Aug 28, 2007

I promised pictures

It has taken me all week to get myself back on track since my birthday weekend. I wasn't blitzed or anything, just busy.
We downloaded (uploaded?) the pictures from the camera today so I can now post them for your viewing pleasure.
Kristy's birthday ring was a great success. She was so happy and I was/am so happy that she was so happy and Mom was so happy that we were both/all happy.
Happiness all around. So much so that we hung out again last weekend.
Oi so much happy hanging out!
I digress.
Here are some pictures of said ring.

The first one I took before I cleaned up the oxidization treatment and it looked too cool to not document.
And the second one is the finished product.

At my parent's place they have 4 huge dogs. I tried to get a shot of all of them lying about the kitchen floor (as they often do, tripping up many an unwary snacker)
but someone was cozied up on the couch with Dad, so I only got three of them in the shot. But you get the idea.

And as for tattoos, I haven't taken a picture of the newest addition yet, I want to let the scabs heal up first.
I know, scabs sound so nice and I am sure you would all LOVE to see the flakey goodness, but I am going to wait regardless.
I am so cold and heartless I know.
Here's a picture of the "before"

Aug 23, 2007

Birthdays are fun!!

Oh my I had SUCH a lovely weekend away.
Good times were had by myself and hopefully everyone else. It looked that way to me anyways.
Had a great day on Sunday with Mom and Kristy, shopped our little hearts out!
I still haven't had a chance to get the pics off the camera yet, but I am hoping to get that done tonight or tomorrow.
The Tat is AWESOME! A little bigger than I was picturing in my head, but so beautiful.
I am officially a tattooed lady.
I'll edit pictures in here soon.
Thank you to everyone who made my weekend so wonderful,
love you all tremendously.

Aug 18, 2007

getting ready

I'm heading off to the island for a weekend of ... weekendyness.
Going to hang out with the folks and friends.
And come home with some new ink.

Before and after pictures to follow.

Aug 17, 2007

old school

This is the piece that started all the Jangelicas. (the image is upside down!)

(a new jangelica)
I had to make a piece that was fabricated AND incorporate a cast element. So I cast me some teeth and made a "head" for them. This was done in my second year at NSCAD and I have to tell you, casting is a process that I really enjoy. I have since cast at least a hundred little vertebrae and antler rings and orcs.

Now that I don't have access to the studio at school anymore I have to outsource a little bit.
I found a great company in town called Corvus. So helpful and great.
Soon my pretties I will head back over there and cast some more vertebrae and more antler rings and SO MUCH MORE!
Oh I love it!

Today I am going to renew my driver's liscence. The question on everyones lips I am sure... How is my HAIR today???
Eee! Gotta go!

Aug 15, 2007

Being quiet as a mouse...

We have a house guest this morning, and I don't want to wake anyone up (I am lately an early riser) So I am sneaking a little solo time on the computer.
Yesterday was so productive that I am feeling expansive and I am raring to go for another day of super productivity. I'll have the house to myself for a couple of hours when I get home from work tonight, so I plan to take advantage and finish up the two new rings that I have going and hopefully (depending on just how productive I am feeling when I get home) a couple of pendants too.
There is no try, only do.

I finished up all of my sister's birthday present yesterday too, so I just have to wrap it up and we're good to go. I am looking forward to this weekend in a big way, it's the annual birthday shinnanigans weekend. I am hoping the weather holds out so we can mosey around downtown and maybe the beach. We shall see. I've got myself pretty solidly booked up while I'm home on the island too, so it will breeze by too quickly as usual, but I am going to enjoy every moment.

On a totally unrelated note, I am SO looking forward to really starting to sew. I have sewn a few things in my day, made myself a dress in high school and I have taken many a pair of jeans and made them into skirts. Haven't we all?
But I am determined that this is the year it really takes off. (nothing like adding way more to do to my already huge list yeah?) I am even thinking that I will make my winter coat this year.
Built by Wendy has amazingly cute patterns through Simplicity, and I am going to give some a try. She's got a couple of really cute little top/dress patterns that I think I can tweak too.
Fun fun fun!

Aug 14, 2007


The latest installment of my tattoo is coming up. 9 years in the making and it will be finished FINISHED next week.
Eeeek! I'm already getting nervous. I am thinking that I might try tracking down this Emla cream that I've been hearing about. Supposed to take the edge off.
Yes please.

In other news, my sister's birthday present is coming along nicely. It will be finished today. I'll post pictures after her birthday though. Don't want to ruin the surprise!
It's super cute though.

And how cool is this?

Can you tell that he's made of Lego?
(yes I am a nerd.)

Back to WORK!!

Aug 11, 2007

House to myself. (random facts)

The Man is on the Island today for a friends wedding. I am staying home with the Norman and working as much as I can.
(so far it's not too much, but it's early and I just finished breakfast.)
Was up late last night hanging out with lovely C, chatting about boys and watching terrible reality TV. Sin Cities? Oi.
Good times!

Sometimes when I get home this is what the bed I made earlier in the day looks like. Can you see the dog in there?

Notice the bundle of blankets also on the floor.

These are what we cozy him up in before we leave, but it's not really what he wants. He'd rather pull all of the HUMAN blankets off and sleep in our sheets.

I have grand plans for production today.
1. Gift for sister's birthday, need to do that this weekend
2. 6 pendants in various stages of completion, would like to complete them.
3. 2 A Cute rings to finish cleaning up.
4. Track down a neckpiece that I started a while back and put aside because I screwed it up, and remake into a proper (read successful) finished piece.
5. I am sure that there is much more, but I need to track down my book and remember the rest of the list!

I hope that everyone has a great weekend!

Aug 7, 2007

Mystery package

I just had a knock on my door, from the UPS man.
I haven't ordered anything lately, so this package here is a bit of a surprise.

I thought about it for a while and I decided to open it, after all, it's addressed to ME. And if the Man had ordered anything for my birthday (in three weeks by the way) I am sure that he'd address that to HIMself. Otherwise where's the surprise?

Lo and Behold!!

Cereal! I had recieved an email from my good friend Dee asking everyone she knew to sign up for this Kashi promo thing, AGES ago, and totally forgot that I signed the bloody thing. Never thinking that anything would ever come of it you know, I had assumed that it was one of those chain mail jobs that everyone gets from time to time.
No way, check it out! Kashi pulled through.
I even got a Tshirt!!
The Man can't eat it unfortunately, it's got the gluten, but I've got enough cereal to get me to Thanksgiving!
Thanks Dee!

Lunch break

Just taking a little break from the studio at the mo. Made myself some Mac & Cheese.
Ate the whole thing to myself.


I do it every time I make meals like this (comfort meals from my youth. Beans on toast falls in there too, and I get no end of grief about my love of Beans on Toast)
I make it all up and eat WAY too much. But it feels so good and tastes so good that I can't seem to help myself.
And it's a grey dreary day over here, so I feel like comfort food.

I'll jog later and balance it all out.

Three new pendants in the works today. I did one up last week to establish whether or not it was going to work. Finished that one up last night and it's so cute! Beads on the INSIDE!
I'll take better pictures when the sun comes back out!

And some other stuff I've been plugging away at...

I made myself an inventory list so I can keep track of everything that I have on hand so I can make sure that I get enough ready for OOH. I'm getting nervous at how quickly the time is flying by! November sounds like it's still a way off, but I am reeling a little bit that it's already August!


Aug 3, 2007

Sweethearts and Scrambled eggs

When we had made the fort in the back of the car last weekend (2 weekends ago now I guess) Norman had a bit of a sneak while we were up top on the boat. He clambered over all of our stuff that we had piled up specifically so he COULDN'T get at any of the food that we hid at the bottom of the pile in the front seat.
We were unsuccessful.
Please note the state of this egg carton when we returned from the arcade...

We also returned to a VERY guilty looking dog. We discovered him with the remains of gluten free brownies on his breath.
(they were cocoa based, he's fine, just a sneak)
Needless to say we'll be investing more time into hiding the food the next time we go anywhere without him.

In studio news, I've got some hilariously cute pendants on the go for OOH. So cute!

Tiny gold hearts on super fine cahins (not pictured) I found the perfect chains for these the last time I was in town at one of the jewellery suppliers and I am really excited to get these together. I'll order more gold and the chains when I get paid next.
Eee! so cute! I'm having a bit of a moment with the cuteness right now.

Another ring is in the works too. I'll set a little chalcedony cab in there once it's all cleaned up.

And I've finally started cleaning up my sister's ring for her too. It's been in my bag since she gave it to me a long time ago totally forgotten! But you can see, it's getting worked on now. (I've taped up the stone so I don't scratch the heck out of it while I file the huge scratches out of it)

And in totally unrelated news, we've rearranged the house a little bit more. We've taken the G4 and brought it into the living room. Now I can work on the computer while the Man is in the studio working on his computer and we don't have to grumble about eachother holding us up anymore.


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