Dec 22, 2011

When he's bigger

Sonny is ABSOLUTELY going to need one of these.

I think a wolf is in order.

And what else is amazing about these Spirit Hoods is that for every one purchased, a percentage of the sale goes to support animal conservancy charities.

Check out the details on the website here...

Dec 11, 2011

when I was 8 or 9

I had a pair of black "leather" loafers that I wore CONSTANTLY. I say "leather" because I don't know if they were actually leather, but in my hyper romanticized memory they were very luxurious.

We were visiting some friends who lived far away and I managed to leave a single shoe behind.

I have not worn a loafer since.

This photo however has be hankering for those loafers of yore.

found via Oh Pioneer


I am totally loving these custom constellation pendants from BethCyr over on etsy.

I can picture it on a long 22" chain with vnecks and big earrings!
I'd get Sonny's birth sign (the little bugger is a Taurus through and through!)


Dec 3, 2011


He's sleeping in his crib right now.

By himself.

This is a big deal as this is only the 4th time he's EVER done it.
(I started some really mild sleep training with him yesterday, and so far it's not too bad. I sit in the room with him until he falls asleep and it's only taken 15 minutes at the far. Tonight he just slept! ???)

Naps are happening in there now too.

This could be a game changer.

He was a Lumberjack for Halloween this year and this was him trying on his beard.

Dec 2, 2011

New Bangles!

The Sunday Studio is still going strong. I am SO grateful to be able to get some work done on a semi regular basis (productivity all depends on Sonny's mood that day, my poor mother!)

I've been spending most of my time filling orders but I did get a chance to try up this new bangle design.

I'm kind of in love with it.
Can I be in love with something that I made myself? Is that too narcissistic?

I am not sure about that, but I want one.

But I will be VERY GOOD and not keep this one. I've got some left over bits from the run that I did that I'll make myself a weirdo out of.

Next weekend, December 10th (sweet jesus) I'll be selling at Trapper Jane's Studio Sale and I'll have this bangle plus these three samples!

If you are in Victoria, you should come by, there are going to be A LOT of great local talents and some pretty AMAZING hand made goodies on offer!

2-8pm 1422 Pembroke Street
Saturday Dec. 10


New boots!

I got these a couple of weeks ago and I LOOOOVE them.


(mine are brown)

image from Clarks Canada

Dec 1, 2011

AMAZING tattoo

Found via Cup of Joe

(I kind of wish I had thought of this!)

"I am the hero of this story
I don't need to be saved"

Nov 10, 2011

I am certain that one day I will talk about stuff BESIDES this kid

(I will tell you that he doesn't always look like a hipster)

But not today I am afraid.

He's asleep in bed right now. OUR bed, not his bed. He has in fact NEVER slept in his bed. The lovely bed that I HAD to get from Ikea months before he was born that he has spent all of three hours in total. SERIOUSLY.

He's teething. Two vicious little teeth that drive him (and me) crazy, make him nurse every hour (no joke) and stuff every single thing he can get his hands on into his mouth to rub and pull against those nasty sharp little teeth.

And I fear that crawling is not far away.

Like all he has to do is coordinate ONE MORE MOVE and he's moving. Everywhere. Faster than you think a tiny human could actually go. So fast.

He's not even 7 months old yet!

Oct 24, 2011

The Boss is asleep

So I get to pop onto the computer for a moment....

breathe in

breathe out

casually (but with a slightly maniacal bent, because I don't really know how LONG I'll be able to "relax" right now. oy) perusing my bookmarked blogs, finding amazing inspiration in little things here and there.

Thinking about tattoos (for my Sonny) and skinny jeans (for me, to snug into my favorite boots now that I have FINALLY had the heels fixed!) and commemorative jewellery.

Like, I have designed a little something that I want. For Me.

But it got me thinking that maybe someone else might like one too.
(such a tease I know)

(I'll take pictures once I've made it, if it works)

And you can let me know if you need one too.

Also, new bangles are being sampled in the Sunday Studio, and I'm pretty excited about these.

So. No pictures to look at, but some words to read and things to think about. For me mostly.

And now I'm going to clean up dinner so I can wake up to a clean kitchen tomorrow.

Little pleasures!

Oct 3, 2011

These guys

Every morning when these guys first see each other, Sonny will reach for Norman with his big smiley mouth open and Norman will promptly lick all over Sonny's face and in his mouth.

I think it's completely disgusting, but they love it.

Sep 22, 2011


Ladies and Gents! I am back in action! Yes. YES!! Pops and I moved all my bench stuff to my Mom and Dad's garage the weekend before last, and LAST WEEKEND I made stuff!

some of THESE in fact!


(this weekend I am working on "GOLD" versions of the Bird Bangles.)

that's right.

I said "GOLD". (brass)

I can definitely make actual gold bangles, but with the price of gold these days we'd be looking at a $400 bangle. (I'm just guessing on that number, I'll calculate the cost out for reals if you want one, just email me and let me know)
whereas making them out of brass, it will look like gold but cost like silver!

must go change a diaper now!

Sep 7, 2011

Red flats!

Sonny is napping, I've eaten some food, and I am taking a small breather to myself now to catch my breath.

There were a few moments earlier when I thought I might lose it.

Fussy dog plus fussy baby plus hungry Mama is a recipe for disaster.
Just for the record.



I love red flats.

I actually love everything about this picture. (found on IamAgreedyGirl)

I am going to stretch now, get these shoulders away from my ears.

Sep 5, 2011

Covets (for Sonny)

Jenna Rose Ships Bucket

I am picturing this in the living room, corralling all of the weird baby toys we've managed to collect.

Okay, I guess they are not so weird, but they are all small, floppy, crinkly or squeaky and I like the idea of them all in one place, easy to grab, and not lining every single window sill in the house.

Because that's mostly where they are living now. When they are not being ferociously chewed on.

Look how beautiful this is!

Available here

You should consider checking out Jenna Rose's Blog. Here.

It's lovely.

She inspires me to draw more.

Aug 23, 2011

New glasses!

My sister got me new lenses for the hilarious vintage frames that I scored on Ebay ages ago for my birthday.

I have no defense for my silliness. I can't take a picture without looking goofy, and I have a baby. So there is ZERO time for any sort of beauty routine if I want to get anything else done. Ever it seems.

He's stirring in the swing as I write this! Must dash!

(although now that I am posting these to the internet I realize that maybe I could sneak 5 minutes somewhere to throw on some eyeliner or something. And I am still thinking that bangs are going to have to happen in the Fall. I am ridiculous)

Aug 22, 2011

4 months??

I am a lazy blogger. (I started this post a MONTH ago and am only now getting to finish it!)

But a busy mom. It is still so bizarre that I am this kids mother. I always knew that I would have children. Even when I was a little girl it was on my list of things to do.

I remember being asked what I wanted to be when I grew up when I was about 6 years old, and my response was simply "a mum. Or a teacher"

And it's been such a simple transition, like he's always been here. We definitely have our moments. And I am grateful to have Geoff (who is incredible by the way, a wonderful dad) and our amazing family who all love this sweet boy.

We don't really have any real routine. He sets the pace and I simply follow it as best as I can.

I have left the house without him twice now. Once to go into town for the last day of the Floating Gold Iceberg's boutique, to support my lovely friend Angie.

And again a month ago (this used to say yesterday), when I went to the salon, and got my haircut. It was so nice to not feel rushed, pleading to the Universe to let me get through this small chunk of Me Time without him screaming. Because he was at home with his Dad and I could relax for a whole hour.


For reals on Saturday it was my birthday. We had some really lovely friends visiting us with their Littles, the littlest being only one month older than Sonny. And I have to say that it was the best weekend of the summer.


The weather was incredible, everyone was feeling good, and I think my entire family was around me for the afternoon.

No pictures from this past weekend (I didn't take a single picture!) But here are some of Sonny through his first three months.

These didn't load up in order but you get how cute he is!

Aug 3, 2011

Jun 21, 2011

8 weeks old

I I though that time was racing by me before, I had NO IDEA what that really meant.
Sonny is the BEST BABY. Really. Even when he is screaming his nasty little face off and refuses to be put down, he's the best.
But right now, particularly, he's great.

He's asleep. In the swing. And I am eating breakfast BY MYSELF.

This is a joy formerly unknown to me, the eating by one's self.
The showering by one's self.

I still haven't experienced the sleeping by one's self since he arrived, but that's okay, because right now, we sleep at night with just a couple interruptions to nurse that sometimes don't even wake us both up.

Best baby ever.


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