Sep 29, 2009

This is going to give me a Reputation

I just came across this website through ApartmentTherapy and I 1). need to get Geoff that Batman Clock,

and 2.) my head is kind of spinning from the insane radness of the Matter Transformer.

Are you kidding?
I really hope that one of these would arrive in the mail if I could afford the $12000000.00 asking price.

And a can of Gravity is only $14.00??


A jug of Invisibility? For $10.99??

The Superhero inside me just started paying attention.

Sep 27, 2009

This is my 300th post.

And look at these Mullets!


Notice particularly the Toddler Mullets.
Are. You. Kidding. Me??

I have been rearranging furniture (slowly) all morning, and I took a walk up to the Avenue just after I fed the dog his lunch (3 square meals a day for that guy) and I checked my email while I finished off a sweet treat from last night. Just a Ritter Sport. Marzipan. It was delish.

What I am eventually getting at here is that I just discovered Don't Judge My

Where you can peruse beauties like this guy...

This guy...

Oh the eighties.

And quite possibly your boyfriend...

You lucky bugger.

It's that time again

I have been thinking about getting new glasses for a little while now. Since I have been wearing my hair with a heavy fringe the lovely glasses I have now are a little too heavy and I feel like I look a little bit like a literary turtle.

Plus I have a tiny face and the dark, heavy frames with my dark heavy bangs is just a bit much.

And about a month ago, my Mom and I went out looking for some new frames for her, and it's started me thinking about new frames for me.

I had thought that I had found the Right Frames on that first trip.
A pair of Alfred Sung frames that were really lovely.
Surprisingly a black frame, but they felt so much lighter than my current pair.

But I was so wrong.

I have found the pair I need. They are amazing. Beautiful. Sophisticated and quirky all at the same time.

I need them.

This photo doesn't really do them justice too. The ones that I tried on were a different colour, bronze and brown with the most amazing art nouveau details on the earpieces.

My Mom even found her new glasses too. Also Takumi frames! Amazing.

(I would link to the Takumi website but all I could find were online eyeglasses shops that sold Takumi frames. Takumi .com is up for grabs I guess!)

Sep 24, 2009

really? This is what I was waiting for?

I kind of expected that my 30's would be a sophisticated whirlwind of glamour.

Okay fine, not really.

But I didn't expect that within 2 months of turning 30 I would...
1. compress the cartilage in my wrist DOING THE DISHES. Yeah, I know.
2. tweak my knee moving a CHAIR. Yes it gets better.
3. tweak my back by wearing fancy shoes for 30 minutes and carrying a heavy bag.


And my knee and my back were ONE DAY APART.

one day.

So that as I am typing this I am reminded that I have to tape my wrist (because I haven't done that yet and I might need to brush my teeth or something.)
And the rest of the packing I have to do up at the lake this afternoon is going to be a hilarious lesson in very careful movements while heaving boxes into the car.

Welcome to your 30's old lady.

Now I need to go out and adopt some cats.

Sep 20, 2009

Bear Skin Rug

Are you seeing this thing??
I just came across this while poking around on Etsy's Luxury Gift Guide.
So amazing! How awesome would this be in a baby's room?

It's all hand made fake fur.
So cool!

Check out the shop HERE!

Sep 19, 2009

Banana Bread

Right now as I write this the intense scent of baking banana bread is wafting at me.

Yes I am sitting within 4 feet of the oven.

It's still AMAZING.

All summer we've been buying bananas and all summer we've had to hide the last one or two from the bunch in the freezer because of fruit flies.

Gross? Yes.

But that means that now I have a freezer full of them (like 6 more) and lots of banana themed baking in my future.

It's a hardship, I know. I suffer under it with the patience of a saint.

Or like George Michael Bluth.

I heard that they are making an Arrested Development Movie and as far as I am concerned it can't happen soon enough.

Sep 16, 2009


I just saw this over on Dooce (go there right now and love her.) and I need it.

So awesome.

Sep 13, 2009

Toast and Tea

I am currently sitting in the living room of the new suite and I am just falling head over heels in love. There isn't anything in here yet, the drywall just went up in the kitchen and there is crap everywhere, but I am sitting in front of the gas fireplace, the dog is snoozing on the gorgeous love seat next to me (I will have a whole post on THAT beauty soon, don't you fret my dearies) and the world feels right to me.

Geoff and I went out for dinner, something we almost never do and I am feeling lighthearted and satisfied with my lot in life.
This summer (this whole year really) has been such a whirlwind, and I've been struggling to maintain calm here and there. Most places actually, if I am completely honest with myself. I've been feeling the turning 30 blahs I think.

But tonight I feel like I am turning a corner.
Into a lovely seaside dream. (The house we're moving to is A SINGLE BLOCK FROM THE OCEAN. Had I mentioned that? It's incredible) and it is already feeling like home.

Even with nothing but a loveseat, a Poang chair and a sleepy whippet.

That was the Tea part of this post. (don't ask me why)

Here is the Toast.

The Fall Toast catologue is so incredibly amazing and I am not the only one who will agree that Fall clothes are the best clothes. Hands down.

If I had expendable income I would expend a lot of it there.
Then go to the waterfront and throw bread for the gulls and sit with a thermos of tea and my camera ALL DAY LONG.

happy sigh!

Sep 12, 2009

The excitement continues!

Work on the new suite in town is underway and in full swing. We might even be able to get in there late next week! Which would really be amazing because Geoff has early morning classes and the hour long (sometimes longer depending on traffic) commute is a bit stressful.
Late next week might be pushing it, but it's definitely coming along well.

And now I have started to think about decorating and what we'll do with the space.
And I will admit to being very excited about this.

It's a two bedroom suite with a seperate dining area off the kitchen and Geoff and I have talked about the allotment of zones since we both need our own spaces.
We're going to keep the main bedroom as the bedroom and Geoff is going to take the second bedroom as his space.

Which means that I get the "dining"room off the kitchen. Which has great light, a good vibe and is connected to the kitchen which means I get to lord over both zones like a queen!

The more I think about it the more excited I get! The kitchen is already usually my favorite place to be, and I am loving the idea of sectioning off the far side of the dining room from the living room to create a cozy little den/studio.

And I have been thinking that I'd like to find something like these bookshelves from ikea to do it.

They are not so tall that they block off the whole space, and I like that I can set up display to enjoy from both sides. Plus I am so jazzed to plan out how I am going to organize all my crap (seperate baskets for crafty stuff?? Paints in their own box???)that my head is practically spinning!

I would rather get something in a solid wood (my sister has a really great unit that she got from ikea years ago that they unfortunately don't sell anymore), as I am a bit concerned with all the chemicals in the particle board, so I am looking forward to thrifting for something or building something myself.

I don't know when I will find the time, but still. Excited by the prospect.

Sep 11, 2009

Poppy Boutonniere Tutorial and GIVEAWAY!!!!

I have just been taking a wee break from cutting feathers out of silver (I'll post pictures soon!) because the light coming into my studio window is actually interfering with my vision! Who'd have thought that could happen?
Anyway, I came across this tutorial and I am stoked to give it a try. I have a lot of cotton sheeting left over from the wedding and this could be a really cute way to use some of it!
Plus I will admit to being pretty excited about the giveaway too!

Check out the link yourself!
Poppy Boutonniere Tutorial and GIVEAWAY!!!!

Ebay is breaking my heart

I bid on a cute little bag last week and didn't win it.
NO ONE bid on it until the middle of the night last night WHILE I WAS SLEEPING, and I got the sad email when I woke up.


It was cute too.

I was so bummed that I perused ebay for similar items AND THEY HAVE ANOTHER ONE!!
so I am keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't get oinked out from under me again.

(I know that is sort of what ebay is all about, but come on! I am just looking to get a cute affordable bag people!)

*I won it I won it I won it!! Ack the excitement is driving me wild!
I even woke up early so I could outbid someone if they were going to sneak in at the last moment, but I didn't have to! Which is great because now I am up and dressed and ready to get to work for the rest of the day!*

Sep 7, 2009

The coolest doorstop ever.


found via EmmasDesignBlog

One of the many reasons I love him

Geoff brings me bugs.

It's the sweetest thing! Usually exoskeletons that he finds when he's out in the yard.
I have an incredible beetle that he found for me in Vancouver, that we mounted into a frame with the beetle page from an old set of encyclopedias.
And just last week he found me a WHOLE DRAGONFLY! It's incredible and I am trying to think of the best way to keep it so that it's protected.

And he had given me one of these guys at the very beginning of the summer.

I don't know what they are, but they shed their exoskeletons on the reeds by the dock and one afternoon we found a whole trove of them.

I also really love the pictures that he takes. He always finds a perspective that I don't see by myself, and it always makes me see a little bit more of the world than I otherwise would.

Plus he almost always gets an accidental shot of himself in there that I love.

Sep 6, 2009

Lonny Magazine

I have been browsing the internet this morning while eating breakfast, drinking tea and now eating lunch.
(I overslept this morning so this whole process has actually only taken 2 hours, and there was a shower in there too. I'm just saying)

And I came across this post on The Scoop (Orange Beautiful-which is a great blog by the way)

So I checked out the magazine's home page (it's to be an online format) and from the mission statement and the cover picture it looks like it might be a replacement for my sorely missed Domino Magazine.
(Just for the record I would SUBSCRIBE FOREVER if Domino came back. Are you listening Conde Nast?? ARE YOU???)

Ahem, so anyways, I plan to check this out when it's available. (right now it's just the first 3 pages)
It's slated to be out in September, so I will be sneaking over there for the next three weeks to see.

I'll let you know how it goes.

Sep 4, 2009

Watch out! It's a long one!

Geoff and I are going to be moving again at the end of the month. He got into School so it's going to be a lot nicer for him to not have to commute for 2 hours everyday through the winter.

I have been taking the commuter bus all summer, but they've just canceled the route on our side of the lake, so as of today I am commute-less.

Luckily Geoff's classes are regular morning to regular afternoon hours, so I am looking forward to driving in together.

I am actually pretty excited to Winter in the City, mm yes dahling, don't you know we have a lovely little town house there.

Mmm I know dear, and the restaurants are just DIVINE.
(I have to say it with a very posh accent whenever I tell people.)

Plus the idea of having a social life is a little bit thrilling (and daunting at the same time.)
I was thinking about it the other week and I realized that I haven't really had a night life since Halifax and NSCAD.
(which is really fine by me most of the time, I would usually rather be inside with a book than waiting in line somewhere, but being able to go out dancing if I felt like it?? Rad.)

I am going to admit to being a little bit jealous that he's going back to school too.
Back To School is one of my favorite times of year, the air is changing, getting crisp and cool. And I really loved School. Not elementary or high school.

Who in their right mind enjoys high school?

I do not know anyone.

But I LOVED College and University.
Yes I went to Art School, but I still loved it.

I loved drinking coffee before class, tired and miserable.
I loved that first week where the teachers are all keen (before midterms have wiped everyone out) and all my fellow students were fresh and ready for the deluge of information that was about to crash over us.
I loved thermos' of tea and bags of snacks. (Oh I still do this one)

Even thinking about it now is making me happy. I might have to steal onto campus and sit in on some lectures!

September and Back to School makes me crave sweater vests, argyle and cordouroy!

And halfway through the month it's officially Fall and the air really changes and I get to start wearing my boots again and look at (and yearn for) winter coats.

Every year I think that I will get something chic, but I always end up with something practical. Although my Red Coat is still in great shape and I don't really need a new coat.
It's just fun to look.

And knitting! Oh my god I love to knit in the Fall! One thing, every year.

I think what it is, is that I get swept up by the possibilities.
There is so much potential in the air and inspiration everywhere.

Plus Fall Clothes are THE BEST.

Coveting again

I have been eyeing up something like this for a while now.
I've been missing music in my studio for AGES.

Turning all the speakers from the TV towards my room only cuts it so much.
Plus I can't even count how many times I have tripped on the cords.

So what I have been wanting, coveting is something that is sleek, minimal and kind of retro. Ish. I seem to lean more towards wood than metal, when I think about decorating anyway. It just feels warmer I think.

And I would like to find something that is Ipod compatible so I can just pop The Gadget in there and get going. (did you notice the Capital? Yep, I'm bringing it back!)

I saw something like this in a store once, and it was $400!

So I will keep coveting.


(How beautiful is this set up? I am trying to remember whose blog I originally saw this on, I am really bad at keeping track, as I am always skimming through in the middle of the night or dashing through before Geoff Needs the computer back! Sorry)


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