Sep 12, 2012

The Incredible Disappearing Blogger

That's me.

Which you know already since I haven't managed to post anything in 2 MONTHS.

Let me fill you in on my new lifestyle...

Toddlerhood. Is. Insanity.

It's really funny and cute, but it does not allow for a whole lot of free time for computer fun.
(except for pinterest, DO NOT GET ME STARTED ON PINTEREST)


I actually put the pinterest app on my phone and so I spend even LESS time on the computer than previously... which is kind of impressive since it was only about 45 minutes a day all summer... sometimes every other day even!


Are THE BEST and totally hilarious and ohmygod the ENERGY!

WHERE is it COMING from??

Oh yeah it's that 2 and a half hour nap every day, recharging his Crazy Battery.  The one where Mama get's to put away laundry or think about cleaning the bathroom (today I actually wiped down the sink! PROGRESS) or eat lunch while drooling all over pinterest...

I love it when people are all "oh don't worry about laundry, just enjoy your lovely baby!  
OH I DO, seriously.  But this Mama AIN'T impressed or pleased or in anyway interested in dealing with screaming/running/climbing/squirming/cuddly baby while trying desperately to find a clean diaper or the baby wipes (where do they GO??  we use them ALL THE TIME!!) while at the same time getting dressed (in hopefully clean and work appropriate clothing...last week I actually went to work in pajamas.  I jazzed them up by wearing mascara... and getting to the bus on time.

I am a woman who needs a little order in order to function.

So a lot of my extra time is spent maintaining the least amount of order so that I don't become an angry crazy person who screams at the neighbors in her underwear.
(I'm not quite there yet thankfully!)

I don't think I can express just how much joy and peace I get out of this life when I open a drawer to clean up poo YES POO and the wipes are exactly where I expect them to be.  This means that I don't have to wrangle a half naked Wild Boy and get human feces on my clothing or person.

The other day I had to reach into the washing machine and pick up a poop nugget with my BARE HAND that had somehow survived the wash cycle.

Someone please tell me how it can do that.

So please forgive me when (I am not even going to pretend) I disappear from the intertubes (technical term I learned) and just know that I am really trying to be productive and present and as awesome here as I am in real life with my Incredibly Awesome Kid and Super Rad Husband.

And also know that I am working on jewellery (slowly but steadily) and drawing and sewing and generally making Janamade a real thing.

Very slowly, true, but I am still at it and I am not giving up.

I'm just loving this little family of mine first and foremost.



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