Apr 29, 2012

Please note the time

That is PM people.
I even made blueberry sauce from scratch because I DON'T MESS AROUND.

This was a week or two ago.

But I am doing it again. RIGHT NOW.
 ...only tonight it's 9:52 pm and I'm only halfway through this batch.

I didn't intend for it to be this late!  But I had to go to the grocery store for the main ingredient, and then the grocery store didn't have it so I had to go to ANOTHER one.

But I am close to perfecting an amazing gluten free, egg free pancake!

Apr 24, 2012

First taste of sugar

Sonny enjoying his first cupcake on his first birthday!

(this photo was taken my my niece.  Who is 6)

Apr 19, 2012

Spring has officially sprung in these parts

I wrestled the baby and the dog to the park the other day, to enjoy some of the INSANELY beautiful weather we've been having lately.

Sonny promptly stole my hat.

Norman was NOT stoked to be wrapped up in ONLY ONE BLANKET, and spent almost the whole time fussing and trying to leave.  And since the poor guy is basically totally deaf now I spent a lot of time wrangling him BACK into the blanket that I so thoughtfully brought for him.

To the park.

The super sunny, warm, grassy park.

Yeah I'm cool like that.


Apr 18, 2012

stamping practice

I've started prepping for the workshop that I'm teaching in a couple of weeks (there is still room in the class if you are interested in taking it!  Printing on Fabric!) and have carved up a couple of stamps now to demonstrate a few different ideas.

The one above is to show that you have to remember to carve your stamp backwards if you are going to include text.

I am really happy with how this one turned out, I am thinking that I'll pick up some fabric napkins and print them with this!

How cute is that?!

Apr 14, 2012

a trip to the park

Yesterday we went out in the afternoon to meet up with some lovely friends (who we ended up not meeting up with due to conflicting nap schedules, BUT WE TRIED!) and stopped at a playground to stretch our legs.

Sonny's legs, since mine were amply stretched on the 45 minute walk to get there.

I snapped a couple photos (by a couple I really mean 16) on my phone.

We snacked on strawberries and grass, and swung in the baby swing at the playground after a couple of bigger boys went home.

Good afternoon!

Apr 10, 2012


I am teaching a workshop in May!

Yes, little old me, ME! I'm teaching a workshop called Illustration for Printing on Fabric at Island Blueprint on May 5th.

It's a Saturday class, and we'll go over line quality, fabric texture and MAKE OUR OWN STAMPS/STENCILS AND THEN PRINT FABRIC!!

It's going to be really fun, and if you are in the city, and want to spend a fun afternoon printing your own designs onto textiles of your choice (fabric napkins, pillowcases, tshirts or tote bags are all good fun things to print that you'll keep when we're done!) please sign up! I'd love to meet you!

I've got lots of fun ideas to share and I'm hoping to get to the thrift store in the next couple of weeks for some vintage napkins and pillowcases to print up as samples (plus to have in my house because I like that)

Check it all out on Island Blueprint's website HERE

Easter Fun Times

We spent Easter weekend up at the Lake with Geoff's Family. My sister in Law Andrea's birthday was Sunday and we did a fun egg hunt with all the kiddos and a delicious brunch.
My other sister in law, Noelle is SO GOOD about taking pictures and sharing them with us immediately that I felt I should post this great shot of Ali that she sent to us LAST NIGHT.

The weekend wasn't even over yet!
(I still have not sent out my wedding thank yous. Yeah...)

Apr 6, 2012

So close...

He's three weeks away from his fist birthday now and he's THIS close to getting up and walking away from me (cue mellodramatic mama moment * GASP*)

How did that happen so fast??


Apr 5, 2012

We love Spring!

We have been enjoying some seriously beautiful Spring weather here lately and one of the things that Sonny and I do in the afternoon is walk.


It's awesome. We walk to the grocery store. We walk to the other grocery store. Sometimes we switch it up and go to the library.

For a few weeks now we've been trying to get to the petting zoo at the park (it's a long walk, easily 45 minutes one way, and that's WITHOUT stopping for groceries or snacks or getting side tracked by whoknowswhat like we usually do.

So last week we bit the bullet and drove there!

Baby Goats! Peacocks, Llamas and chickens!
There was even piglets, ohmygod PIGLETS! Are the cutest.

This Mama goat was VERY seriously staring at us while we hung out and watched everyone.

Very. Intently.

Apr 3, 2012

Home workspace

Since Sonny has my old studio for a bedroom, figuring out a way to work at the house has been a challenge.
It hasn't been too bad, especially since it took me a really long time to get back into things and adjust to his Incredible Ever Changing Schedule! (I think that I may have been enabling a lot of it now that I look back on things - but when he was so tiny it was hard to let him cry so we spent A LOT of time together. We watched three seasons of Angel in a little over 2 weeks. No joke)

But in the last few weeks particularly things are turning a corner for us. He's happily playing on his own in the Shack (playpen) for a good 20 minutes to a half hour at a time and it allows me to get my day organized or eat breakfast or draw even (this is a big one for me!) and it's SO WONDERFUL.

So. Wonderful.

And I've got this sweet little set up in the bedroom for myself now

It's my little market table that was living behind our bedroom door between shows! It's much happier now that we are hanging out more.

I have to only work on one project at a time - it's not very big - but it allows me to have a space to be creative and work from home while The Boss is napping. HUGE!

This new arrangement might evolve again over the summer or next fall, now that Sonny is so much more involved around the house it's harder for Geoff to study and get work done in the dining room, it might work better for him to be in a space where he is able to close the door!

But for now, this is great!

Apr 2, 2012

Spring changes

New banner!
New designs!

That is all for now.
I'm typing this one handed while Sonny is wriggling in my lap!

more soon!


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