Jul 31, 2007

Fun times at the lake

Last weekend we went to the lake to have a mini reunion with my Man's fam.
A good time was had by all!
We brought the Wii with us, which was a grand success, and we drank and made merry the rest of the weekend.
The weather didn't really hold out like I had hoped, but we made do and had fun anyway!

Playing tennis

Wii Champions

The Scrumpy Cider I picked up. 11% is too much for me!

On the way back from the Island, we had to wait a bit at the ferry, so we turned the car into a fort. I wasn't sure at first, but it was a great idea after all. We lounged out comfy style for a couple of hours.

While we were at the lake I met the Man's nieces for the first time too. They are the cutest little people I've seen in a long time. No pictures unfortunately. (I seem to only have taken pictures after having some drinks, and they were always in bed already!) I'll get some at Christmas though.

All for now.

Jul 24, 2007

I spend too much time online sometimes

I've been wanting a sigg water bottle for a while now. They are awesome aliminum, totally recyclable and totally non toxic. (you hear about the chemicals in plastic leaching into your water after a while, and I don't know about you, but I don't want to injest anything that "leaches" Eeuch.)
I digress.
Anyway, while taking a wee break from the crafting today I came acros this website called mysigg.com. And it has a bunch of the bottle designs online. Cool yes no?
AND it gets even better, there is a contest to design the next eco fabulous awesome design. Some of them are rad. Check it out.

These are the ones that are available online now. You get to choose your own lid. Like choosing your own adventure, just little tamer since there are no boulders or dinosaurs chasing after you. Also rad.

Mmmm boots

All this grey weather is making me think about Fall and boots. Oh boots.
I have a plan to only invest in good for me shoes from now on, and I am sticking to it pretty well. The Man got me amazing boots for Christmas last year and I picked up a pair of Birkenstocks that my sizable feet are happy happy with for summer. So I am now just looking for Fall shoes and spring flats.
I think that I have found them too. Check it out.

cute spring flats

Or these cute spring flats

I have tried these last ones on a couple of times and they are freakishly comfortable, but they only had them in black before. I prefer the brown. Or red maybe? Too cute!

Okay, no more thinking about shoes.
Off I go to actually work today! I've got some serious jewellery to catch up on.
I'll post pictures later of our hilarious fun weekend at the lake too.
Life is good.

Jul 17, 2007

Have you ever seen a baby crow?

There you go!

I hadn't seen one, and wondered at it. Then this nest went in next door and we had baby crows waking us up every day before 7 am demanding to be fed.
So sweet.
I got up one morning and took some pictures.
They look just like regular crows.
Just slightly smaller.

Remember last week when I mentioned that we were getting a new bed? Well we did and it's awesome. It's like sleeping at a 5 star hotel in our bedroom. (I should look into room service!)
But while we were waiting for the new bed to arrive, we propped the old one out in the back. Norman had a bit of a time with this. He's a creature of habit. And most of the time he sleeps IN the bed all day long. So when we took it away he was totally confused and had a hard time ALL DAY. I put his basket out in the sun and everything. But he wasn't having any of it.
Finally I tried laying the old mattress down so he could lay on that.

Still not great, but better than laying in the sunny spot apparently.

Oh Norman.

No he ain't dead

This is how I find Norman more often than not. He's a very relaxed sleeper.

Things here have been rolling right along. I went into town this afternoon to pick up some chains I had ordered. (very exciting yes?)
And I also picked up some 120 emery paper. Whoa! Slow down girl!
Ooh... and some new blue WHEELIES! AAAH! I am too crazy!
These are things I use to make the world a prettier place, one piece of jewellery at a time.

Here's a piece that I just finished last week. Hammered gold around a sterling silver ring. Ooooh!

I like this one.

I've got some new ideas simmering around in my old brain (which is getting older in a month, I almost can't beleive I'll be 28)
Like a sweet little hammered gold heart pendant on a tiny choker chain.
Like some new jangelica pendants with the gold beads on the INSIDE. (what??)
Like a heavy duty silver ring with a sweet little hammered gold heart on it.

Busy busy!

Jul 12, 2007

It's flippin hot over here

Yesterday the thermostat read 38 degrees.
Really?? In Vancouver??
Apparently so. I was pretty lucky and managed to sit next to a fan all day at work. Getting there and getting home was hot hot hot!
But today is feeling cooler and we've got a breeze.
And I heard that it's supposed to be even hotter in a couple of weekends. Holy crapballs people!

Today is 5 years for the Man and I. Yesterday he got me new running shoes, and he got some too. We're going to take care of ourselves together. Pretty darn amazing.

On a studio note, I started a new ring on Tuesday that I think is pretty neat. Working with new shapes and trying new things. Good to keep the brain involved! It was getting a little ho hum in there for a while, I've been uninspired lately. (it could be the heat) But I am getting my head back in there.

Drink lots of water! And don't forget sunscreen!

Jul 8, 2007

Some examples...

I thought it was probably fair to show some examples of some work that I have done in the past (Oh NSCAD how I miss you!) as well as some of the styles I'm working on for OOH.

This is the first of the Woozy rings, the one that started that whole series.

Here are a few of the Lace Pieces that I had in my first show: My Grannies Knickers. Everything in that show was inspired by my childhood memories of prancing about in my Amma's fancy nighties. Good times!

This one is the first Antler Ring that I made for MEN. I call it The OutDoorsman. It's so big that I considered asking CB to sign a waiver for me, getting me out of trouble if he accidently killed anyone with it!

And last but not least, some of the jewellery I am working on for the Out of Hand Craft fair.

Jul 6, 2007

Thank you Kathryn!!

You can all ooh and aah and the awesomeness that is the banner. My girl Kathryn is a Wiz and figured it all out for me. I will learn it all myself as soon as I can, but thank god for being friends with designers!
You rock!

Jul 5, 2007

Like bees over here

I've got some lovely little pendants ready to go to sale, I think I'll send some over to Shampoo (my longtime hairdresser has opened up her own salon in Victoria and it's grande. She's selling jewellery there too, and I've got some stuff there. Check it out! )
Shampoo Hairbar
Corner of Moss & May Streets in Fairfield

An here is the pendant that is ready to go to Noelle.

Busy busy.
Today I've got plans to get some more earrings ready and prep a couple more ring blanks. And I also want to stitch up a dress that I picked up last summer.

And in other news! We're getting a new mattress today! I can't even tell you how excited we are about this. Here is a picture of the old one that my Man has slept on for YEARS, full of cat hair and the poor guy is so allergic! This new mattress today is a welcome luxury. We've already got the old on outside (as you can see here) and we're expecting the new one this evening.
Sheets are in the wash so they'll be ready to go!

Good day!

Jul 4, 2007

Keeping busy.

Yesterday before work I dashed into town and set up an account with the wholesale chain supplier in town. I picked up a couple different styles and lengths to try out with the pendants that have been quietly wallowing alone in the inventory drawer.
Poor things.
Now they've got chains to swing from, I think that they'll be much happier!
Here is the header that I've been trying to upload. Any suggestions as to how I can make it stick?
I'd appreciate any ideas at all, I've just been flying by the seat of my pants!

Jul 3, 2007

Learning new things, sort of.

Well, I spent the better part of yesterday afternoon trying to figure out how to make a new header for this thing. Unfortunately to no avail. I've got a lovely new one all made up and I assumed ready to pop on here, but it won't stick! So I'll work on that and see what I can come up with. I even tried editing the HTML, but that was a bit of a flop! I'm not quite there yet.
On more productive notes, I finally finished a pendant that I have had for an obscenely long time. But it's finished and it's lovely. I will post pictures once I get permission from it's new owner. (I think that's fair, she should see it first)
Otherwise it was the nicest weekend I can remember in a while over here, we had sunshine and warm weather and cool breezy evenings. Hard to complain really.
(Although it's grey and miserable this morning, I am hoping that it will be sunny when I get out of the shower. Wishful thinking? We shall see!)
Off to work I go.
I hope everyone had an amazing Canada Day long weekend!


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