super busy at the house.
We have just finished painting and rearranging and generally improving everything around us.
It looks AMAZING right now. I don't have any pictures on the computer yet, there is still stuff EVERYWHERE.

But I just (get ready for it) hooked up the computer BY MYSELF.

And I was too excited to not share.
And Geoff is currently napping in the living room.

But I had to tell someone because this is the first time I've done this ever.
And it worked.
(evidence? I'm on the internet AND typing with the keyboard.)

Even the printer and the scanner are hooked up and working.

Yeah, that's right.
I can do a n y t h i n g!!

Now I must turn off the computer and finished setting up.
Then lunch!

May 8, 2008

The Boss of You

Last night I caught the tail end of the book signing for The Boss of You.
I wish that I could have seen the whole presentation because what I gleaned from the little bit that I did catch was pretty interesting.
Written by Lauren Bacon and Emira Mears, two Vancouver based business ladies, the book is geared towards women who run their own businesses.

That's ME!!

And a lot of other fantastic gals I know too.

They also have a blog here.
Check it out!
(I was just looking at their blog again and they'll be in Victoria on June 19th at Silk Road Tea company. 6pm.)

I've got it bookmarked on my computer already.
I haven't read the book yet, but Geoff ordered it for me last night so I will read it soon.

Speaking of books, Geoff and I are thinking about starting our own book club! Just the two of us, we'll read something at the same time and discuss.
I am ridiculously excited about it.

One last unrelated note: what do you think about flicker? I see it all over the place but I don't have an account yet. But I was interested in setting up a slide show on this here blog and flicker was one of the options with which to do it.
Any feedback?


May 6, 2008

A couple things

This weekend I had the pleasure of joining Floating Gold Iceberg for their weekly meeting. I have chatted about them before, and I certainly will again, because they are my dear friends and I am going to work with them. Whether they want me to or not. Because it's awesome.
Luckily they DO want me to work with them so it's not at all weird when I show up at their studio space and throw print ideas at them or try on clothes.
Pretty great actually.

They have recently moved to a new space and I threw my hat in and helped them move furniture and equipment up stairs and unloaded a number of business things on their behalf. And if I lived on the island I would probably try to wheedle my way into hanging out there and working on fun creative things ALL DAY.
Every day.

But not in a creepy way at all.

I only have one picture from that adventure, Erin had her hair done and it looks great.

The next time I go over I will get some good production shots.

I was also able to see Kathryn this weekend as well, which was so amazing because she's always traipsing off to Naniamo whenever I get over to the island, and she's my super talented designer friend who did my cards and is also helping me with the website. Which is going to be INCREDIBLE when we are done with it. Oh my god, so cute! I will not tease you too much since I don't have any pictures for you, but it's going to be RAD. And I am very much looking forward to it.

Not only was I able to get a lot of good creative brainstorming in this weekend, I was also able to see some people that I really don't get to see enough of.

I can't believe how big Miss Emma is getting! Every time I see her she gets cooler.
I have to credit Dee for her amazing parenting skills. Emma is polite and considerate and all around awesome.

The other reason that I went over this weekend was this...
My Dad got his first TATTOO!

I know, now it is I that is the bad influence!
He was a total trooper and handled it really well. Much better than I do, if I am completely honest. I squeak and whine and generally make an ass of myself. Although the last time I went in I wasn't getting anything done over my kidneys (which is NOT fun, just so you know) so I was pretty good. Jeff even said that I was much better than usual! It's progress!
We went to Urge tattoos at their new location on Cook street (which is amazing) Jeff there has been tattooing me for years, and now I send everyone I know there when they are thinking about getting something done.
Here's my Dad before:

And some pictures of the process:

Here is the finished tattoo the next day, a little bruising, but it looks pretty great!
That's my Mom's name in there. So CUTE!

I really enjoyed spending the afternoon with Dad and sharing something that I really like with him.
So now we'll have to see if he becomes as addicted and I have!
I think that my Mom is crossing her fingers that he doesn't.

Only time will tell! [insert maniacal laughter here]


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