Jun 24, 2007

Another new format??

Some of you may be wondering if perhaps I have some sort of decision making problem. I don't, really, I just like to go over all of my options.
I wanted to match my soon to be worked on website, but I really just prefer text on white. Especially if it's text you expect/hope people will read. I don't want to adversly effect (affect?) anyones eyesight.
And one of these days I'll figure out how to put my OWN header across the top. My wicked designer friend Miss Kathryn has the skills to show off.
But I think I've spent enough time on the computer for one day. Although in between messing around on facebook and watching Daryl Hannah's eco blog (please check it out, pretty awesome... dhlovelife.com) I managed to finally take in a pair of jeans that I picked up from the thrift store weeks and weeks ago.
I don't have a fully functioning sewing machine at the moment so I am doing these things by hand. Which is more fun than you might think!

Another little side note: we've had the craziest weather today! Not more than an hour ago it was thundering and hailing, and now the sun is lighting up the joint. It's reminding me of Halifax in a big way.
Off to make some dinner, hope everyone is having a cozy/laid back/productive/insert favorable activity here/ Sunday!

Jun 23, 2007

The latest crop o jewels

These are some of the designs I am working on at the moment. I've got s whole slew of new ideas that are just waiting for material expenses. Soon my pretties, soon.

Jun 21, 2007

Home again, home again

Jiggity jig.
Oh the island was WONDERFUL. I can't say enough abut the awesomeness of this trip back. The weather was great, the company was better and I even got some stuff done.
Not a lot, but hey, I was on vacation!

Up at the lake we pulled the bed out into the living room so we could fall asleep watching the fire. (after it had burned down appropriately OF COURSE!) Safety first.

We played a couple games of bocci, one in which my Man threw an amazing last roll. Please notice the picture above. Unprecedented I think.

We made smores with the fantastic graham crackers that I stayed up late for, totally worth it. Although I have to say, I am seriously sticking to my "No More Nutella" rule from now on. Too dangerous to have around that stuff.
Add to that some StrongBow and you've got a breakfast of champions.
Again, I was on vacation people.

There was a hilarious little family of robins that was scooting around the whole time too, bobbing and weaving and doing an excellent job of pulling worms. So cute.
And a good time was had by all.

Jun 15, 2007

getting ready for a week away...

Oi, I am not such a huge fan of packing up late and getting up early.
Naturally I take the time out to blog.
So unhealthy.
Himself and I are heading to the island for a week in between semesters. Much time will be spent lounging about.
I am very much looking forward to it.
At the moment... I've got graham cracker batter refridgerating (at least another half hour ugh!)
A bag airing out ( a great garage sale find that right now smells a little bit like old motel room. Looking forward to cramming my clothes in there.)
Laundry in the washer AND the dryer.
A pendant that needs another good wallop with the polisher, tomorrow.
And an outfit to figure out for work tomorrow morning.
But on the lighter side...
I've got prints for Oui ready to go and a package of earrings ready to get to Shampoo and a haircut in the works!
FAN tastic!!
AND we had an amazing meal at Sawasdee, a great thai restaurant that we checked out tonight.
I have ZERO to complain about!

No pictures this time, but I plan to take LOADS this week and do a photo mostly post when we get back!

Jun 14, 2007

recipe for ginger...

I had a little birdie ask for the recipe for this so here you go!
It's so easy.

1. Peel and chop fresh ginger into your desired shape. (we like thin slices ourselves, but you can also dice it up)
About 1 cup total

2. Boil 1 cup of water and 1 1/3 cups of sugar. It seems like a lot of sugar, but it all melts into the water in no time.

3. Add the chopped ginger and bring back to a boil. Simmer for about an hour. The original recipe I was using said to simmer for 2o minutes, but I found that it was still too spicy. And if you let it simmer down for an hour or so, you are left with a lovely ginger syrup as well. So good!
(I threw a big scoop of honey in there too, for extra flavour. Not neccessary, but I think it added a little something)

And keep an eye on it while it's simering. I tried it with the lid on, but it boils over and gets all over everything. I ended up leaving the element on about 5-6 and left the lid off. That seemed to work the best.

4. Once the ginger is finished simmering, strain out the leftover syrup and toss the ginger in sugar to coat. Let cool.
After it's cooled, you get to COVER IT IN CHOCOLATE. Oh yes.

I just melted some Tropical Source Semi Sweet chips in a double boiler, just until melted and then spooned it onto the ginger pieces. But I am going to try just pouring the chocolate over the ginger like a bar or brittle next time. A higher chocolate to ginger ratio that way!
I kept it in the fridge. Although I can't tell you how long it might last, because we have already finished off 2 batches. In a weekend.

It's that good!

Happy Candy making!

Jun 12, 2007

We got a lot done today

Tuesdays are my day home from the office to work strictly on jewellery. This usually means that I putter around the house for a few hours, doing dishes, tidying up and generally procrastinating. Until I finally buckle down and get to it. It usually takes me a little while to get in to the zone if you will. But once I'm there I can motor through so much great stuff, and today was no exception.
1. I hopped on the bus and got my registration (of my business!) started. Right now my name is being checked to make sure that I can keep Janamade as my business moniker. I am really hoping that it goes through, since I've been using the name for a while now and have lovely cards already printed.
2. I made chocolate covered ginger from scratch. It is my all time favorite candy, so much so that I am thinking of limiting my candy intake to just that. And now I have figured out how to make my own (dear lord we're in trouble!)
It's delicious. It's easy and I can whip it up as gifts. If I want to. THere is even a lovely lucky by product of making it myself... GINGER SYRUP! ( Oh god just think of what we can eat it on.)
3. I replaced the beater brush belt on our vacuum. Not too exciting per se, but it NEEDED to be done. (See above picture of broken original belt)
4. Wrote and mailed off some father's day cards to the Grandpa's. Feeling good about that.
5. And last but not least I have been working like a little trooper on jewellery. Earrings are in the tumbler as I write this and pendants are on the go on my bench. And as soon as I'm done messing around on the computer, it's back to the studio!

Good day!

Jun 10, 2007

Wee! Day 2

It's only been enough hours since my last post for sleeping. But it's so new that I'm posting again.
Like a nerd!
I don't even have anything to post at the moment.
I'm hoping to get onto the other computer and set up some image galleries of work and whatnot.
So you can all look forward to that.

Jun 9, 2007

Oh lordy here we go!

Well it appears that I have succumbed to it at last. I have a BLOG.
I am sure that those of you who know me are groaning in anticipation of the ridiculous things that end up here. Please note that I intend to use this new avenue of communication for Good, not Evil.
Fingers are crossed!


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