Mar 26, 2011

Recycled Birdies

I started making these little guys a little while ago and naturally have taken FOREVER to get photos of them.

Scraps turned into little sweethearts.

I've got a couple more of these that I will (eventually, hopefully soon) post into the shop.
I've got a whole slew of jewellery that I intend to pop in there, and as soon as I'm on Mat leave (two weeks!) I'll get around to it I am sure.

Mar 25, 2011

Last Custom Woozy and some Bangles!

Now that we're getting really close to our due date (4 weeks, are you kidding me??) I have basically TODAY to finish the last two things on my bench.
So because I am a MASTER PROCRASTINATOR I am blogging about the last few things I've finished in the studio instead.


I met a lovely woman a few months back who knows the other lovely woman that I did the previous custom Woozy set for (Remember these?)
She had a pretty clear idea in her head of what she wanted, and she also had some stones that she wanted to use from her mother, so this is what we made for her...

I am really happy with how it turned out and she was too!

ALSO here are some pictures of the bangles that I was going to pop into the shop, but they've all sold already! (A couple went to trades that I am pretty excited about too!)

So once I get the studio up an running again (in the Fall I am hoping) I'll be making more of these.

SO now it's 9 am, I've eaten breakfast and am dressed. I have no excuse now but to WORK and get those last 2 items done. I've got to head into town this afternoon too so time is already of the essence!

But my plan is to treat myself to a mini thrift trip (hoping to score a ring sling and a mustard coloured cardigan, maybe a basket or two - nesting!- as a reward for getting the jewellery finished.) Pops is coming to help Geoff move the studio gear out of Sonny's room this weekend so I actually have to be out of there by tonight.

So here we go!

Mar 23, 2011

Ikea part 3!

While we were eating our plate of pickles on the ferry ride back from Ikea, we realized that we had managed to steal THREE PENCILS!


Mar 17, 2011

Sister as Twilight Vampire (Ikea part 2)

There is a poster on the ferry that we took to Ikea on our trip that is basically a Twilight backdrop.

(if I had photoshop on the new computer I would have made her sparkly!)

Mar 16, 2011


A few weekends back my Mom, my sister and I took the Ikea bus over to the mainland for a pre-Sonny shop.

Oh yes we did.

We happened to be there for MeatBall Madness and good lord they weren't kidding when they warned us before we got off the bus that the restaurant was going to be busy.

It was lined up like this ALL DAY so we didn't get to eat there.
(I had packed a selection of snacks however so we weren't entirely bereft. Also Kristy got us all a frozen yogurt while we waited in line so my cravings were satisfied!)

I went with the Gulliver Crib...

I was originally thinking of going for the simpler Sniglar, but once we got to manhandling them, the Gulliver seemed to hold up to a bit more throttling.

Here is Kristy trying out one of the crib mattresses we were deciding between.

I didn't actually get too many pictures inside of Ikea, we were surprisingly short on time once we got there, considering that a lot of our day was spent traveling to and from the mainland, we really only had about three hours once we got there.

That sounds like a lot, but Mom and Kristy are marathon shoppers and it takes us a good three hours just to get through the shoe section at Winners.


But a lovely day was had by all and I was able to sneak all my purchases in under my planned budget! I had been squirreling cash away for this trip for months so I felt pretty darn good about that.

On the ferry back home I got my customary gross Veggie burger and I asked for an extra pickle.


This is what they handed me.

There were at least 12 pickle slices on that little plate.
I managed to eat maybe half of them but I just couldn't take anymore after a while.

How does that make sense? I actually asked the server if he was joking when he gave me that plate. All he said was "you have to take it".

So weird.

Mar 13, 2011

Bah weekend.

I had every intention of being productive today. By productive I mean that I wanted to get the last two projects sitting on my bench that I HAVE TO FINISH before we make the studio/nursery switch done. At least one of them.

But nope.

I DID however get 4 loads of laundry, the bathroom cleaned (I even washed the walls for cripes sakes!) the kitchen cleaned (read: I did the dishes) and hung out with the dog for a while on top of a surprise visit from my lovely inlaws.

I am not being sarcastic either, my inlaws are really lovely. All of them.
(I'm not sure how I managed to deserve that Universe, but I will TAKE IT)

So when 6 pm rolled around and I had only managed to get one ring sized down but not cleaned up, and another (but not one that I HAVE TO FINISH!) one resoldered and smoothed out and I got That Feeling.

You know, That Feeling you get when you are about to LOSE IT and you don't want to cut through your finger or yell at the dog for getting up and stand in the doorway STARING at you for no apparent reason AGAIN. (Does your dog do that? It's like he knows the MOMENT I start to get productive and he's all, "Hey, You, let me outside." Or "Cover me with my Blanket bitch!" Or "I need some Legs STAT!"-this is his favorite place to be and kind of the only place where he'll chill the F out for any length of time, curled up in your legs, under blankets on the couch. Ridiculous. How am I supposed to get anything done??)

Anyway, I digress.

So I only got about an hour in the studio today. But I did do a lot of other house stuff. So while I wish that I had gotten into the studio before lunch, I am happy that we've got clean sheets and the bathroom doesn't look like a frat house bathroom anymore.

Little things.

Raspberry Baby Sling (For Sonny)

I know that Sonny will be dictating a lot of what we do and how we do it, but this is the sling that I plan to use.
I haven't ordered it yet, just because I've been deliberating whether or not I should make my own, but with the time line edging ever closer I am thinking I will be less and less likely to do it. Although I am not sure yet, hence my not already ordering it!

I like that it's a neutral colour so that Geoff can wear Sonny too. Plus I am not a huge fan of all the swirly, flashy fabric that people like to use for baby gear.

Available through etsy here

We have family who have a couple of slings for us too, I know an Ergo is coming our way, but I still really love the simplicity of this. I've been told too, that while Mum likes one style sometimes Dad likes another, so we'll at least have options when the time comes!

In 6 weeks.

Oh. My. God.

Mar 12, 2011

Saturday Morning

We're getting ourselves ready for Day 2 of Prenatal Classes (not sure why it's all in capitals but I feel like it's the Right Thing since they are an All Day Affair)

Just finished eating Soft Boiled Eggs and Soldiers (toast sticks) and we've got LOADS of snacks packed. Last weekend we ended up having a really lovely sushi lunch on our break, but it cost WAY more than we'd anticipated. So packed snacks today.

We are thrifty, frugal types.

Sonny is kicking me on the insides already, usually he saves this for later in the day, but perhaps he likes Eggs? Who knows! He's busy as I write this anyway.

We've hit our 34 week mark now, and everyday I feel a bit bigger. Our amazing Midwives have said that as long as he's in there until 37 weeks we're all good. So he's cooking for another 3 weeks at least.

Here's a little bit of Norman to get you through your day. This is what he'll be doing all day while we learn about Transition! Breastfeeding! And Post Partum!


Mar 8, 2011

The Bump! Part 3

Things are progressing steadily. Yesterday I had swollen ankles for the first time that I noticed and they are still fat today.
Love that.

Geoff and I had our first of 2 all day prenatal classes on Saturday and while I haven't learned too much that I hadn't gleaned from all the books I've been reading, it was really nice to share it all with Geoff and to meet other preggers.

At the beginning of the class we all had to go around the room and introduce ourselves, and tell everyone what the best and worst things about being pregnant are.

I think I was the only one who wasn't all "ooh I just LOVE being pregnant, it's totally THE BEST." I said that I was really excited to start our little family (which I really am) and that Sonny is the best part of being pregnant, and that I was/am TOTALLY UNPREPARED for my own reactions to the freaky things happening to my body.

I don't think that they were expecting that. The instructor asked me What These Things Were, and I was all, I am not getting into that in front of all you strangers WHO TOTALLY KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT.

Nothing like making a great first impression.

31 weeks (I think)
I am pretty sure that I took all of these in the same week, but the purple skirt might have been worn the week before.

I can't remember.

32 Weeks
I picked up a few items at Joe (ohmygodIloveJoeFresh) last weekend to accommodate the growing belly and this stripey dress is awesome! Hilarious camouflage that somehow takes the horizontal stripes and makes them disguise the belly!
From the front.

33 weeks
I took these just this morning (my hair is still wet, I haven't even really finished getting dressed, but I knew that if I didn't just do it while I was thinking about it, I'd never upload these pictures! Just pretend that I am all done up accessories and all)

(I hope that you are appreciating the various states of tidy that our bedroom is in in all of these. I know that some of you are REELING from the non staged, laundry piled everywhere state of things. I can't be held responsible for keeping track of all of that crap right now. Don't you know I'm pregnant??)


Mar 6, 2011


Can I just tell you how much I miss bangs?
I do. A lot.
I miss being able to wash my hair, fuss for all of 30 seconds and go.

I can't do that now, which is ironic because I grew out my bangs for LESS FUSSING.

But now I spend a lot of time trying to make my hair look right but mostly giving up and tying it all up in a lame weirdo bun on top of my head.

Not the sexy, tousled locks I was enjoying (or at least thought I was!) when I had bangs.

It's totally stupid, I know, to obsess over stuff like this. Trust me, I am aware of how ridiculous it is. But being pregnant has come with a WHOLE BAG of fun self conscious issues that I kind of wasn't prepared for and I am leaning towards my hair as a place of weird resentment as opposed to freaking out about my belly.

I don't want to get to a place where I resent Sonny for ANYTHING.
Not a healthy place to be.

Also not something that I have ANY control over (another weird thing for me, type A anyone?)

But I can freak out about my hair and get weird and have some sense of control over it.
At least I'd like to feel like I can have some control over it, even if it's just in my head.

So. Back to bangs.

I am going to book myself a haircut.
A sweet friend of mine wants to trade some jewellery for salon time and I can afford that. (Can't afford to pay for a haircut, but I can always trade!)
So as soon as she get's back from a trip, I am IN THERE.
(I am also really trying to not cut bangs myself. I have done this before, but with the way I am reacting to the littlest things these days, I don't want to run the risk of LOSING IT over not waiting. So I will be reasonable and wait and have a nice trip to the salon and have a great little pamper.)

(I found all of these pictures when I googled "Bangs"!)

Mar 5, 2011

sexy diaper bag

Mat and Nat makes this pretty snazzy diaper bag that doesn't look like a diaper bag.
I kind of love it, but I can't justify the steep price tag.
(why is a canvas bag almost $200?)


It's pretty classy though.


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