Nov 20, 2009

To do today

I make lists people

1. Laundry
2. Clean/organize small items in studio (item tags, small bags, scrap silver etc)
3. Design and draw commission ring
4. Crochet 2 neckpieces
4. Vacuum
5. Feed Norman
6. Feed Marny's cats
7. Format and print off Mailbox flyers for FGI
8. Call packaging company for FGI
9. Feed myself
10. Drink some tea (cup number 1 in the works as we speak)
11. Call my sister
12. Work on new Prints for FGI
13. Start thinking about Christmas Presents for the Fam.
14. Get dressed (why is this so far down the list?)
15. Sample new pendant design (it's a cute one)

That seems like plenty for today. And will likely flow over to tomorrow.

Off to it!!

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