Mar 28, 2008

The chickadee print has been burned to screen and is being printed and oh my gosh he looks so good! I've seen him in person as well and Angie has done SUCH a good job!

And I think that he looks pretty good layered over the blossoms too.
Although I am EXTREMELY biased since that is also my favorite (okay, I'll be honest, One of my favorite) tattoos.

Oh yeah, had I not mentioned that before? I am almost the tattooed lady.
Nothing HUGE, but a fair amount of surface area is now covered in something lovely.

My mom actually made me promise to never get my face and/or neck tattooed.

I KNOW!! Right?

I digress.
That print is so lovely and I've handed over a new heart print as well as the seedpod, so I will post some images when I get them in my hot little hands!

Mar 25, 2008

Back in the city

Spent the long weekend on the Island running from one hangout session to the next.
It was actually pretty fun. I didn't get to see everyone that I was hoping to sneak in, but I did get to hang out with my sister a lot, which is nice because she is moving to Calgary at the end of the week!
It's going to be a bit weird not having her around. Even though we don't spend that much time together, it was nice to know that I could call her up for a wander through the mall if I needed to do that.
Sometimes that happens.
But her and her boyfriend are going to have a GREAT time in Calgary, I just know it. New house, new adventures.
Pretty damn exciting if you ask me.
I was scared as hell when I moved to Halifax for school, but it turned out to be some of the best times ever.
And now she gets to do that too!

Good luck girl! It's going to be amazing.

Mar 17, 2008

This is my favorite little corner of our bathroom. That myrtle tree has had some serious ups and downs. It was lush and beautiful last Christmas at work (when it made it's first appearance in my life) And then I took it home and it decided that it would rather die than live in our living room. It shed leaves EVERYWHERE all the time. Then I thought that putting it outside in the sun would do her some good. Except that I put her out in what had to have been the hottest day of the year and one whole side of her burnt to a crisp!

I don't have a green thumb.

So she has since relocated to our bathroom, where she gets regular light and regular water (she gets the left over teeth brushing water everyday. Not too shabby)
And she's actually got some green shoots now.

I am very happy about this. Since I am determined to keep plants.

Mar 15, 2008

procrastination is so in right now.

I have zero energy to be creative today. It literally took me 2 hours to get myself out of the house just to the fabric store.
Which is a TREAT. This is how tired I am right now.
I even had some coffee for breakfast (I am not allowed to have caffeine so this is serious people) and still I drag my ass about.
Sorry, my bum about.

So here is some silly stuff to look at while I continue my lazy day.
(I am going to TRY to get some stuff done, but I am not holding my breath)

I know what I'm like.

Norman will tell us that he's ready to play by biting the carpet. He never tears it up or anything, he just believes that it is the best way to communicate with us that he's ready to go and is tired of waiting for us to get the hint.

This is a mini diorama that I made just after Christmas with some cute ornaments that we got. Those two girls are shocked by the other girl's hair.
It was quite late when I thought this was HILARIOUS.

I pretty much thought that I was a genius when I took some grossgrain ribbon and sewed it into the inside of my jeans (a belt on the INSIDE! Rad right??)
I even thought ahead and sewed around the belt loops, feeling pretty good about my mad sewing skills.
Until I flipped it over and saw that I had not taken into account the foot pressure dragging the belt loops over and that they got sewn in anyway.
It's a learning process.

And then I wore the jeans the very next day and regretted not trying on the jeans BEFORE I had sewn the ribbon in because they had seriously shrunk in the wash and spent most of the day cutting off circulation to my torso.

Carrots in love.

And here is a shot of the new necklace being modeled. I flipping LOVE this right now, it is so comfortable and the mini tags jingle together SO NICELY all the time. Like tiny wind chimes around my neck. I'm flipping out about it right now!

I am going to finish drinking my smoothie (raspberry and cranberry with banana tofu)
and think about cutting out some pattern pieces for a summer dress I want to try.

Ciao Dah-lings!

Mar 9, 2008

I am not a gamer

An example of just how much, presented itself the last time we went over to the island.
We have a fun tradition of playing a single arcade game whenever we take the ferry.
This last time we went over I chose a cool looking luge game that you sat in like you were actually in one and turned the whole seat left and right to turn.
Fun right?
That's what I thought too, except that I was the only one who didn't catch on that it wasn't working and that all the turning and hilarious body slams I was making on it were in fact DOING NOTHING to affect the outcome of the game.

That's my style.

Mar 8, 2008

Oh the excitement!

I ordered frames on Ebay a couple of weeks ago and they arrived in the mail yesterday.
I almost hypervenilated I was so excited. I haven't taken any pictures yet because I haven't had the real lenses put in yet, but they are SO NICE!!
I can't WAIT to have them all finished and ready to go!

I will certainly post pictures once I have however, I can't tease you like this and not put out.

Today I am working on putting together my "lookbook" for Janamade. So far I've got the template ready to go, but I think that the file might be too big because it fails to open up in photoshop whenever I try to get back in there. So that's a bad sign.
I have been working on updating the old website as well, so far this is what it might look like...

I have emailed to my amazing designer friend Kathryn for a once over and advice, I am hoping that she'll like it.
I like it.
It's not quite as jazzy as I'd hoped, but it's clean and simple and I think that it all works. I can never tell if I've over done it with the birds.
How many birds is too many?

The new Moonstruck pendants are my new favorite thing right now. I haven't taken mine off yet, I do this with all new pieces, wear the heck out of them to test them for any defects or weirdnesses that might pop up, but so far this one is all gravy. It just keeps getting better! The patina is gradually getting darker and it chimes so nicely when I move. The two mini tag pendants I've got on mine are ADORABLE!
It sounds almost like a teeny cat bell, which I think is hilarious so I couldn't be happier!
Here's a little reminder of the Moonstruck.

I've got 5 more ready to go (chains and everything, so organized!)

Back to the Lookbook!

Mar 3, 2008

working hard ALL day!

It has been the most productive weekend here in Janamade Studios in a little while.
I will admit to being a little unmotivated lately. Well, unmotivated isn't exactly true, I've got lots of motivation to make things and Do. Perhaps uninspired is more correct, if we are going to argue the point.
Regardless, we are back on the Work Well train.
This weekend I finally got to the 5 pairs of A Cute earrings that I chatted about before rolling along. One more (okay 2 if we are being really honest) steps until they are done. But I've monopolized the studio for the last three days straight, so Geoff is in there now.

Which is entirely fair since I was a MACHINE in there already and am feeling like taking a bit of a break is actually an option at this point.
New pendants!

Oh my gosh I am SO excited about these. I have had the design tickling my brain for the last month or so, and I realized that I had the stock to try it, so on Saturday I did. And then, since it was So Cute, on Sunday I made 5 more. I am hoping that tomorrow is relatively sunny so I can get some really good photos of them and I'll post a couple n Etsy. I might even just post the one I've already got.
The pendant is a wee gift tag! It drives me a little nuts right now how cute that is!
It's the little bird silhuette that I've been working with for the last couple of years, just really teeny and framed in 2 layers of silver.
And the chains that I have are perfect, it's casual, but still totally chic.
The idea as well is to add mini tag pendants to the chain like a charm bracelet. I've got a mini heart tag and another that says Geoff.
I want to make more mini tags that are collectible little sweethearts.
And the beauty of them as well is that I can basically put anything on them with my set of tiny punches.
Watch out world!

I also took some new pictures of other finished work out in the garden the other day, taking advantage of the light.

I have also been cutting out more Lace, but nothing is finished yet so no photos.
Soon though my Pretties, soon.
I am going to bust out the enameling oven as soon as I've got a sunny (warmish) weekend. Too toxic for indoors!

On Saturday (before I was Supergal in the studio, obviously) it was Gorgeous, so lovely out that I took Norman for a good long walk and then had a little sit in the sun with him while reading a little bit.

Geoff's Mom lent me this book at Christmas and I've only lately have I had a chance to really get into it. Oh it's so wonderful. So well written and such a sweet sad story.
I'm not finished it yet, but I recommend it.

Now I am going to eat dinner (roasted veggies!) and then work on my application for this years Out of Hand.


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