Dec 22, 2011

When he's bigger

Sonny is ABSOLUTELY going to need one of these.

I think a wolf is in order.

And what else is amazing about these Spirit Hoods is that for every one purchased, a percentage of the sale goes to support animal conservancy charities.

Check out the details on the website here...

Dec 11, 2011

when I was 8 or 9

I had a pair of black "leather" loafers that I wore CONSTANTLY. I say "leather" because I don't know if they were actually leather, but in my hyper romanticized memory they were very luxurious.

We were visiting some friends who lived far away and I managed to leave a single shoe behind.

I have not worn a loafer since.

This photo however has be hankering for those loafers of yore.

found via Oh Pioneer


I am totally loving these custom constellation pendants from BethCyr over on etsy.

I can picture it on a long 22" chain with vnecks and big earrings!
I'd get Sonny's birth sign (the little bugger is a Taurus through and through!)


Dec 3, 2011


He's sleeping in his crib right now.

By himself.

This is a big deal as this is only the 4th time he's EVER done it.
(I started some really mild sleep training with him yesterday, and so far it's not too bad. I sit in the room with him until he falls asleep and it's only taken 15 minutes at the far. Tonight he just slept! ???)

Naps are happening in there now too.

This could be a game changer.

He was a Lumberjack for Halloween this year and this was him trying on his beard.

Dec 2, 2011

New Bangles!

The Sunday Studio is still going strong. I am SO grateful to be able to get some work done on a semi regular basis (productivity all depends on Sonny's mood that day, my poor mother!)

I've been spending most of my time filling orders but I did get a chance to try up this new bangle design.

I'm kind of in love with it.
Can I be in love with something that I made myself? Is that too narcissistic?

I am not sure about that, but I want one.

But I will be VERY GOOD and not keep this one. I've got some left over bits from the run that I did that I'll make myself a weirdo out of.

Next weekend, December 10th (sweet jesus) I'll be selling at Trapper Jane's Studio Sale and I'll have this bangle plus these three samples!

If you are in Victoria, you should come by, there are going to be A LOT of great local talents and some pretty AMAZING hand made goodies on offer!

2-8pm 1422 Pembroke Street
Saturday Dec. 10


New boots!

I got these a couple of weeks ago and I LOOOOVE them.


(mine are brown)

image from Clarks Canada

Dec 1, 2011

AMAZING tattoo

Found via Cup of Joe

(I kind of wish I had thought of this!)

"I am the hero of this story
I don't need to be saved"


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