Nov 17, 2009

Art Wall and The Loveseat

I mentioned (what feels like AGES ago) that I would share pictures of The Loveseat that we sneakily acquired when we moved into our new apartment.
It had lived upstairs at Marny's house for as long as I can remember and I always coveted it. It's such a good shape and the colour is insane.
It's a gold loveseat.

And now it's MINE!!
(I am actually laughing like a mad scientist and rubbing my hands together. No joke)

Mwa ha's included.

Anyway, here is the picture that I promised.

It's sitting in Geoff's study nook, which will also house our slowly growing art collection.
The Norman portrait was a gift for Geoff a few Christmases ago, I painted it on a piece of the house that he and his Dad built together.

I've got a couple more pieces to add to the Art Wall, but I need to get frames for them.

Soon enough, my lovelies, soon enough.
(I am absently stroking an imaginary cat right now.)

(more maniacal laughter)

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