Mar 28, 2012

All Sprung Out!

Friday afternoon we're packing up the Kid and the Dog and we're heading up Island so that I can attend and sell at All Sprung Out! In beautiful Nanoose.

If you are in the neighborhood we'd love to see you!
Leather Earrings, Bangles and some new Friends to introduce!


Mar 24, 2012

French Toast Sandwiches

We made these banana stuffed French Toasts a few weekends ago and Oh. My. were they good.

Nothing like frying up blueberries to jazz up a meal!

(This might be the last french toast we have for a while, Sonny and I are both off eggs.)


This Guy!


Mar 22, 2012

I made some dinosaurs

for my sweet niece's who turned 6 in February.

Their gift from us was a crafternoon and we got together on Monday this week while they were on spring break.

We made Sculpy beads as requested my Miss Cakes, and stuffed Dinosaurs as per Beans.
I didn't get any photos of the actual event, or of the beads, or of Beans' Anklylosaurus.

Yeah. An Ankylosaurus.

But I finished Miss Cakes' Pterodactyl that night after they left (turns out that crafting multiple projects with children AND a busy screaming toddler "Aunty Jana does Baby Aldous HAVE to scream like that?" is insane) and got a couple of pictures this morning before I took it over.

I was given some great faux ostrich by the lovely Tressa and I told the girls it was ethically sourced dinosaur skin!

They were pretty jazzed to think it was real dino skin, but were thrown off by the ethically sourced part!

No dinosaurs were harmed in the making of these stuffies.

New Leather Earrings

Some of these are off to ears already, but quite a few are still ready to be packed up to come with me to All Sprung Out up in Nanoose at the end of the month!

Mar 9, 2012

Centric Photography

The very lovely Steph from Centric Photography approached me last year at a craft fair about doing a trade.

She came up to the lake in August and took some wonderful photos of us and I absolutely LOVE everysingleone.

She's probably snuggling in with her new little one right now, but when she's back in action I highly recommend her work.

We are looking forward to having more family portraits with her too!

Mar 8, 2012


ohmygod I love these SO MUCH!!

I've been coveting these for AGES, ever since I saw them on Keiko's blog months and months ago.

ARR they are so RAD!!

image found here

ray ban rx5226 violet havana



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