Feb 27, 2014

The Chop and The Bump

 So I finally did it.  After MONTHS of thinking about it and dreading the scarf and jacket season (does your hair turn into a nest for birds or rats at the back of your head when you wear a scarf?  Because mine sure as hell does)
I chopped off my hair.  At least 8 inches I think.
It was rolling around the middle of my back and it was great, for years I kept it long.  But it was time.

Every ten years or so I chop it off short, and it had been at least 13 this time around.

I realize that chopping off a lot of my hair while PREGNANT is a questionable decision.
I went into it recognizing that I might cry like a teenager for weeks afterwards.

But you know what?

Not a single tear!

Not once have I looked in the mirror and gone "WHAAAT HAVE I DONE??"

Some days it's a little goofy.  I will happily admit that.
Like in this first picture.

Also why do I always have to make that face??

But all in all, it's great. 
Plus, I am still basically doing what I did before, which is blast dry my bangs and then let the rest fend for itself.

When I first did it (it's been about a month I think now) I actually used a CURLING IRON on the top sections, because they are juuust short enough that the curl is gone.

But that's INSANE.
I'm going to have another BABY in 2 months.

I can't go around CURLING MY HAIR everyday.
I'm lucky if I remember to brush my teeth in the mornings.  NOW.

Plus I went out and bought myself some dry shampoo (WHY is that stuff so smelly??  Does anyone make a non/mildly scented version of that stuff??) and some "molding paste" or some other crazy product (equally smelly) to rub into it on non wash days, because let's be real here.


But I likes it and I'm super glad I did it.
The lovely gals at Shampoo Hair Bar treat me right, if you are in the area and want a great cut.

Also, side note, LOOK AT MY BELLY! I'm at 30 weeks in this picture.

I have literally only taken THREE pictures of my pregnant self. All of them terrible.
But if you really want to see, I am growing nearly EXACTLY like I did last time, only Chickpea is riding lower.  Whatever THAT means.

Plus I'm bitchier about it this time.

Feb 4, 2014

The Fox is this weekend!

My lovely friends Jen and Joanne organize the incredible Fox Fair every February.
This is the 4th year now and it's one of my absolute favorite markets.

The vendors are great, the music is fun and the energy the whole time is just so wonderful.
I always get a little silly at markets, and I am guessing that since this will be my last face to face market before baby arrives, that I will be sillier than ever.

I will not be packing chocolate covered almonds this year... our usual Power Pellet staple snack, because Terrible Truffles is a vendor this year! 

They make a cassis truffle in white chocolate that is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE and I will be budgeting extra cash to eat a lot of them this weekend.

A lot.

I am bringing some new bangles to this market, I ordered some new stamps that I am really excited about, a Bee, an Arrow, and a new Crescent Moon.

Oh they are so sweet!

I've made some new recycled charms with the new shapes, along with some more birds, and these new bangles!
I'm not sure what to call them yet, it's just in time for Valentine's so they could be Cupid's Bangles, or Flight of Arrows??

Not sure what their name is yet, but they are pretty darn cute.
I'll be bringing 10 finished ones with me, as well as more Birdie Bangles.

And new Leather Feather earrings!
I've updated the shape and there are some new printed colours in there and I am working hard to not keep them all for myself.
 Which is ridiculous because there are something like 30 new pairs.

And I've got the new Bronze Cocktail rings on my bench getting cleaned up over the next couple of nights as well.
I only have 8 of them, but they are pretty nice.  If I do say so myself.

(these shots aren't the greatest, I have only been using my iphone to get pictures at night while I am working... but I am charging the battery for the real camera AS WE SPEAK, so to speak)

And I will also be bringing a few sample pieces that have been hanging out in the studio, just waiting for the light of day to grace themselves...
Like this one...
Metallic Leather Torc style thing?

Yes please!

I think I might sell these ones extra reasonably, sample style, because I am not sure about the design totally.  

Come on down to the Fox this weekend and check out all this great new stuff!
It's my last market for a while, and I would love to see your lovely faces there.

I'll direct you to the Truffle booth, don't you worry my dears!


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