Jul 19, 2012


Will do this.
All day.

And yes, that's his tongue sticking out.

Very comfortable dog.

Jul 16, 2012

Tiny Stellar Ring and The Ammas Charm Pendants

I made this little Stellar Ring for a lovely woman who I have met through the Craft Fair scene here in town.  She has seen the original one that I had made and while deliberating over purchasing it, someone else snagged it!  So I was happy to make her another one in her size and here it is.
Sweet and simple in 14k yellow gold.

And here is a quick shot of the Ammas Charm pendants.  Recycled sterling silver with TEXTURE.

I am loving this texture right now and I am really looking forward to playing at my bench as soon as the kiddo goes to sleep.  (I moved my bench into our bedroom this past weekend so that I could get more work done.  Fingers crossed that it doesn't disrupt sleep schedules too much!)

Jul 9, 2012

Summer love

This Kid.

This incredible, hilarious determined little kid.

He is no longer a baby.  He's running and making weird jokes and snuggling ohmygodThe SNUGGLING is going to KILL me!

He is starting to make new sounds and I keep watching and listening to hear what he's going to come out with next.

He meowed at Nan's cat all through dinner tonight.
He moo'd like a little cow all through his bath.

He is getting into books now too (this is something that makes me intensely happy, Geoff and I are both big readers and up until about a week ago he really only seemed to want to tear books apart and eat them.)  But for the past three days, when he wakes up in the morning and again in the afternoon after his nap he pulls us over to the couch or chair and shoves books in our hands and then climbs up into our laps to be read to.

I am going to explode I love him so much.


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