Nov 15, 2009

"AFTER" lamp (with no before picture, sorry!)

I wish that I had a picture of that blue lamp in the corner before I painted it.
My parent's received that lamp as a pair for their wedding almost 30 years ago.
It had been sitting in my parent's garage for AGES (like a year) so I scooped it up when Geoff and I moved back West from Halifax and needed some things.

(It used to be dark brown with a taller narrower shade.)

(and the green love seat is the only piece of furniture we brought back with us, my friend Sandra sold it to me when she moved home to Montreal when we graduated. Geoff actually unloaded the entire U-haul we rented and reloaded everything in torrential rain to make it fit, because he knew how much I love it. Good man.)

But I got some robin's egg blue spray paint and now it's a bright shiny thing in my living room.

Another thing that one us of grew up with. Cool.

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