Feb 23, 2008

I'm trying something new here at janamadethis. I've added a hit counter. I am interested to see just how much traffic my little blog sees. I don't imagine that it sees a great amount, it's relatively new and mostly about the dog, but I am trying to make it a more regular thing here and I am also trying to make it more Professional.
Notice the CAPITOL letter there? I know, I've said this before! But I really mean it and I am determined to make a go of this whole jewellery as a career thing.

Speaking of which, in Janamade news, here in the studio today I am going to cut out some Lace and try a new pendant design, as well as clean up and solder the remaining A Cute earrings that I've got cut out so I can get them into the Etsy shop.
I really love the idea of being able to support myself and our little family with creativity and my own two hands. There are certainly things that I need to develop, like a marketing confidence and the Shmooze (I don't have the gift of this, I know and love some people who do, but for the life of me I can't bring myself to do it well. I always feel like I must look like I am trying to sell you a crappy used car. I must work on this.)
And other more concrete things like a catologue. This is something that I might try to work on this weekend. I have to put together our package for the Out of Hand fair this weekend as well, so I might rope the two projects together.

Just off hand, I have noticed that I have received a couple of comments from people I don't know (which is pretty amazing in itself, and I love the comments that I have had from people who have actually left comments, thank you!) but the couple that I referring to have just been one or two word comments with links to things I should "see" that have turned out to be virus warning pop ups that are quite frightening.
Is this something that happens all the time that one just ignores and deals with as a cost of doing business online, or should I be worried about them? They have only popped up on the last two posts, but it's scratching at the back of my mind when I check the comments box now.
And that's no fun.
Just wondering, putting it out there as it were.

Happy Saturday all.

Feb 19, 2008

So good

This is a little shot of a meal we had a couple of weekends ago. I took the picture with every intent of sharing right away, but you know how it is.
It was so good. SO good.
Super saucy, grilled chicken and spinach lasagna. We even took it to the Next Level and had a traditional caesar salad with bacon and everything.

Oh, for those of you that didn't know, I fell off the vegetarian wagon. Hard.
I still don't eat beef or red meat really, but the occasional bacon will sneak in.
And my diet is still pretty veg/tofu based, but with all of our food allergies, it needed to happen.
I sat drooling through 6 months of KFC and Taco Bell commercials before I finally caved.
I will be totally honest however, and just say that I feel SO MUCH BETTER.
And I will share a little too much here and say that I am also much less bloated than before.

Isn't that nice?
I thought so too.

Feb 18, 2008

I heart weekends

I am feeling pretty good around the Janamade front these days. I have been working on prints for Angie all day today and I've been poking away at them all weekend as well.

Those little deer are so flipping Cute! I am losing it a little over those guys.
And I have finished up the little bird since taking the picture, although I am going to go back in and redraw one wing, because I got into more of a groove on the second wing, and I like it better. So I'll fix it up later.
And I finally inked up the seedpod, so I can get copies made and mail them over to FGI.

We didn't do much for Valentines around here, we are pretty low key when it comes to holidays in general, so the Hallmark holidays get even less press.
But last night Geoff made this cake, and I have officially named it the Valentines Cake.

Just a plain vanilla cake that we added fresh sliced strawberries to. We even chopped up a whole cup and a half for inside the cake as well.

I've got a lot to catch up on in the studio now, yes I was productive, but in prints.
So the rest of the night is for studio time. Geoff is sleeping to get himself ready for an all night shoot tonight and tomorrow, so I should have the studio to myself.
Just today he got called for 3 gigs! So we'll have to print off a studio schedule or something.

This is the right direction folks.

Feb 17, 2008

I know I'm a bit of a run on

I am really looking for frames. And I am sort of starting to narrow it down to a few online pairs.
These two I found on glassescrafter.com, and if I just get regular lenses they'll be under $75. (and they'll only be $60 more for transitions, which I am kind of hoping for, since then I don't have to worry about getting sunnies yet)
That is however, not including duty. There may be duty on them since they are coming from the US.
Not too shabby though.

Right? They both appeal to me for different moods/looks. (that top pair is very close to the Vivienne Westwood pair I was ogling the other day, only in brown, which I think works with my features a little better.) I just need to decide what I want that look to be for the next year or so.
Although if I get a pair and they are awesome, I can always save up for another pair.


Although I have a friend from work, working on tracking down that original pair that I fell in love with last year when Geoff was looking at new frames.
So I am going to wait and see how that goes first.

That just makes good sense.
I promise not to post glasses anymore.
Until I have new ones to show off!


Feb 16, 2008

I just saw this and flipped out!

Look at what someone has done with an old dresser! This is so amazing!
I saw this at www.fermliving.blogspot.com and you can buy the stickers (I know, they are Wall Stickers! Eee!) at www.fermliving.shop.us
They have a whole assortment and I am officially saving up for one or two.

After The Gadget, tattoos and loans.

Oh sigh!

Feb 15, 2008

blog bloggity blog

I have been sitting here on the couch (I heart laptops) for the last little while, I don't even really know how long, looking at frames online.
I know I am still on THAT tangent.
I am starting to debate whether or not I should just put new lenses in my old standbys.
But I really WANT new frames! But I really need new lenses, daily headaches are not my cup of tea.
And really, why on Earth would it be.
That would be weird.

Really Weird.

I have also just absentmindedly consumed almost a whole bag of chocolate covered almonds, accidently.
I feel really bad about that. I mean, almost a whole bag? I wasn't even paying attention.
I did however pay attention to the deliciousness, so whatever, that counts right?

Anyway, (oi my tangents! Where does that train go??)
I found a couple of different sites this time, as opposed to the last time, in which all the sites that I looked at were recommended from a blog called glassyeyes.blogspot.com
He had some good ones, and certainly the cheapest.
Here are some of the ones that I found this afternoon....

(Oh these pictures are so TINY!! That makes me happy in a weird little way!)
I was particularly taken with the white and black pair, the heart shaped pair (seriously!) and the Vivienne Westwoods. Although I need to sort out in my heart if I like the frames or that I like that they are Vivienne Westwood. She's classy and awesome. I wish that I had the curves for those wrapdresses!

Again with the tangents.
I blame all of this post on the chocolate covered almonds. (or as I have heard them referred to as "power pellets"

I am going to get off the computer now.

I hope that everyone had a lovely Valentines out there!

Feb 3, 2008

New earrings!

I have some sheet silver that I had already cut for A Cute rings, but it wasn't substantial enough for rings. I tried a couple but they feel a little flimsy.
And then last night it came to me in an epiphany, EARRINGS!
I have been thinking about earrings for a while, trying to design something simple enough for everyday, and flashy enough for a night out. (I try to design jewellery for Gals like me, and I am not super flashy, but I do like a bit of flash every now and again.

These I think worked out pretty well.

And I have enough pre-cut stock for another 5 pairs.
So, I am going to wear these everywhere for the next week or so, gauge reactions and see how they hold up to everyday wear, and then, if they are as awesome as I think they are (I'm biased) I'll whip up the other 5 and update the ol' Etsy shop!

Feb 2, 2008

I am covetous! Too much.

I have just spent WAY too long messing around and browsing on the computer.
Thank god I have some self restraint, and didn't order anything online.
Like this...

I have actually seen this in Real Life (notice the capitals people) and it's flipping amazing. Oh the pockets!

Or this...

I almost ordered it. Almost.

But I actually NEED glasses.
I just want (WANT) the gadget and the bag.

I have to get off the computer!

I did however spend some productive time in the studio today.
No pictures available yet, but I've got a sample of a set of Bangles that are connected by a sweet little gold ring.
I haven't sorted out it's name yet, but they jingle jangle quite nicely and I've had requests for bangles.
I hear you, and I provide.
I'm hoping to get them cleaned up and photographed tomorrow.

I also started some earrings, but I think that the design needs a heavier sized wire. They're okay. But okay just isn't good enough.
They must be AMAZING.

I've got coffee plans with a friend that I haven't seen in a while and Monday I am expecting a fun filled day of fabric and design craziness with Angie and Erin.
I am SO looking forward to design craziness! SO good to bounce ideas around.

Now I am going to get out of the studio and start this book, which arrived in the mail for me yesterday

Cheers Dahlings!

Feb 1, 2008

Before and After

I can't tell you how many times I am finishing up an alteration to something and realize that I didn't take a BEFORE picture.
So many.
But I was quick on the draw for this one and I am glad, because seriously, this is pretty cool.

I got this red coat at Christmas to replace the Hobo Coat.
(the last one had seen better days, and was dubbed the Hobo Coat after I popped in to visit a friend and she told me that she thought it was so cute that I dressed like a little hobo. I'm not kidding)
So, this is the replacement.

It was the hood that started it all. I've never had a coat so bright or so red, but it felt Right somehow.
Especially when I decided to embroider The Wolf on it.
Remember my obsession with embroidery? It's still here.
And now it's on my coat!

I think that I might unpick and redo the silver highlights, it came out a little more contrasty than I expected, I wanted something a little more subtle, but I haven't done it yet, and it's not at the top of the ol' priority list at the moment, so he might stay like this for a while.
I'm okay with that.

For now anyway. One never knows when the moods will shift and I HAVE to change it RIGHT NOW.

In other non-crafty related news, I played Guitar Hero for the first time last weekend. Pretty hilarious.

I am very serious.

And we have had snow! There is even still a little bit still out there right now, and it started last weekend!

Norman is still not so sure about snow, we bundled him up really well (a sweater AND a coat) but it still freaks him out I think.
Hilarious little dude.


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