Dec 30, 2010

love love love!

I just found these RAD HAIR PICS and I am feeling super jazzed about a new style.
I have been trying desperately to grow out my bangs so that I can just tie it up out of my face once I am dealing with a squalling infant, but it's HARD.

Ack I just want to rock cool fun hair again!

(I found all of these through Creature Comforts)

Dec 29, 2010

HugaMonkey giveaway

I was just searching baby slings JUST NOW and came across HugaMonkey's website and blog and I am liking the look of things over there.

Right now they are having a give away for one of their pouch style slings and I am crossing my fingers that I can give one of these a try!

They look so SIMPLE.

Me likey.

(apparently you can use them with newborns and babies up to 30 lbs!)
I am planning to sling Sonny and I am coveting this sweet simple design right now!

Dec 28, 2010

Dangerous (and awesome)

Ninjabread Men.

I'm going to get me some of these.

I haven't made sugar cookies in a while, but I feel like Sonny (and Geoff) would enjoy these.

(I think I found them originally on ApartmentTherapy)

Dec 27, 2010

Baby Love

So I have started to think about what is going to go into our Sonny's room (we found out it's a BOY!) and this is a pretty sure bet.

Print available HERE

(we're not naming him Sonny, I'm just calling him that instead of "It" and "The Turd" Seems nicer.)

Dec 22, 2010


ugh! I would really love it if Christmas was just a few days farther away.
That would give me JUST enough time to maybe get everything done.

I hope that everyone out there is having the most relaxed and wonderful of weekends this weekend, that Santa (or whoever) brings you exactly the right thing, and that you stuff yourselves silly with whatever your favorite holiday food is!

Merry Christmas, Happy Solstice(a bit late I know, but we actually had our first annual Solstice celebration at our house, it was lovely, and I'll tell you all about it. After this weekend) and Happy Holidays to all!


Dec 18, 2010

Pear Tree Market!

I am a little late in posting this, but if you are around Victoria tomorrow and have a chance to pop in, it's LOVELY.
FGI and Verbena have done an AMAZING job of decorating the space and the ladies who are selling are some of the nicest, coolest ladies I have ever met. Seriously.

I love them all.

We'll be there from 11-5 tomorrow!
Hope to see you there!


(and seriously how beautiful is that poster??)

Dec 15, 2010

For Baby

We have been pretty lucky so far in that we don't have to get too much Stuff for The Bun besides a crib and then the smaller incidentals. (like all the fun stuff for decorating that the wee one won't really appreciate yet!)

And I am determined to keep things on the reasonable and affordable side.

Ikea, here we come!

This is the crib I intend to pick up in the new year...

The Sniglar.
Reasonably priced, adjustable mattress levels and one whole side comes off to make it become a toddler bed when the time comes.

Perhaps The Bun will sleep in here until kindergarten! (kidding, probably)

Dec 11, 2010

After the Wee one arrives

I have been thinking a lot about what I will do with myself once we have this baby. We're due at the end of April and I feel like that's a LONG time away. But I know better than to expect Time to give me any breaks. That bastard loves to just rush on by me regardless of how prepared I try to be for him.

And my studio is going to be the baby's room. So I am going to be taking a haitus from metal smithing while I get used to the idea of being a mother and let this new person settle in. My father in law, who frankly is quite possibly the GREATEST, has offered to create a space for me in the garage at the lake and I am SO unbelievably grateful to be able to have a space at all, let alone one where we spend a lot of time and where there is usually family around to babysit.

How did I get so lucky?

I am not sure but I am going to come up with something.

But until then, because I am sure that this won't be something that happens right away, I have been giving the idea some thought.

The idea of What the Heck I am going to do with myself until I am making jewellery again. That one.

Because I know that I am not always the most productive little jeweller out there, but I really do love it. It is something that makes me happy to be able to do and I always appreciate the time spent in my studio, once I get in there after procrastinating as long as I possibly can.

I am sure there is a clinical name for this.

ANYWAY. What I am getting at is that I have been thinking about drawing again, and I am pretty sure there will be some textile work in there too. I am not sure what yet, but Lena Corwin and Lotta Jansdottir are both incredibly inspiring to me and I love the idea of being able to provide beautiful things for my home.

And sewing. I'll be doing some of that too I think.

I've even been thinking of where I'll do this and I am afraid that the only place I can think of (and have already decorated in my head) is Geoff's study space.

I am hoping that he will be willing to share.

I haven't talked to him about this yet though. He just wrote his last exam for this semester today and I don't want to harass the poor man.

Dec 4, 2010


Oh my dear lord this bag is AMAZING.

I have loved Moop for AGES now and it seems like her bags are just getting better all the time.


I could carry so many diapers in it too. So maybe I actually need this bag.

So many things to save up for. And so many cravings to feed! who's gonna win??


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