Jan 30, 2012

Oh Pinterest

I just added a button on the left if you want to check out my Pins.

Hey you might!

My Guys

I love that they are making the same face!
Hello dimples.

Jan 29, 2012

NEED (okay fine WANT!)

Was just perusing Ye Old Blog bookmarks and came across THIS amazing thing via Saving it for a Rainy Day

Aaaand I just tracked down the product website HERE

I have done this, I've got some mason jars with handles that I've taken to the coffee shop and it's great, EXCEPT for the having to stop walking in order to drink your beverage moments.

Gads! I might have to order one of these! They are only $7.99!

Except that I am being VERY GOOD and sticking to my goal of Thoughtful Spending
(It's that thing, where I am only going to buy things that I have been thinking about for AGES, so clearly it's something that I am going to use/love for a long time)

Also thrifting is okay.

(Yellow cardigan, come to me!)

Jan 28, 2012

I should be sleeping right now

Everyone else is.

But it's 10:30 and I've got the house all quiet to myself.

Also I have discovered Pinterest. (I've known about it for a while, but I just signed up for an account last week. I KNEW it would be a time sucker and holy I was not wrong.)


Good Grief I am spending WAAY too much time with this.
but it's so FUN!


I'm turning the computer OFF now.

Jan 25, 2012

snow day

We got 2 days of snow here and took Sonny out for a walk during a sunny break.
Which, of course, right in the middle, turned into a blizzard.

He was a good sport though and we all bundled up warm when we got home.

Jan 23, 2012

9 months

I still remember the Friday afternoon that we found out we were pregnant.

We were up in Mill Bay getting groceries and Geoff had been joking that I was pregnant, and I kept denying it.

Geoff told me he KNEW I was pregnant when we walked by some canned protein (neither of us remember what it was exactly, but I don't often go in for canned meat!) and said I wanted it.

I suspected I might be when I walked past the display of nectarines and NEEDED them.

So I said I would pick up a stick and pee on it and then we'd see.

Oh did we.

That little pink line popped up before I was even finished peeing on that stick. (too much? sorry!)

And then we met this TINY little creature who changed everything.

Who is 9 months old today.

Jan 20, 2012


Norman isn't quite as excited about Sonny's affections as he might have been a few years ago, but he is really sweet to him.

Even when Sonny is grabbing handfuls of Norman's skin and hoisting himself up by said handfuls.

The most patient dog ever?

Quite possibly.

Jan 19, 2012

A VERY late happy new year to you

Good grief.

One of my few goals for this year is LESS SCREEN TIME.

To be more present, especially since most of my time is now spent trailing after a VERY busy and curious little turd who for whatever reason LOVES THE FIREPLACE.

With a single mindedness and devotion that instills my heart with terror.
He burnt the tips of three little fingers the other night and has three little blisters to show for it.

Not cool Turd. Not cool.

He in fact was totally fine after a 20 second scream fest, which was followed by another 30 seconds or so of screaming while I held a freezing cold wet cloth on his little digits while he tried to wriggle away from it AND AT THE SAME TIME suck on it.
(I of course was crying too)

Naturally he's forgotten all about the dangers of the fireplace (our one source of heat is a gas fireplace in the living room) and is all about sitting as close to it as possible. Whenever he can.

YOU try reasoning with a 9 month old. Selfish little buggers.

"I just want to be COZY mama!" "I won't actually touch it OH NO WAIT I NEED TO REACH OUT AND TOUCH IT RIGHT NOW JUST TRY AND STOP ME!"

So my To Do for this week is to find a screen for the front of it so he can be cozy and I can keep some of my hair.

And I have been pretty good at the whole Less Screen Time thing.

You can tell, I know, from my lack of posting.
Like anyone is reading this besides our Moms! HA!


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