Aug 28, 2013

Coming back after the last post.

Coming back to this space after writing the last post was much harder than I anticipated it would be.
And I thought it would be hard.

But every time I came here, and saw the photos of him, I couldn't do it.
There was something too final and too sad about it and I flinched every time.  So I said "tomorrow", and then I said it again.
I said it a lot actually.

But in all that time, I was working, spending time working with my hands and not letting my head get too involved and it was something that I needed to do I think.
To bring me back to a place where I understood that the Goodbyes had been said, but that he was never really going to leave us.  

So I took some pictures, and made more with my hands and felt a change coming that I think has been in the air for a while.

Nothing too drastic, just a shift in perspective and clearer understanding of where I want to take this business of mine, and of taking steps to learn how to do this better.
Because if you have been reading this ridiculous blog for very long, you will have noticed that I am a bit of a wanderer when it comes to content.
I like things that are silly.

I like things that are light.  And easy.

But this summer has not been easy.  And it has not been light.  And it has led me to a place where I am finally seeing this Thing that I Do, this handmade life I am making for myself and my family, in a new way.

A way that, I hope, will create a path to living the life that I want.
Not just the life I am given.

I expect that I will come back to silly.  Probably sooner than I would like to think I will.
(Let's be honest, I am still ME after all)

But I am clearing some clutter from this space.  From my life too.
(you should see my closet, I am paring down in all nooks and crannies.)

I read something that stuck with me recently.
Identify the Essential.  Eliminate the rest.
(I found it while browsing here)

I have taken it to heart.  And I am working very hard to make the life that I want.  For myself and my family.

If I haven't already lost you, I hope that you consider sticking around and seeing what we get up to.


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