Jun 25, 2010

Busy week!

I just realized that I haven't posted anything for over a week! I am very sorry about this.

Last weekend we were up at the lake with Geoff's family. His/our nieces are in town for another week so we are going up again tonight.

They are so crazy cute! They are 4 and a half now and we are a craft loving bunch.
The first thing that Beans said to me was " are we going to make stuffy dolls tonight?"

(I made them stuffy dolls at Christmas remember?)

I wasn't prepared for stuffies last weekend, but I will be tomorrow that's for sure!

Last weekend wasn't a bust though, I was ready with paint your own bead necklaces kits from Love Monkey which were a hit.

And we made Monster Smoothies (don't tell them, but spinach is the secret monster ingredient that makes them green!)

And on Monday afternoon we decorated some bird house kits I had saved from last Christmas. Which turned into a hilarious glitter glue show. They glitter glued my legs when they were done their bird houses! Cute!

I only took two pictures last weekend however, so I will try to take more tomorrow!

Back on Monday!

Jun 16, 2010

new items in the Shop!

I know that it's been a little while since I've updated the ol' Etsy shop, but if you take a gander over there now you'll see these two lovelies, just waiting to go to someone special!

I am trying a new system where I make something fun and new and pop it in there right away. So we'll see what happens!

Dewdrop ring

I was approached a little while ago to donate to a worthy cause, The Greater Victoria Animal Crusaders, and I wasn't sure what to send them.

I am thinking that I might send them this.

They are having an auction in October and since I had a little time before they needed the pieces for the auction I wanted to make them something specific.

This ring is made from recycled copper and sterling silver and the stone in the center (the dew drop) is a 4mm chalcedony. It's a size 6.
I've blackened the copper on the inside so that the edges really stand out, and the warmth of it is really amazing. It's so much better in real life!
And I've been really exploring texture lately (there are a couple of new band rings that I am loving, and will share once they are finished!)
and I've engraved the center blossom/petal to make it look more like a real petal.

It reminds me of my Amma so much that I am tempted to make another one similar for myself to keep. She had some amazing copper pieces from the 60's and 70's that I remember loving as a kid.

I might have to do that.

But this one is for the auction.

Jun 15, 2010

I heart my Mom.

Here we all are on Mother's day. Kristy and I took Mom out for a picnic by the ocean.
We learned that Kristy doesn't like dolmades.
And that we all love chocolate pudding.

Who doesn't?

(Yes I know that mother's day was a while back, I've got a bit of a back log of photos to go through!)

Jun 8, 2010

A Spidey (are your senses tingling?) Ring

My cousin commissioned me to make him a new wedding band.
We sat down last summer while at a family BBQ and we came up with this bad boy.

The spider's body is a black diamond and I used my trusty electric engraver to hand draw the webbing.

It's designed so he can wear it with the spider up as the feature or with the webbing as the main event. Either way it looks interesting and feels good!

Jun 7, 2010

Sailing. On the ocean.

I had never been sailing before last Saturday.
(taking the ferry does not count)

I like it.

Our friend Nat (our Skipper) took us out on his boat on Saturday, the nicest weather we've had yet this year (thank you Universe) and it was AMAZING.

I think that my previous life experience as a viking came back to me while we were Out at Sea.

(have I mentioned before that my Amma traced our Icelandic ancestry all the way back to Eric the Red? So what if everyone with Icelandic descent is probably related to Eric the Red, I think it's rad)

I like sailing.

Jun 3, 2010

I really like these.

These two incredible rings from Kyle Anne Metals are calling my name.

I am really loving the rose cut facets on these two by Kyle Anne Metals on etsy.
(I haven't been able to get my hands on any loose stones cut like this yet, but I LOVE them!)

There is something about this Chrysoprase ring that is getting me. I can't stop thinking about it. It's not a colour that I would normally go for, but I love it! And that narrow band? beautiful proportions!

I think part of what it is, is that it feels like a ring that both of my grandmothers would have worn. Or a culmination of rings they wore I guess is more accurate.

And I loves me some nostalgia.


Jun 2, 2010

Welcome to Janamade!

Forged Brass Cuffs

Janamade is a small, independent jewellery company run by me, Jana May.

I studied Jewellery and Metalsmithing at NSCAD University in Halifax Nova Scotia for 3 years and brought my skills home with me to Vancouver Island.  I have been working at my bench for 10 years and still gain inspiration from the tools and materials around me.

Jewellery is something that I have always been very interested in and I work to create heirloom pieces that families will pass down to future generations.

I work mainly in sterling silver and gold, fueled by nature, the world around me and drawing much inspiration from the women in my family.

I am very happy to work on custom designs and have been pleased to make one of a kind engagement rings and wedding bands for my clients.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you would like to work together!

Slub knit cuteness

I am just going to say that I don't know what a "slub" knit is.

Is it like a jersey? Stiffer like a woven cotton?

It's pretty cute as this sweet little sundress though.

Available at The Gap.


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