Jan 30, 2013

I still really, REALLY want an adult trike.

I am actually pretty mean to myself, I look at UsedVictoria all the time checking for them, even though I KNOW I can't afford one right now.

One day my pretty.... ONE DAY!!!

Jan 29, 2013

Custom Stamps

We were invited to our friend's Daughter's 2nd Birthday party last weekend.  I was all fired up to make her a Janalope Horse (I had asked her mom what her favorites were, and Horses came up in conversation)

An important lesson was learned the night before the party.

Samples are a good idea for a reason.


I made her a custom stamp with the Birthday Girl's name on it instead!

Geoff actually came up with the idea this past christmas.... I can't take all the credit!

Jan 28, 2013


The FOX FAIR is back in just a couple of weeks!  
February 9th at the Fernwood Community Center
Saturday from 10 - 4pm

Copper Barnacles

These new Barnacle Earrings are happily shining over at Shampoo Hair Bar.  I took them down last night!

Brand new and very luscious, there is something about the copper that just gets to me, they are So Nice!
Hand made silver posts

I'll have some more for the Fox Fair on Feb 9th!  TWO WEEKS!!

Jan 25, 2013

*Mom Post*

* I felt like I should warn you that it's not jewellery or craft related with a little ** action.

This is STRICTLY function.

But man oh man.  It's a good one.

I have never even heard there was such a thing until I was a a play date with the lovely Kaisha and she pointed hers out.


That's right, a toilet sprayer.

This thing is quite possibly my new favorite thing in the house.  I'm not even joking.
This thing is AMAZING.  WE got one for christmas (the very one shown above in fact) and because we generally take a while to get to things around these parts it only got set up last week.  BUT LET ME TELL YOU!  It has made me feel warm fuzzy thoughts about my bathroom, the likes of which it has not felt in A LONG ASS, A VERY LONG TIME.

I kind of resent my bathroom.  For being the one room in the house that is the most disgusting, and yet, the most in need of TLC than any other.  And because we have a crazy, wiley toddler who is generally in charge of all things at all times (when he is awake) it doesn not get the attention it deserves.

Also, everyone poops in there and I don't need to deal with any more poop than I have to these days.

But This Thing!  Oh!  Now when we have a blow out (Moms and Dads, you know what I'm talking about) it is no longer a situation that involves horrific cringing and not so subtle power struggles "Babe!  I got the LAST ONE!" "BUT I'M BUSY DOING THIS OTHER SUPER IMPORTANT THING HERE RIGHT NOW!"

Now it's just a matter or putting the diaper into the bowl and SPRAYING THE HORROR AWAY.

Diaper sprayer... I love you.

It just casually sits on the side of the tank until we need it.  Super relaxed and stress free, because it knows we appreciate and value it.

Jan 24, 2013

Alphabet cards for Sonny

This one here... hello U for Unicorn!

Or this one here... I have never heard of a Nutria, but it's pretty darn cute!

Or this one here... Sonny is loving dear these days.  Like, everyday we get a "DEER??? DEER???"

 This poster is great too.

I really like the idea of setting up a wall of cards to him now that he is really getting into letters and numbers.  His favorite is R.  He can say it and sign it and he points them out wherever he sees them.
Ridiculously cute.

Plus animals are a big hit around here.  Tigers, Cat, Deer and Dragons(!) particularly.

Jan 22, 2013


 In the last 6 months I have started working on gifts for friends and family in the form of Stuffies.
At Christmas I made my two littlest nephews these two little weirdos...

This guy was originally designed as a robot, but it didn't quite come out in the stuffing!  So in the end he became a Robot Space Ninja, or quite possibly a Ferret in a jet pack.

And this little guy is Posie.  I designed him to be a version of my nephew Mattie's dog Rosie, who is a Portuguese water dog.  I didn't have any black fabric however so Rosie turned into Posie!

They are stuffed nice and tight and their arms and legs are perfect for little hands to grab, and each one ends up with so much personality that they are all characters on their own.  Each one (so far) comes with a name and a little history.  It's maybe a little much, but it's so fun and they are so cute that I kind of get lost in the process.

These are not the first creatures that I've made.  I made Sonny a cat named Stanley, who is a contstan crib buddy, although he doesn't get as much love as my Mama heart could wish for, but I can't make Sonny be friends with anyone so I am cool with it.

But in making these creatures over the last little while I am discovering that I really enjoy it.
So much so that I made a couple of Bandits that made their way to Hip Baby in town here and both of them were sold to new homes for the holidays!

Janalope is my new exciting adventure with Janamade, a branch of the tree for Littles.
I imagine that it will start slowly (also I only have so much time in the day!) but this is something that I am going to work with over the next year and see how they evolve.

I've got care tags in the works and I hand carved the logo stamp already!

I'll be making another litter for Hip Baby in the next couple of weeks, a Fox, a Hare, an Owl and a Horse I think.

I'm making a little something for another Little friend of ours whose birthday party is coming up too.

A Janalope Shop and link of the website are coming soon!


Jan 21, 2013

Custom Bangles

Before Christmas I made some trades with the Lovely Marcy of Morena.  I really REALLY had my eye on one of her great asymmetrical skirts and quietly tucked it away after she agreed to do a trade with me.

OH MAN do I LOVE trades! (Most of my wardrobe is actually trades now I think!)

These two little bangles are the pieces I made for her.

Now that they are done I can wear the skirt guilt free!

*I have a bangle that I stamped with a little A for my Sonny and I literally NEVER take it off.  It's my absolute favorite.  If you would like a custom stamped bangle please email me!  I would be very happy to make something for you!*

Jan 18, 2013

stamps and classes

A little peek at the hand towels I made for the Craft exchange I went to in December.

I found that great fabric at the thrift store and sewed it into napkins and then stamped them with the Yes Please stamp I made a while back. 

I'm putting together some classes in the next little while here in town, I'm thinking Stamp Carving and Fabric Printing to start.  If you are interested in joining a class please email me and I can send you an invite once I've finalized the details!

Jan 17, 2013

Savory Bread Pudding

Sooo this is essentially stuffing for dinner.

It's REALLY good.
(It's gluten and dairy free too.  I am going to try it egg free next time I make it... but I halved the called for eggs and subbed in a flax egg to even it out again.  I could potentially make it vegan too, but then it wouldn't have SAUSAGE in it!)

I based it on this recipe that I found on pinterest.  OH PINTEREST.

I used some GF croutons that my Mom had given to me leftover from holiday stuffing, and I have been trying to think of ways to use it besides salad and sweet bread pudding.

I didn't have any mushrooms, so I added carrots, parsnip, kale and SAUSAGE.
And we can't have dairy so I used some soy cheddar that I just shredded fine.  Usually we don't use soy either, but we had it on hand.

It was delish.

I will definitely make this again.
It's perfect November Food you know.  Am I the only one who feels like all food should come wrapped in pastry come October?

Jan 16, 2013

The sweetest little apron EVER.

Sonny was given this tiny little apron for Christmas last year and he's just big enough now to wear it.

Whenever I put mine on he asks for his too.

(I can not even describe how giddy my heart is when he asks for it.  LOVE IT!)

I love that he looks like a tiny, tidy butcher in that top picture!  Very serious.

Jan 15, 2013

Mom's birthday

This is the bracelet that I made for my Mom for her birthday this year. 

A whole flock of birds!

Jan 12, 2013

Weekend sweets and pattern envy

After reading about Sunday Cakes over here at Bleubird I thought that it would be such a nice idea to start here at home.  We go WAY overboard on the sweets over here.  Seriously overboard.  And this past holiday season kind of did me in.

BUT I STILL EAT TOO MUCH.  Sweets I mean.  (I probably ate at least 1/3 of a Purdy's box at work in one afternoon. I'm not exaggerating either)

So this afternoon I thought we'd start the new tradition of making a sweet thing on the weekend and then THAT'S IT FOR THE WEEK.

So I made a chocolate spice cake with dark chocolate filling and a coconut honey glaze on top.


It is so intensely sweet that I just want to go brush my teeth and drink a Big glass of water.  Ugh.

And there is a HUGE portion of cake left!  I could only manage one piece and I had to kind of slog my way through it.

It is that sweet.

So I don't have any free time AT ALL.  I ridiculously thought that I'd make myself a new winter coat in January, but we're coming into week three, and I've got orders to fill and trades to finish and a show to prep for IN ONE MONTH that all of my non kid time is bench time.

Or baking stupid cakes.

But my sister in law sent me a link to BURDA STYLE and I am kind of losing my cool over it.

There are a few pieces that I really want to try my hand at.

Like these for example...

Or these...

So now that I've discovered it, I am obsessed and can't stop picturing myself dressed up in new made-by-me duds and generally feeling fancy.

(Maybe in March I can make myself something!)

Jan 10, 2013

Quite possibly the most beautiful chocolate bar

This beauty was in my stocking this year.  Dark chocolate with lavender.

I love lavender!

My Mom found it here at Sacred Mountain Lavender.

It. Is. So. Good!

(Art by Jim Hart for the Salish Sea Chocolate company)

Jan 2, 2013

Anemones, in progress

(These shots are from just before Christmas, and I don't have any shots of them finished because, naturally,  I sent them all out IMMEDIATELY after finishing them.  Because they were finished at the Last Minute.  Classic)

These are the new Anemone series, teeny tiny brooches, pendants and not pictured were earrings too.
Silver copper and 14k yellow gold!  They all got some nice dark patinas and some hand engraving too.

I'm going to start a new batch of them next week.


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