Sep 29, 2010

2 new rings

I know it's been quiet around here lately. School is back in and I have been under the weather for the last few weeks and I am just starting to feel a little bit like myself again.

There hasn't been a lot of online time, mostly sleeping.

But I did manage to finish up these two beauties.

The silver one was a custom wedding band that I did up for the very lovely Miss Cooper.

And the gold woozy is a reworking of a piece I did back in art school that I came across while I was cleaning up my materials a little while back.


Sep 12, 2010

Rainy Sunday

I'm still in my pyjamas and I am debating whether or not to actually get dressed at all. Geoff is at an over night bachelor party, our lovely friends are getting married next weekend and the dudes are all off on Cowichan River camping, doing dude things.

Norman is snuggled up in several blankets on the couch, the fireplace is on, and I have discovered the beauty of sweatpants.

Yes, I said that, you read it right. I bought myself some sweatpants last weekend.
And I am only a little bit embarrassed to say they are pretty awesome. I won't wear them out of the house of course. But they are pretty perfect for today.

Tonight we are going to Cirque Du Soleil with my sister and Mat. Should be fun.

As for the rest of the morning however, I am going to make a pot of tea, have a shower (maybe) and make a lovely little something for the soon to be Mrs. Bennett.

Slow Sundays are just the best.

Sep 9, 2010

Bangles for My Sister

My sister and I are only three days apart with our birthdays (plus three years) and this year she specially requested Bangles.

So that is what she got.

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

Seals and Bears and Hot Springs oh My!

Here is the long over due third installment of our honey moon photos.
The trip to the Hot Springs was definitely a highlight.

On the way TO the Hot springs we saw a mama bear and her two cubs.

AND we saw some seals chilling out on some big rocks.

There was one big guy that just stared at us the whole time we rode by. All the others hopped into the water, but he was holding it down.

The boat ride itself was probably 30-40 minutes so we got to see lots of beautiful shoreline, and then once we got to the docks at the hotsprings side, we had a 30 minute walk up to the Hot Springs themselves.

A lot of the boards that make up the walkway to the springs have names carved into them. "Guava Jelly" was my particular fave.

The hot springs themselves were a series of 5 or 6 natural pools in the rocks (I didn't get too many pictures that didn't have tourists in them so no up close shots for you, sorry!)
They really are amazing and if you get a chance to go there sometime I highly recommend it.

The ride back, our Captain Pipo took us around the open ocean side so that we might get lucky and see some whales. And boy did we!
I didn't take any pictures because the moment was too amazing to run in for the camera, but we spent probably 15 minutes hanging out with a pod of 6 California Grey Whales that were I KID YOU NOT, only about 20 ft out from the boat most of the time.

It. Was. Incredible.

One of them swam under the boat and surfaced not even 10 feet away from us.
An experience I will NEVER forget.

Sep 1, 2010

Happy Squash Toys

OhMyGod these are SO CUTE! (the dinosaurs are my particular favorites, I was going to study palaeontology if I hadn't gotten into the art program all those years ago!)
I was just poking around etsy this morning while I ate breakfast and Happy Squash Toys are the featured seller today.

All hand made toys (and some using only natural finishes)

I have thought about what we would do when we have kids, and I DO NOT want kid crap everywhere, or loud plastic toys being tripped over everywhere you look. No thank you.
(I get that there will be stuff, but I don't want a lot of it, and I would like to encourage our families to only purchase handmade toys if possible)

These are just lovely.
Check out his shop here.


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