Feb 28, 2009

Men's shirts

Makes girls hot.

I have no idea where I am finding these great pictures. I wander through blogs and grab pictures that I love and then completely forget where I found them. It's likely that they are in the blog list to the LEFT.

overalls = sexy?

This girl thinks so.
And I think I have to agree with her. She looks pretty darn cute.
I had big plans to make some old overalls into a jumper a few years back.
Perhaps I should think about that again.

But when it comes right down to it I am going to wear the same things.

Or maybe... something with PIZAZZ!

We'll see.

Coveting again

I am not really a sneaker type of gal. In fact it's been probably been at least 5 years since I even had a pair of sneakers now that I think about it.

But there is something about the classic cool lines of these Chuck Taylors that are currently calling to me.
The grey are pretty amazing.
But I think I might need red ones. You know how it is.

Feb 26, 2009

For Gabe, and Ty

I know that Gabe has a laser and can make this already, but it's still super awesome.
And I bet that a certain 3 year old would get a kick out of this too.

Feb 25, 2009

Change is in the air.

Yesterday I gave my notice at work.

Last week we gave our landlord notice.

We are moving.

To the Island.

At the end of March.

This is something that I have thought about for a while. Probably since we moved to the City really. I tried really hard to make the most of Vancouver while we are here, and I think I did okay. It's hard though when everything is So Expensive! Good Grief! Going out for dinner is a once in a blue moon thing for us as it is.

I am torn about it though, because I want Geoff to be happy, and productive. And I feel weird about taking him away from any positive momentum here. But who is to say that it will? We assume that being on the island will slow things down for him, but it might not. He's good at what he does, and he works so hard. I have good feelings about his potential.

But I have an amazing opportunity to work with some amazing women and I am So Excited that I will be able to work with them every day and learn so much. This is something that I have talked about with these ladies every time I go back to the island and work with them.

I will still be working on Janamade. I feel so good about her right now.
I'm in fact just on my way into town to pick up some new materials so I can work on more of those new earrings. (I am loving them right now!) 4 pairs are on their way to an Open House in Victoria this weekend in fact.

I feel optimistic that this is going to be a good year.
I am going to make it a good year.

And I will likely tell you all about it.
Thanks for listening,

Feb 23, 2009

Another amazing find...

Via A Small Fox in a Big World!
I am going to have to bookmark this woman.
So incredible!

Check this out!

I also really love Neil Gaiman. Good Omens is one of my ALL TIME favorite books.
I named my cat after one of the principle characters (and forever rued the decision to name a bad black kitten after a Demon.)

This is a real thing!

I found this via A Small Fox in a Big World and I am currently flipping my lid!

If you recall, I REALLY love Jane Austen. Particularly Pride and Prejudice.
And even though I can't watch any of the new horror movies that they are coming out with these days since I watched Dawn of the Dead (I STILL get nightmares from that one. Yeugh.) I used to REALLY love zombies too.
I still love Evil Dead style zombies. Bruce Campbell makes it all good.

So this book has definitely peaked my interest.
I might even have to break my vow of only borrowing books from the library from now on in order to HAVE it.

I might make it a reward for being a good little bench worker and getting some jewellery made and sent out.
(I've been procrastinating BAD today. I've tried out TWO new recipes. FOR SHAME!!)

That would be okay.

Yep, definitely.

Feb 22, 2009

So awesome

Stephanie Metz

Some of you may not know this, but I have a love affair with anything cute and creepy.
I love bones.
I love vertebrae particularly.

Feb 21, 2009


Get your butt's over to 2023 Belmont Ave TODAY for awesome spring sale DEALS!!!

Feb 20, 2009

New earrings!

I made these on Wednesday, after too many hours of sawing through copper made my shoulder too sore to go on! (very dramatic, I know)
I had some of the little guys already made up as necklace components, so I added the posts and cleaned them up.
I've got 5 pairs of the wee ones, and one pair of the larger earrings finished.
But I like them so much that I am going to work on more today!


When I got the mail today there were TWO of these in there.
And Geoff surprised me with one too.

I really love you guys so much.

I am actually teary as I write this.

Dace Spring 09

My morning routine for days that I work at home is pretty straightforward.
I eat breakfast in front of the computer and wait for my hair to dry.
This gives me about an hour to browse around and read my blogs.
This is usually when I discover new things that I NEED.
Dace would be one of those things.

That slouchy cowl neck pullover is currently BLOWING MY MIND!
She looks so cool and comfortable.
And I am having a love affair with collared shirts this year. I used to rock a collared shirt pretty regularly, but have wandered into the land of tshirts for a little while.
It might be time to get back.
Plus short shorts.
It's the summer short shorts this year.

Feb 18, 2009

So True

Yes please.

I don't care what anyone thinks about this, but Justin is SO on my list.

FGI Spring Sale!

My lovely cohorts are having a studio and SAMPLE sale in Victoria next weekend, so if you are in the neighborhood you should get the heck over there.

I saw some of the spring samples the last time I was over on the island and it's AMAZING!!
1-5pm Saturday February 21st.

Check out the new spring stuff on their website.
Get it while it's hot folks!

Feb 16, 2009

Holy crap Incredible!

Storage in the stairs??

Totally love that!
Saw it at Apartment Therapy today.

Fashion + Weather=Feather

I am SOO loving this!
Every single outfit is something that I would wear.
I wish I could shop there.

bike bikes bikes bikes!

I am having a bit of a covet attack for cool cruiser style bikes.
I sold my bike last fall, because it was WAY too heavy to ride to work, it took me an hour and my legs were JELLY when I got home the one time I tried last summer.
But I really miss it now!
I am visualizing the summer time fun I could have with a new (to me) bike.

And my favorite of all?
The Adult Tricycle.
Yeah, that's right.

Look at the BASKETS!!

I actually took a trike for a test drive a couple summers ago and it was SO AWESOME.
Way less heavy than my previous bike if you can imagine it, and smooth.
Plus think of all the groceries I could pack into that back basket!
I could even pick up hitch hikers in one of those babies!

Out from under my reading rock

I read pretty much non stop from Wednesday until last night at 6pm.
Yes there was work in there, but I will admit to being slightly distracted and really just thinking about getting back to my couch so I could read some more!
And all last night I felt like I was at loose ends... no more Twilight.


Today I've got LOTS to do to make up for all of that time.
I've got a whole sheet of copper that I am going to turn into earrings.
Plus a couple of requests to get on top of!

In other completely unrelated news, I uploaded the photos from my camera this morning.

My parents have 4 huge dogs. I know I've mentioned this before.
Bailey, the mama bear, watched TV and LEAPS and barks at it any time she sees an animal.
We were watching Transformers, so there were only a couple.
But she was on the lookout the whole time!

And I love that picture of my Afi.

I did manage to get a little bit of work done during my reading break.
This pendant was a commission for a friend of a friend. The arrow is 14k yellow gold and the "Dan" can come off as a seperate pendant if she wants.
Dan had me make it up for his girl for Valentines day!
So sweet!

Feb 11, 2009

I am very busy

I was on the island this past weekend for a meeting with a new store!
Very exiting.
It's Heart & Sole on Cook street (at the corner of Fort St) and they were great! They took some stuff right then and this weekend I am going to work on putting together a package for them of more stuff.

While I was home I also saw a lot of family which was really nice. It was My Afi's 85th birthday and we had dinner at my cousin's family's house.
And I sat in on a Monday Meeting at FGI which was great.

My Mom lent me some books.

So since I have been home, I have been totally engrossed in Twilight.
And New Moon.

And as soon as I get off the computer (in like, 5 minutes) I am going to start Eclipse.
And as soon as I am done that, I am going to jump RIGHT INTO Breaking Dawn.

The thing that I am (only) slightly chagrined about this TOTAL READING TAKEOVER, is that I read them all already.

Just in November.

So if I am not answering the phone or emailing you back, it's because I am having an affair with Edward Cullen and I CAN'T TALK TO YOU RIGHT NOW.

Feb 6, 2009

Blogging is weird

I am an AVID blog reader.
Which made me consider starting my own blog.
Yes the intent was to showcase jewellery and use it as an avenue to promote myself.

But if you are reading this you know that I mostly chat about crafty things like embroidery, sewing ideas and random silly notes about the dog.

And shoes that I like.

I found myself this morning checking out GlutenfreeGirl and she made a comment about how she loves twitter and that she started a facebook page.
Of course I immediately became a fan.
She also mentioned that if I wanted to befriend her on facebook I could.

Because she is of course blogging directly to ME.

And I was all "AWESOME!! I could be friends with her on facebook and we could totally hit it off and we will be BEST FRIENDS"
Because she seems like a really cool chick, I like reading her blog, we both live glutenfree and she's got a lovely husband and amazing baby.
I have a lovely fiance and a coddled dog.

That's pretty close.

But my reaction got me thinking.
I would probably react this way if any of the bloggers that I regularly read said something similar because I feel like I know them.
From reading their blogs.

Which is WEIRD. Because I certainly don't know them, I am familiar with what they share with the INTERNET.
And they definitely don't know me!
I am just one random person that has bookmarked them on my computer and reads about their daily lives.

Now I am the weird one.

But what I am wondering now is this. Does anyone have this blog bookmarked on their computers? Is there someone out there (that I don't already know, Mom you don't count!) who stumbled across this silly little thing and was like "Whoa! This chick is hilarious, and she makes interesting things, I think I'll see what she's up to again!"?

Now you all know that I think I'm hilarious.

I was just thinking about that just now.
That's all.

Feb 4, 2009

I am losing my mind right now.

I absolutely, in every way, LOVE and really need this print.
I found it just now and I am flipping out.

I had a bad black cat.
He was fat and so bad, bad, bad.
But he was also so wonderful!

And it's a limited edition!
WHY do I have to be broke??

Available via FireFluff

pancakes, sunsets and Stinkers

This morning we had pancakes for breakfast.
Yeah that's right, PANCAKES.

Gluten free ones obviously.

And you know what the EASIEST thing is?
Picking up a prepackaged gluten free flour and switching it out for regular flour.
This time we used Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Flour blend.
We ran out of the mix that I usually make up myself, and the health food store didn't have any sorghum OR garfava.
So I panicked and searched for an alternative.

It's not too bad.
I think that in all honesty I prefer our scratch mix, but in a pinch this was pretty good.

I made two batches of chocolate cookies this week (shut up I know!) using this flour and while they weren't the INSANITY that these cookies are known for, they were pretty damn delicious.

I did make them twice after all.


This little stinker is a late Christmas gift for Alex. At Floating Gold Iceberg we drew names for our Christmas swap and I got the lovely Miss Alex.
She's not expecting this, and he came together through divine inspiration.
Back in Art School I used to draw these hilarious little demons on EVERYTHING and I have been thinking about bringing them back.
This is their first new incarnation.
I am loving embroidery again right now.

And tonight we had a BEAUTIFUL sunset. All day it was gorgeous, not even that cold, and when I popped outside to bring Indiana Jones in (long story) I caught a glimpse of it and had to run inside for the camera.

Feb 3, 2009

Interpretive Stance

is a blog written by Heather.
She is hilarious. I've got it bookmarked now so I can pop in all the time.

She went to high school with Geoff and in January she posted about me!

I might have to send her chocolates or something.
Just to say thank you.

Check out her blog here!

Right now.


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