Dec 31, 2012

Good day to you 2012

I have given ZERO thought to any resolutions so far this year.


We've got a running list of things we'd like to change in the new year, we've been talking about it and tweaking it here and there for the last few months.

This last semester has been a bit of a doozy and both of us are hoping that we can make this next year a little easier on ourselves.

Professionally I need to make some changes.
(I KNOW that you hear this from me pretty regularly...)
 I am constantly trying new things to make Janamade more productive, more interesting, more profitable...this is the biggest challenge for me.  I am not entrepreneurial.  I mean I AM, as I have a home based business, but I guess what I am saying is that I have not the best head for business.  I am creative, happily so, but I have not been able to wrap my head around the practical end of things.

I need to work with someone I think.  Or at least try some new angles to get things rolling maybe!

So I am working on a redesign of the website, the online shop and my manifesto.


These questions are rolling around in my noodle a lot these days.

So, for January my goals are these:
Get a small package of jewellery to each of my store connections.
It doesn't have to be huge, just a few pieces to get me out there again.

Get a Troop of Creatures out into the world. 
This will make sense later.
I am not preggers.

Set up a Big Cartel shop???  Potential.
Reopen the Etsy shop for real. The single Bird Bangle that's in there now is a little lonely. 

Carve out some regular studio time.
This will likely be evenings once The Kid is asleep.  Toddler hands do not make for productive workmates.

Regular posting!  WHAAAT?  Oh I know, I'll believe it when I see it too!
But I am going to try for once a week.

We'll see how it all comes together!

Good luck 2013, I have faith that we can make you a good year!

Dec 20, 2012

All tucked up tight

It's midnight and I am waiting quietly while Sonny slowly settles himself back to sleep.  We've got some weather that's been waking him up these past few nights and I am starting to think that he's getting into a routine with it now.

Although it does sound like it's starting to pick up again outside.

It's less than a week until Christmas.  I have 5 gifts for Littles to make and 3 gifts for Bigs too.  I am not sure how I am going to wrangle this one, but I've got until Sunday morning to finish 4 of them. 

That's probably fine.

My fingers are crossed that I can squeak in a couple of baking afternoons in there too.  Or maybe just one big one! 
My Aunt sent me my Amma's much loved recipe for her Icelandic layer cake.    I made it last year gluten free, and it was such a joy to be taken back to being 10 years old again, as soon as I bit into it I could see myself downstairs in the laundry room, watching her pull it out of the deep freeze to slice off a piece for me.  And then another because she always cut me two.  Because I always asked for more.

And this year I want to make it for Sonny.  And every year after that.

Because to me it tastes just like love.

I hope that you all have a wonderful holiday, however you celebrate. 

And here is to a new year full of joy and peace and health and love.

Dec 8, 2012

The Owl, a brief recap

Last weekend I shared a booth with my dear friend Angie (who is Floating Gold Iceberg) at The Owl Designer Holiday Market and I brought some of the new jewellery that I've been working on. 

I don't have any other pictures of the set up, as it was SO INSANELY busy the whole time that I just did my best to keep up with the press of people.

But it was a great event (Big thank you to Emmy, who while pretty pregnant-with twins no less!) and I am really looking forward to participating again next year!

But I wanted to put a picture up so you can see (or try to anyway) the new jewellery.
I am really keen on it and I am working on more at night once The Kid is asleep, and before I fall asleep!



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