Dec 31, 2012

Good day to you 2012

I have given ZERO thought to any resolutions so far this year.


We've got a running list of things we'd like to change in the new year, we've been talking about it and tweaking it here and there for the last few months.

This last semester has been a bit of a doozy and both of us are hoping that we can make this next year a little easier on ourselves.

Professionally I need to make some changes.
(I KNOW that you hear this from me pretty regularly...)
 I am constantly trying new things to make Janamade more productive, more interesting, more profitable...this is the biggest challenge for me.  I am not entrepreneurial.  I mean I AM, as I have a home based business, but I guess what I am saying is that I have not the best head for business.  I am creative, happily so, but I have not been able to wrap my head around the practical end of things.

I need to work with someone I think.  Or at least try some new angles to get things rolling maybe!

So I am working on a redesign of the website, the online shop and my manifesto.


These questions are rolling around in my noodle a lot these days.

So, for January my goals are these:
Get a small package of jewellery to each of my store connections.
It doesn't have to be huge, just a few pieces to get me out there again.

Get a Troop of Creatures out into the world. 
This will make sense later.
I am not preggers.

Set up a Big Cartel shop???  Potential.
Reopen the Etsy shop for real. The single Bird Bangle that's in there now is a little lonely. 

Carve out some regular studio time.
This will likely be evenings once The Kid is asleep.  Toddler hands do not make for productive workmates.

Regular posting!  WHAAAT?  Oh I know, I'll believe it when I see it too!
But I am going to try for once a week.

We'll see how it all comes together!

Good luck 2013, I have faith that we can make you a good year!

Dec 20, 2012

All tucked up tight

It's midnight and I am waiting quietly while Sonny slowly settles himself back to sleep.  We've got some weather that's been waking him up these past few nights and I am starting to think that he's getting into a routine with it now.

Although it does sound like it's starting to pick up again outside.

It's less than a week until Christmas.  I have 5 gifts for Littles to make and 3 gifts for Bigs too.  I am not sure how I am going to wrangle this one, but I've got until Sunday morning to finish 4 of them. 

That's probably fine.

My fingers are crossed that I can squeak in a couple of baking afternoons in there too.  Or maybe just one big one! 
My Aunt sent me my Amma's much loved recipe for her Icelandic layer cake.    I made it last year gluten free, and it was such a joy to be taken back to being 10 years old again, as soon as I bit into it I could see myself downstairs in the laundry room, watching her pull it out of the deep freeze to slice off a piece for me.  And then another because she always cut me two.  Because I always asked for more.

And this year I want to make it for Sonny.  And every year after that.

Because to me it tastes just like love.

I hope that you all have a wonderful holiday, however you celebrate. 

And here is to a new year full of joy and peace and health and love.

Dec 8, 2012

The Owl, a brief recap

Last weekend I shared a booth with my dear friend Angie (who is Floating Gold Iceberg) at The Owl Designer Holiday Market and I brought some of the new jewellery that I've been working on. 

I don't have any other pictures of the set up, as it was SO INSANELY busy the whole time that I just did my best to keep up with the press of people.

But it was a great event (Big thank you to Emmy, who while pretty pregnant-with twins no less!) and I am really looking forward to participating again next year!

But I wanted to put a picture up so you can see (or try to anyway) the new jewellery.
I am really keen on it and I am working on more at night once The Kid is asleep, and before I fall asleep!


Sep 12, 2012

The Incredible Disappearing Blogger

That's me.

Which you know already since I haven't managed to post anything in 2 MONTHS.

Let me fill you in on my new lifestyle...

Toddlerhood. Is. Insanity.

It's really funny and cute, but it does not allow for a whole lot of free time for computer fun.
(except for pinterest, DO NOT GET ME STARTED ON PINTEREST)


I actually put the pinterest app on my phone and so I spend even LESS time on the computer than previously... which is kind of impressive since it was only about 45 minutes a day all summer... sometimes every other day even!


Are THE BEST and totally hilarious and ohmygod the ENERGY!

WHERE is it COMING from??

Oh yeah it's that 2 and a half hour nap every day, recharging his Crazy Battery.  The one where Mama get's to put away laundry or think about cleaning the bathroom (today I actually wiped down the sink! PROGRESS) or eat lunch while drooling all over pinterest...

I love it when people are all "oh don't worry about laundry, just enjoy your lovely baby!  
OH I DO, seriously.  But this Mama AIN'T impressed or pleased or in anyway interested in dealing with screaming/running/climbing/squirming/cuddly baby while trying desperately to find a clean diaper or the baby wipes (where do they GO??  we use them ALL THE TIME!!) while at the same time getting dressed (in hopefully clean and work appropriate clothing...last week I actually went to work in pajamas.  I jazzed them up by wearing mascara... and getting to the bus on time.

I am a woman who needs a little order in order to function.

So a lot of my extra time is spent maintaining the least amount of order so that I don't become an angry crazy person who screams at the neighbors in her underwear.
(I'm not quite there yet thankfully!)

I don't think I can express just how much joy and peace I get out of this life when I open a drawer to clean up poo YES POO and the wipes are exactly where I expect them to be.  This means that I don't have to wrangle a half naked Wild Boy and get human feces on my clothing or person.

The other day I had to reach into the washing machine and pick up a poop nugget with my BARE HAND that had somehow survived the wash cycle.

Someone please tell me how it can do that.

So please forgive me when (I am not even going to pretend) I disappear from the intertubes (technical term I learned) and just know that I am really trying to be productive and present and as awesome here as I am in real life with my Incredibly Awesome Kid and Super Rad Husband.

And also know that I am working on jewellery (slowly but steadily) and drawing and sewing and generally making Janamade a real thing.

Very slowly, true, but I am still at it and I am not giving up.

I'm just loving this little family of mine first and foremost.


Jul 19, 2012


Will do this.
All day.

And yes, that's his tongue sticking out.

Very comfortable dog.

Jul 16, 2012

Tiny Stellar Ring and The Ammas Charm Pendants

I made this little Stellar Ring for a lovely woman who I have met through the Craft Fair scene here in town.  She has seen the original one that I had made and while deliberating over purchasing it, someone else snagged it!  So I was happy to make her another one in her size and here it is.
Sweet and simple in 14k yellow gold.

And here is a quick shot of the Ammas Charm pendants.  Recycled sterling silver with TEXTURE.

I am loving this texture right now and I am really looking forward to playing at my bench as soon as the kiddo goes to sleep.  (I moved my bench into our bedroom this past weekend so that I could get more work done.  Fingers crossed that it doesn't disrupt sleep schedules too much!)

Jul 9, 2012

Summer love

This Kid.

This incredible, hilarious determined little kid.

He is no longer a baby.  He's running and making weird jokes and snuggling ohmygodThe SNUGGLING is going to KILL me!

He is starting to make new sounds and I keep watching and listening to hear what he's going to come out with next.

He meowed at Nan's cat all through dinner tonight.
He moo'd like a little cow all through his bath.

He is getting into books now too (this is something that makes me intensely happy, Geoff and I are both big readers and up until about a week ago he really only seemed to want to tear books apart and eat them.)  But for the past three days, when he wakes up in the morning and again in the afternoon after his nap he pulls us over to the couch or chair and shoves books in our hands and then climbs up into our laps to be read to.

I am going to explode I love him so much.

Jun 17, 2012

Father's day love

I snapped these shots a few weeks ago.
I love that they are just hanging out.  In the sink. 

I had gone to grab a towel, and they were just being so sweet together that I had to sneak back for the camera.

Right now they are both napping. 

I really love these guys!
Happy Father's day Babe, we are lucky to have you.


Jun 14, 2012


I first read this book when I was 16 years old.  I worked at The Mall (back when it was called Canwest... if you grew up in Langford you know what I'm talking about) 
I will never refer to it as West Shore Town Center!  NEVER!

Ahem, anyway.
I worked at the Mall and there was this really cool older girl who worked at the book store and basically  shaped my taste in books by recommending practically Every Single Book I have EVER loved.  (I exaggerate, but not much)
I discovered Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Laurell K Hamilton and Guy Gavriel Kay through her suggestions.
There are more, because I was basically DEVOURING books then, easily finishing a book or two a week.

And Fionavar, oh Fionavar, How I love you!  I have passed this book on to pretty much anyone who asks me about finding a new book to read.

And I have managed a coup!  My bookclub is now reading it as our summer book!

So I just plowed through the first book (The Fionavar Tapestry is actually three books in one compendium, The Summer Tree, The Wandering Fire, and The Darkest Road) and have happily skipped into the second book, easily and (with some serious guilt) ignoring all of my extra child-ular activities, you know, anything that doesn't involve The Kid.  LIKE MY JOB. Jobs I should say.  As I have a couple.

I recognize that this is a bad idea, BUT I CAN'T STOP READING IT!

Yes I am forever pegged as a Sci-Fi/Fantasy nerd, andIdon'tcare!
I revel in it.

I would l.a.r.p.

Yeah I would.

Get a copy of this book and read it.
It's so wonderful.

Jun 7, 2012

Sneaky Peeks

Now that I am back at work my blogging time (you know I try to be a good blogger right??  SO HARD I try!!) has been cut a tad short as most of my extra time is now spent preparing myself, the Kid and whoever lucky bugger it is that gets to hang out with time that day for while I am away.

WHY is this so tricky??  It's only three days a week!  But MAN ALIVE it's a new juggle.

I am working on a couple of side projects, TO BE ANNOUNCED, and here are a couple little teasers for you to peek at.

Also, just in case you were wondering.. The Kid Walks.

Sweet Cheeses it's a whole new ball game people! 
(Although I will happily admit that he is super content to walk lap after lap of the apartment, so it's not always a Looney Tune style chase scene over here)

May 17, 2012

An Afternoon of talented ladies (where I try to not buy everything in sight)

I just need to say that I am in love with Trapper Jane.
She hosts the BEST studio sales that I have been lucky enough to be invited to 3 times now.
Last weekend's sale was no exception.  Along side myself and Trapper Jane, Floating Gold Iceberg and Morena were both there and it is SO HARD to not shop.

Good grief I covet these ladies' stuff.


please check them out online:


May 13, 2012

Janamade Contest and GIVEAWAY!

I am developing a new series of silver jewellery and I don't know what to call it.

That is where you come in.
I am opening up the first Janamade Contest and giveaway and here is the deal...

On June 1st, I will choose a winner from the suggestions that YOU give me on the Janamade Jewellery & Design Facebook page. 

Head on over there and "like" Janamade, send your friends to "like" the Janamade page and they can be eligible to win too.

And here is what you will win.

A pendant from the new series. Similar to the pendants above.

My inspiration for these new designs are the lava fields of Iceland (my much loved Amma was Icelandic and I identify a lot with this part of my heritage) and part of what I really like about them is their angular shape and how that is balanced by the soft and haphazard texture of the silver and the hand engraving.
I have a link bracelet and a bangle in mind already and I will also be trying to incorporate gold in a new way as well.   Something to think about!

So send me your ideas and suggestions and I will post the winner on June First with a picture of the pendant that you have won!

I am looking forward to hearing what you come up with!


May 11, 2012


Tomorrow (Saturday May 12th) from 2-8pm Janamade will be selling at the imcomparable Trapper Jane's Studio sale
I'm taking these new samples with me!
Thicker "gold" bangles, and these two new pendants as well as a new ring and some leather feather earrings and some of my original bangles and Message in a Bangles as well!
Hope to see you there!

May 9, 2012

jackalopes, owls and foxes

are on my mind these days.
I am making new things and I am manifesting a new future.

Oooooh hooo!

I am such a tease.

Just you wait lovelies, there are some fun new things brewing up over here at Janamade HQ.

Fun. Things.

(here's a little picture of some summery leather earrings for you to peek at until I get some shots taken of The New Stuff)

Working and Motherhood

This is not going to be a long post.
I went back to work a couple of weeks ago and it's become apparent to me that I have a lot to learn about balancing things out around here.

I am thinking of reading this book for some tips!

I'll let you know what I learn when I do.

Apr 29, 2012

Please note the time

That is PM people.
I even made blueberry sauce from scratch because I DON'T MESS AROUND.

This was a week or two ago.

But I am doing it again. RIGHT NOW.
 ...only tonight it's 9:52 pm and I'm only halfway through this batch.

I didn't intend for it to be this late!  But I had to go to the grocery store for the main ingredient, and then the grocery store didn't have it so I had to go to ANOTHER one.

But I am close to perfecting an amazing gluten free, egg free pancake!

Apr 24, 2012

First taste of sugar

Sonny enjoying his first cupcake on his first birthday!

(this photo was taken my my niece.  Who is 6)

Apr 19, 2012

Spring has officially sprung in these parts

I wrestled the baby and the dog to the park the other day, to enjoy some of the INSANELY beautiful weather we've been having lately.

Sonny promptly stole my hat.

Norman was NOT stoked to be wrapped up in ONLY ONE BLANKET, and spent almost the whole time fussing and trying to leave.  And since the poor guy is basically totally deaf now I spent a lot of time wrangling him BACK into the blanket that I so thoughtfully brought for him.

To the park.

The super sunny, warm, grassy park.

Yeah I'm cool like that.


Apr 18, 2012

stamping practice

I've started prepping for the workshop that I'm teaching in a couple of weeks (there is still room in the class if you are interested in taking it!  Printing on Fabric!) and have carved up a couple of stamps now to demonstrate a few different ideas.

The one above is to show that you have to remember to carve your stamp backwards if you are going to include text.

I am really happy with how this one turned out, I am thinking that I'll pick up some fabric napkins and print them with this!

How cute is that?!

Apr 14, 2012

a trip to the park

Yesterday we went out in the afternoon to meet up with some lovely friends (who we ended up not meeting up with due to conflicting nap schedules, BUT WE TRIED!) and stopped at a playground to stretch our legs.

Sonny's legs, since mine were amply stretched on the 45 minute walk to get there.

I snapped a couple photos (by a couple I really mean 16) on my phone.

We snacked on strawberries and grass, and swung in the baby swing at the playground after a couple of bigger boys went home.

Good afternoon!

Apr 10, 2012


I am teaching a workshop in May!

Yes, little old me, ME! I'm teaching a workshop called Illustration for Printing on Fabric at Island Blueprint on May 5th.

It's a Saturday class, and we'll go over line quality, fabric texture and MAKE OUR OWN STAMPS/STENCILS AND THEN PRINT FABRIC!!

It's going to be really fun, and if you are in the city, and want to spend a fun afternoon printing your own designs onto textiles of your choice (fabric napkins, pillowcases, tshirts or tote bags are all good fun things to print that you'll keep when we're done!) please sign up! I'd love to meet you!

I've got lots of fun ideas to share and I'm hoping to get to the thrift store in the next couple of weeks for some vintage napkins and pillowcases to print up as samples (plus to have in my house because I like that)

Check it all out on Island Blueprint's website HERE

Easter Fun Times

We spent Easter weekend up at the Lake with Geoff's Family. My sister in Law Andrea's birthday was Sunday and we did a fun egg hunt with all the kiddos and a delicious brunch.
My other sister in law, Noelle is SO GOOD about taking pictures and sharing them with us immediately that I felt I should post this great shot of Ali that she sent to us LAST NIGHT.

The weekend wasn't even over yet!
(I still have not sent out my wedding thank yous. Yeah...)

Apr 6, 2012

So close...

He's three weeks away from his fist birthday now and he's THIS close to getting up and walking away from me (cue mellodramatic mama moment * GASP*)

How did that happen so fast??


Apr 5, 2012

We love Spring!

We have been enjoying some seriously beautiful Spring weather here lately and one of the things that Sonny and I do in the afternoon is walk.


It's awesome. We walk to the grocery store. We walk to the other grocery store. Sometimes we switch it up and go to the library.

For a few weeks now we've been trying to get to the petting zoo at the park (it's a long walk, easily 45 minutes one way, and that's WITHOUT stopping for groceries or snacks or getting side tracked by whoknowswhat like we usually do.

So last week we bit the bullet and drove there!

Baby Goats! Peacocks, Llamas and chickens!
There was even piglets, ohmygod PIGLETS! Are the cutest.

This Mama goat was VERY seriously staring at us while we hung out and watched everyone.

Very. Intently.


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