Jan 31, 2008

My current Obsession

Did you notice how I capitalized that?
Yeah, that's how much I am coveting this thing right now.

I have been jonesing for an Ipod Nano (the new, cute square ones) since I first saw the commercial on TV AGES ago.
And I've never had a wee portable music player, my last portable music was my 21st birthday present. A super rad HUGE discman.
It was so great! But man is that thing huge.

So now I covet this little bad boy. One of the reasons that I am so keen (the nano too) is the big display screen.
I want to be able to whip out my portfolio should anyone ask.
And THIS one also plays FM radio.
And I'll be honest, the idea of being able to listen to the CBC is making me pretty happy right now.

So I'm saving my pennies!

Jan 27, 2008

Shop update!



All of these lovelies are available to purchase at my little Etsy Shop, just click on the link to the left to check it out.

In other news (I know! There's more!) last weekend we had to take advantage of the AMAZING weather we had and we decided to head out of the city and take a gander at some natural sites.
We went to Belcarra park, just outside of Port Moody and let me tell you, it was lovely.
We bundled Norman up and grabbed the camera for a day of adventure.

It was so nice all day, we took tea and stopped to share a teeny cup at every beautiful spot we found.
I saw a raven for the first time (although she flew away before I could get the camera out, she knew what I was up to.)
I did get this great shot of a mini murder of crows up in the branches though.

Good day.

Jan 19, 2008


I tried on some virtual glasses at eyebuy.com.
I had to share.

Look how EXCITED I look about those!

I am still laughing!

Oh my god my first Etsy update... just happened!

All of these lovelies are now available to buy online!
Holy crap.
This was a big step for me, it makes me feel like my attempt to be a one woman show/small(possibly HUGE!)business is really happening.
As it should since 2008 is The Year of Janamade.
I'm doing it.

Watch out.

I also drew up a print for Angie. I like it.

What do you think?

Jan 18, 2008

Glasses what!

Well it's official, I need new glasses.
I am okay with this. I look forward to fewer headaches due to eye strain, that's for sure.
And now begins the search for rad frames!

I have had my eye on a pair that I saw when Geoff got new glasses last year. Lovely Alfred Sung frames, that I can't find online, but that I remember quite fondly.

And I have been looking online at other frames trying to find a cheap alternative.
Because I don't really want to fork over $$$ right now.
These are the ones that I like online.

My main hesitation with buying online, is that I can't try them on. Which is a shame, because I love trying on frames.
That's how I fall in love with them.
But so far the top blue ones are a clear winner, and the clear and brown ones (second from the bottom) are my size, almost perfectly actually. But I still want to see them on my face. And the program that these websites have is not as effective as I would like.
Oh well!
I've still got my heart set on those original Alfred Sung's so we'll see.
Or I will once I get new frames anyway.

Did you get what I did there?


Jan 6, 2008

Oh 2007, you were going so smoothly there for a while.
We should have seen it coming that you would end with a bang.

It was a pretty smooth year, all things considered. I worked toward Out of Hand and that went well, and Geoff's school wrapped up without a hitch. At least I feel that way, he might disagree. It seemed like an even keel was kept throughout.

And then we decided to go to Seattle for a celebratory Raptors game on December 21st.
The weather was perfect for a drive, not to bright but nice and clear.
We got about 35 minutes passed the border and pulled into a rest stop so I could pee.
As I do.
And the car stopped. Before we turned it off.
And the hood was smoking.
Turns out after a whole day of stress and trying to get the car to a dealership (with no cell phone) that the engine had overheated and was basically screwed.
This is what I understand anyway.
We did manage to get to the game, in a rental car, a little late since we sat in accident traffic on the I5 for an HOUR.
Those poor people weren't having a good day either.
The game was not so good. And after the events of the day our hearts just weren't in it.
So we left a little early to try to get home before 1am.

At the border (at midnight) they informed us that Canadians can't legally drive a car with US plates unless it's properly imported, and that they could turn us back to Washington.
Thankfully the borderguard we spoke to was the NICEST guy ever and let us drive home, but we couldn't drive the rental at all. Which was a shame since we had rented it for 5 days so we could still do Christmas on the island.
In the end it all worked out, we hitched a ride over with a friend and family was nice enough to drive us around when we needed it.
Thank you guys.

Other events occurred that I feel would be disrespectful to blog about (blogs are too casual a medium for such news) But Grandpa, you will be missed.

We rang in the New Year quietly. Watched a movie and went to bed after listening to the neighbors whoop it up for a while.

So now it's 2008 and I wonder what it will bring.
I look into it with expectations of good things and the knowledge of landing on my feet in case of not so good things.
But my fingers are crossed for good things!

Best wishes to all of YOU too.


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