Oct 30, 2009


Melissa Dixon has stolen my heart.

This is pretty much the most incredible thing I've seen on etsy to date.
When I stumbled across her shop the first thing I thought was "Really! Real taxidermy??" (the coyote is too beautiful, and makes me a little sad)
So I took a look to see if she did anything else, because while I can appreciate the work, I don't feel ready for a large mounted head in my living room.
(there was a deer head up at Shawnigan for years and I had a hard time sleeping with it in the room. It watched a little too closely)

And then I saw these, they are so beautiful. And I know that some people would think I was a weirdo for feeling this way.

I am cool with that.

My own husband has referred to me as an eccentric weirdo, with examples to prove his point. Not kidding.

And you out there who know me, are familiar with this little bit of weirdness.
If you want to call it that.

I just really love bones.

The moment I saw these I was in love.
I saw Henri first

And then I saw Nash

They are both squirrel skulls, and I have wanted a squirrel in a bell jar terrarium FOR like EVER. I don't know what it is about them, in real life I know that they are basically rats with fluffy tails, but I fall for the fluff every time!
(It's the cuteness I can't handle. all that cheek? COME ON!)

I might have to start putting extra cash aside for one of these boys. I think that I would give him a lovely home on the mantle.

(I hope Geoff likes him!)

side note: I just popped by her blog and it's full of great fashion too! I am feeling a crush coming on!

The Sultans Elephant

This was the best thing I could have possibly stumbled across this morning. (woke up a bit grumpy, and uninspired)

I am so grateful and amazed that people and creations like this exist in the world.

found via hertzenart journal (who also makes the MOST AMAZING VIKINGS! I need some of her plates I think!)

The Little Girl Giant and The Sultan's elephant are street performances put on by Royal Delux and they are AMAZING.

Also check out www.electricpig.net

If I didn't have a list of things to do today I would be spending more time with these guys on the internet. As it is, I am feeling excited to get to work in the studio this morning.

Off I go!

Oct 28, 2009

I am a sucker for styling

This is the bag that Bella uses in the movie.
I know that I only want it because Bella has it. (yes I know she's a fictional character)

No that's not entirely true, it's a really amazing bag.
But I am picturing myself with it and living a glamorous and passionate romance with my vampire boyfriend now.

I wasn't doing that before I knew I could HAVE the bag if I wanted to.

But it is a really nice bag.

Available on etsy in the Stitch and Wash shop.

More Etsy love

These little goof balls are DIVINE! I love that they all have totally obvious personalities. (they look like troublemakers to me!)

Check out Molly Mutton's shop here.

Oct 25, 2009

I just saw this today

And the FIRST thing I thought was AAACK! I NEEED one!

So here's another installment of...

(it's turning into a bit of an extravaganza I know)

This is slipcast ceramic! And that gold tooth?!! Too much!
Made by MudPuppy and available through etsy.

Oh etsy. We are going to have to stop seeing each other for a while. This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you I am sure.

found via Door Sixteen

Oct 24, 2009

Is anyone else freaking out

like I am that New Moon is in theaters in less than a month?

I just caught Twilight on cable and poked around the New Moon website for a bit and I am practically spinning with excitement.

Like I am feeling like I might have to read them again ASAP, like right now.

Except that my MOM made me give her all of the books back so she could read them.

This is genetic folks.


(um, so how F-ing gorge is my lovely Edward in that poster?? I'm not quite sure what to do with myself)

wish list continues...

I think to myself that I will only look on etsy for the things that I covet (I have a pretty long list of favorites already!) but I know that I will be coveting other things from other places as well.

for example.

I have seen these while shopping with Angie, as well as on a couple of lovely stylish gals (one of which was wearing an outfit that I totally HAVE already!)

They are SO CUTE!
And this Oiled finish is just gorgeous. (and more practical for our rain forest climate?)

But back to etsy,
there are some really amazing artists selling on there and here are a couple of my favorite favorites...

Beautiful Dandelion Pitcher from Soule

These ADORABLE Owl dolls from Savage Artworks

nesting owl dolls from them as well are catching my eye.
And they are from Vancouver!

And lastly for today, these beautiful crochet necklaces from Wren Handmade.

I am swooning!

Oct 20, 2009

Is it too early to start a Christmas list?

It might be.
But I am going to anyway!

I have had my eye on these charming measuring spoons from Bee Hive Kitchen Ware for AGES.

They're posted on etsy and I am crossing my fingers to have some extra cash (HA! who am I kidding!?) to get them for myself. But I am confident that they will still be making them when I can actually do that.

They have some other pretty adorable things in their shop besides these cute heart guys.

Bird spoons too.

Oct 14, 2009

Oh dear.

I was at the Mall today running errands and I dashed into Lush real quick to pick up my favorite and necessary Aqua Marina and right there, next to the counter. Just sitting there giving me the finger. Potion Lotion.

Totally unavailable and discontinued Potion Lotion.

Gorgeous, sophisticated, smelling of CARNATIONS and something spicy. (I know some people who hate carnations, but I don't give a flying fart. This stuff is so lovely)

And I had to leave without it because it's $18. For a tub of lotion.

I just can't justify that expense. Even though it is probably the last time they will have it.


But it was HARD! OH GOD! I rubbed it in while I was paying for my reasonably priced pink face custard and left with a tear in my eye.

Oct 12, 2009

Turkey dinner

and family is something that we do at my parent's house twice a year. My Mom, bless her heart! spends ALL day in the kitchen and is totally pooped by the end of it all.
It's always delicious, and every year there seems to be one more dog.

I kid you not.

Until family friends arrived the dogs had us outnumbered.

And they are all over 80 pounds.

I joked that it is only a matter of time before the beasts realize this and take control.
Everyone laughed, but I was only half joking.

The newest member of the pack is Mable, a hulking Weimereiner Pit Bull cross who is honestly the sweetest creature I have come across in a long time. There were some worried about her in the beginning, the stereotypes unfortunately preceded her and I think that there are still some concerns over her energy levels (she's huge and INTENSE, I can see where that comes from. And she's a bit of a mouthy kisser, and even I was a little freaked the first time she put my WHOLE ARM IN HER MOUTH.) But I would be a little freaked if any 90 lb dog put my arm in their mouth. Seems like a rational reaction to me.

She belongs to my Sister and her boyfriend and joins their menagerie of large dog (now 2 large dogs) 2 cats, a lizard and a BOA CONSTRICTOR.

But everyone falls in love with her within minutes of meeting her and she really seems to fit in perfectly.

My Dad half joked that Mable could stay at their house last night and my poor Mom couldn't shoo us all out of there fast enough! (my parent's have 4 hulking beasts already, I wouldn't have let us in at all.)

(I am trying to upload the pictures I have onto Geoff's laptop, but it doesn't appear to be happening. Will keep trying)

Oct 5, 2009

So far this week.

I have been kicked in the face by a head cold and really just want to sleep, or watch Austen Romances all day.

But we've had a plumber in all day putting in new pipes to our kitchen sink (which is actually awesome because Now I Can Do Dishes again! And the weeks worth of dirty dishes that had to SIT THERE all week are finally clean, and we get to use our dishwasher for the FIRST TIME EVER) These are all good things.

But Norman has possibly blown his other knee (won't know for sure until tomorrow night) but he is basically bedridden, poor bugger, and I can't carry him with my stupid wrist and I am not sure what we're going to do when he needs to go Outside.

And the water heater up at the cabin has kicked the bucket so we spent Saturday night soaking up the bedroom floor and Sunday ripping up the carpets. The previously mentioned head cold is a result of sleeping in the main room, getting a chill and freezing all night.


I am hoping that things will look up in the morning, and that our Little Buddy will be okay. That's the main thing.


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