Oct 30, 2009


Melissa Dixon has stolen my heart.

This is pretty much the most incredible thing I've seen on etsy to date.
When I stumbled across her shop the first thing I thought was "Really! Real taxidermy??" (the coyote is too beautiful, and makes me a little sad)
So I took a look to see if she did anything else, because while I can appreciate the work, I don't feel ready for a large mounted head in my living room.
(there was a deer head up at Shawnigan for years and I had a hard time sleeping with it in the room. It watched a little too closely)

And then I saw these, they are so beautiful. And I know that some people would think I was a weirdo for feeling this way.

I am cool with that.

My own husband has referred to me as an eccentric weirdo, with examples to prove his point. Not kidding.

And you out there who know me, are familiar with this little bit of weirdness.
If you want to call it that.

I just really love bones.

The moment I saw these I was in love.
I saw Henri first

And then I saw Nash

They are both squirrel skulls, and I have wanted a squirrel in a bell jar terrarium FOR like EVER. I don't know what it is about them, in real life I know that they are basically rats with fluffy tails, but I fall for the fluff every time!
(It's the cuteness I can't handle. all that cheek? COME ON!)

I might have to start putting extra cash aside for one of these boys. I think that I would give him a lovely home on the mantle.

(I hope Geoff likes him!)

side note: I just popped by her blog and it's full of great fashion too! I am feeling a crush coming on!

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