Jun 27, 2009

Oh my dear lord

I have been off the sweets for the last 2 weeks and I am feeling much better.
(I have been sneaking various contraband ingredients for a little while and my allergies were paying me back in kind. Not fun.)
Plus I really wanted to be off sweets since February for the Wedding (which is 2 weeks away today. WTF??) but I only managed to get off the sweets about a month ago.

Don't judge me.

Anyway, I have been really good lately at finding good-for-me and food-I'm-not-allergic-to snacks and I am feeling great.
I said that, I know.

Anyway, THIS little devil might just be the right way to fall of the wagon when the time comes.

Give me a break Nigella!
What are you DOING??

It's a Nutella cake with Hazelnut ganache that I saw on TheKitchn.

Some of you may know of my little problem with Nutella.
I'll explain briefly...
In Art School my room mate and I kind of lived off it for a while, mostly eaten on Hobnobs (a lovely little oaty cookie thing) while wearing only our pyjamas for 3 straight months.
It was delicious and disgusting all at the same time.
And even now I can't let it into my house because I will eat only Nutella sandwiches until it is gone.
And it never takes long.

Hence the No Nutella Rule.

We have caved only twice that I can remember and both times saw the error or our ways as soon as the vicious little bottle was empty.

I am going to try to forget I ever saw this and go on with my life.

Oh Nigella.

Jun 25, 2009

I have to get off the computer

But I keep getting distracted by stuff like THESE...

They are all made by Little Houses (who is INCREDIBLE by the way) and they are sale items that she is never making again and my heart is breaking because I am living on a budget and can't have them.

Oh the cruelty!

(here is a link to her blog so you can covet too.)

Oh wait, I have just read some fine print and the tops that I love are just on regular sale!! I still can't really afford them, but now I can dream.

happy sigh!

Who else needs this coat?

Just saw it on The Sartorialist and I am flipping out over that collar!

a m a z i n g .

Jun 23, 2009

coveting again

I saw these at Heart & Sole the other day while Miss Imrie and I were out and about and I am in love.
I even tried them on.

So simple and understated and adorable.
So comfy!
And they are Birkenstocks!!

So actually they are good for me and I might actually need them.

Jun 17, 2009

oooh new blogs thingies

I've added a search function to the ol' girl so you can search things and links you have seen here before! And if you want to start a conversation I've added my email at the top left, so drop me a line and we can chat about cool stuff!

Jun 2, 2009

Totally unrelated

Geoff sent me this link today on Facebook.
And I had to share.

Some of these are really bad.

Please check out these Awesomely Bad Unicorn Tattoos

Jun 1, 2009

oh blog, I miss you

I know I keep saying this. But I really do.
I miss sharing cool stuff that I find on the internet with other people who, like me, read blogs and find inspiration.

I miss working on new designs and sharing ideas and the feedback.


I don't have pictures of any of the new work that I am currently plugging away at in the studio. I've got a couple of rings that are overdue to some lovely ladies in Vancouver (Deanna and Bev, I mean YOU. They are on their way this week)
And I've got some new leather neckpieces being cogitated and they are just waiting for some surplus $$ so I can get a silkscreen...I KNOW!! Just you wait world, these are AWESOME.

And some new antler earrings that are pretty amazing, if I do say so myself.
So I need to get that going. And some pictures taken.
And generally get myself back on the computer again.

But I am going to start back into my wee little bog here with some inspiration that I have found elsewhere. Namely Camp Comfort. She is currently my go-to for things and ideas that I didn't know I NEEDED until I read them there.
So awesome.

This Bracelet:

It's such a cute design! There are things that I would change for myself and since
I can't actually afford to buy anything right now, I might make something like it if I need to.

This Chair:

The colour, the hearts(!), all so perfect.
(I can't remember where I first spotted this one. Possibly DesignSponge.

And This Girl:

So adorable. I am having a Girl Crush moment. I might need to take some pictures of her in the next time I get my hair cut. (I actually have a pretty similar cut right now come to think of it. Nevermind. Cute hair? CHECK!)



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