Jan 25, 2011

Another headcold

is bringing me down man! This is my third head cold in as many months, and before this I can't even remember when I had one.

Nothing like working with lots of people everyday and a husband in university to bring these things to my face. Literally.

I shouldn't really complain too much, I am still able to function (there was one something that got me when we were in Vancouver that dropped me HARD on my ass for a few days. Geoff went so far as to go out one night specifically for something to bring be back to life. That was a bad one.)
We're in day 2 of this one and I am hoping that the MULTIPLE oranges a day that I have been scarfing down will kick it to the curb.


I am actually eating my third orange for today (I started craving them last week, so Sonny knew this was coming) and I am going to cozy up with the dog on the couch now.

Jan 24, 2011

EmersonMade Spring.

Oh this woman.

I love (and I mean LOVE) everything that she puts together.

The EmersonMade spring line is on the website today and I am coveting hard.
It's like she knows exactly what I want to wear, accessories and everything, and them makes them.

This is one of the reasons that I need a HUGE expendable income.

So I can get one of everything.

(particularly that topper coat. Oh. My. God.)

Jan 23, 2011

February Fox Fair

This is the last market that Janamade will be attending before I take the studio apart and take some time to get ready for, and meet our Sonny.

I'll be making Bird Bangles, Earrings and maybe some sweet stacking rings.
I'll be bringing some older stock at reduced prices to clear out more space before having to pack it all up!

I hope to see you there!

Jan 22, 2011

Jana's gonna make this (or something similar)

I LOVE the Wiksten Tova shirt.

L.O.V.E. it.

I have a pattern that I've made before that is really similar, that fits me really well, and that I know I can make in an afternoon. I've got plans to make it into a maternity dress by altering the pattern a bit (as in making it long and wider) and that has been relegated to a February project.

I am off thrifting with my lovely friend Kathryn today, and if I find some sweet red plaid fabric, I am ALL SET!

Jan 21, 2011

Oh internet.

So I don't know if you remember, but a while back I was trying to figure out how the heck to get my Janamade.com address to point to the blog? Do you remember?
Well after months of trying to get someone to help me on the hosting site, I have decided that it's just not worth it.

I actually spoke with someone FOR REAL this morning and they spoke to me like I was some kind of idiot for not being able to figure this out. Even though while I spoke to him he sounded like a goofy 20 year old who works at Future shop or something.

After that conversation I decided that I just can't deal with that company anymore and that I am (while disappointed that I'll lose janamade.com for the moment, especially of someone else scoops it up) happy to keep my janamadethis.blogspot address and live my life.

And not worry about it.

Any. More.

Jan 19, 2011

So. Awesome.

Quite possibly the coolest quilt I've EVER. SEEN.

It's the night sky in April.

Wha?? The crazy bastard hand stitched all of those stars people!

Another incredible find from Creature Comforts.
available on etsy HERE.
StellarQuilts is on a whole other level.


I found this over at GoodMouse BadMouse and I had to share.

(don't get me wrong, I love me some Edward Cullen, but it's kind of true that Buffy needs to kill him.)

Oh Buffy, how I miss you!
(I am thinking that I am going to have to start Season 1 when Sonny arrives and we are having some downtime! Yes, we will be raising a nerd.)

Jan 17, 2011

Serious Girl Crush.

Oh my sweet lord, I am SMITTEN.

I discovered this new show whilst perusing recipes on The FoodNetwork. I've now got every episode set to tape on the PVR so I miss NOTHING.

How incredibly lovely is Sophie Dahl?

We only just finished watching the first episode that we've taped and I couldn't delete it! I am going to have to go back and watch it again. And again.


sigh! (post belly covet)

Mama wants these.

I haven't been able to comfortably wear jeans in months.

Next year my lovelies, sigh, next year.

Jan 16, 2011


I haven't been taking too many pictures of Sonny so far, I wasn't really showing for the longest time, and then WHAM! all of a sudden I was all PREGNANT.

I think I am about 20 weeks here.

We're probably at 22 weeks in these.

I am pretty sure I took this one a couple weeks ago so I am going to say that this is 24 weeks along.

And these last three I took last week, at 25 weeks!

It's pretty insane. I've listened to women who are all "Oh it's just so wonderful, I love being pregnant, it's miracle, so amazing!" And it is. Totally.

But it's also TOTALLY WEIRD to have a HUMAN IN THERE.

The first time I felt him moving, it was a wee jab while I was sitting on the bus.
I was all "THAT'S definitely not digestion"

And now I get daily kicks and punches, the weirdest is when he punches the ol' bladder WHILE I AM PEEING.

Too much? TOO BAD! IT'S REAL!

So far we have noticed that he likes/reacts to:
Leonard Cohen
Hot chocolate
De La Soul
Apples and cheese
Mama relaxing. This is the big one. As soon as I've leaned back and taken a moment to relax he gets SUPER BUSY. One night he kept me up for what felt like an hour.
(it was probably only 15 minutes, but STILL!)

We've seen him in ultrasound a few times now, and I am so unbelievably excited to meet him in person! Like, sometimes I have a hard time containing myself.

But then I think about HOW he's getting out of there and I have to think about something ELSE. Immediately.

I feel a new craft love coming on

My mother in law lent me this book the other day, a book that I have been COVETING hard for ages, and ohmygodit'ssogood!

I've got a whole SLEW of ideas swimming around in my brain right now.

So. Many.

I've got a few commission pieces to make in the studio before I shut her down for Maternity leave and we make the final changes to that room to make it Sonny's.

I am actually really excited to do it. It's been hard to work in there since we cleaned it up, it's SO bright and tidy in there, that the idea of throwing a bunch of metal dust into the air has me cringing a bit. But I will.
Geoff was amazing and spent a whole day in there while I was at work getting it set up so that I could work again.

Tonight in fact I am sizing a ring and cutting out a couple more band rings for Wood Grain rings. Then I've got a woozy commission that I have a meeting about tomorrow morning. And I've applied for one more craft market, so I will be making bangles for that and maybe some new little rings to match.

We'll see about that though.

Anyway, the whole point of this rambling rant is that I am going to print some fabric once the studio is no longer my space. My hands are itching to cut some lino stamps and I am thinking that I will get my Lace Blossom done up as a stamp too. I had been meaning to do that ages ago for packaging and never got around to it. But I think that this give me the perfect motive to finally get that made up.

I have a facebook Pay It Forward project that I am a part of (basically I have to make 5 hand made things for the first 5 people to comment on that update, I am sure you've seen it) and I am leaning towards tea towels or hankies or some other sweet thing.


Jan 8, 2011

Fundraiser for Miss Molly.

Molly Campbell is a tiny baby here in town who was diagnosed with Leukemia just before Christmas. She has 4 older siblings. While I don't know this family personally, I am friends with several people who do know them, and this Silent Auction had been put together by some lovely people who love The Campbells and are doing what they can to help.

I have donated three pieces of jewellery to this event, which is being held at Koffi on Haultain next weekend. There are some other really beautiful things to be auctioned as well, massages, house cleaning, you name it.

If you can, please come down.

(the link above connects to the FB page with all the details.)

UPDATE! You can check out the auction items and the highest bid HERE

Jan 7, 2011

Nursery love

So we spent the week with Pops tearing apart the house again (I know! didn't we just do that last weekend too? YES WE DID. Jesus)

Anyway, it's done for the moment, we (as in Geoff and his Dad) refinished the floors in Sonny's room, threw on a fresh coat of bright white paint on the walls. (Pops even did some drywalling in the bathroom, they hung a new shelf in the bedroom and I got my hanging fruit basket in the kitchen! They are incredible.)

So this morning, I am going to clean up the kitchen and the rest of the smaller stuff that they will let me move by myself, and hopefully if I have time, set my bench back up so that I can get back to work for the last couple of months before I close the studio for maternity leave. I have a lot to do!

I am hoping to get the pictures that I've been taking onto our NEW COMPUTER (thanks Santa!) and get them posted on here because seriously, it's been a long time since I shared anything around here!

But until then, this is the colour (or something similar) that I am thinking of painting the feature wall in Sonny's room.
(found at Skinny Laminx, I am loving that blog right now!)


Jan 3, 2011

Covers for a Cause

Geoff will be performing next Wednesday at Lucky Bar for this great night.
All hip hop covers all night, all proceeds going to charity.

I have been informed that Turtle Power is on the menu.
So Awesome.

Jan 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

We're taking it pretty easy here today, I've got a couch cover to sew (before and after pictures this time I promise!) and Geoff is probably going to be napping most of the day. (I have no idea when he got home last night, but he was okay with me running the juicer at 8:30am, the sweet man)

New year's Fresh Start Juice
3-4 apples
3 carrots
1 stalk celery
1 lemon

juice those bitches and start your day with some zing!



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