Aug 29, 2009

New work (an no pictures!)

I am a bad blogger. I have actually taken one single picture of the new jewellery that I've been working on in the last little while. Beautiful feather earrings, pendants and today a bangle.
But it's on the other computer.

I know!! I keep doing this to you.
I am sure you are scratching your head and wondering to yourself why do I read this crap?
She's just a tease.

I am very sorry. It's just too easy to pop onto Geoff's laptop when it's just lying there on the couch to check my email and meander around to the Old Blog.

I have actually been taking more pictures lately with the very good intention of sharing things that are actually in front of me.

And then I go and get onto the wrong computer!

And that's not all I'm going to tease you with.

Like jewellery isn't enough already!

I have been on a bit of a cupcake kick lately.

We had some mini ones make their way into the new studio, and on Thursday I made some for The Last Stevenson Family Dinner of the Summer. Vanilla Ginger with lemon icing.

Oh christ they were good.

And now I have just made chocolate cupcakes(with white chocolate chips no less) and almond icing to go on them.

Oh my god!! I just want to eat all of them right now!
But they are too hot, and I feel like it's in my best interests to eat dinner first.

That seems like the mature thing to do.

I am not going to lay any bets on what we eat for dinner.

Probably cupcakes.

Aug 28, 2009

oh Moop

I am coveting this bag pretty seriously.
It's AMAZING in all the ways a bag should be.

oh sigh.

the wonders of nature

There is a cricket that I am SURE is under the bed and it just won't SHUT UP already!

But I am too nervous to get under the bed to fish it out because we've had 2, count em, TWO hobo spiders in the cabin this week.

And I am sorry if you think I am a wuss, but I am not interested in getting flesh eating disease right now.

Yeah, that's right, hobo spider bites can give you The Zombies.

Or kill you.

Both options I am not in the least bit interested in dealing with at the moment.

So that cricket is going to sing away all it wants because it knows that it has won.

Aug 26, 2009

My sister's birthday

was last Sunday and on Saturday afternoon she came up with our parent's and her boyfriend Matt to have a mini Birthday BBQ in the style of our youth.
(We shared a birthday party until I was 11. We are a freakish 3 years, 3 days and 3 minutes apart. I kid you not)

Anyway, the BBQ on the weekend was lovely, and this is what I made her.

It was a hit.

Aug 20, 2009

It's my birthday

and all I wanted to do all day is read.
And I have. Most of this book...

which is pretty good I guess. I am struggling a little bit to identify with a character that is kind of crazy, and all the scorpion god stuff. Scorpion god this and scorpion god that. There are some snake god in there too. Lots of stinging death god.

Every single sentence.

But otherwise I have been enjoying it so far. But I am kind of getting the drift of where it's going. So it's been temporarily usurped by this one...

which I am really enjoying. I have read the rest of the novels in this series so I am really liking getting more of the character's stories and I think that I will likely read any more books she writes for them.

I am halfway through this one now. Started it this morning.

Getting a bit of a headache.

Might nap.

Might keep reading and finish it tonight.

It's my birthday (30!) so it's all good.

Aug 14, 2009

Life at the lake

(especially in the summer)
is filled with a lot of screaming.

This is something I've witnessed since moving up here.
(I have yet to see anyone tubing who doesn't scream the whole time)

I am expecting the level of screaming to drop off dramatically once school starts up again and all the (screaming) teens text through their classes.

Geoff has said that it's going to get extremely quiet up here some winter.

Wilderness quiet.

I imagine that the only once screaming then will be me.

Aug 10, 2009

Threadless is my new favorite thing

I just discovered this.
That's not true, I've known about Threadless for a long time, but tonight was the first time I actually looked with the intention of getting a design. (Geoff is ordering some and I get to pick one for myself!)
And holy crappers, there is some awesome artists on there.

This one in particular is blowing my mind.

Not only because it's SO beautiful, but also because the artist is 19.

So cool.

But I think that the shirt I am going to order it this one

Losing my mind.

Aug 8, 2009

Halibut a la Jamie Oliver

So last night for the first time in my life (that I can remember, apparently when I was a small child I enjoyed fish sticks. ugh!) I ate and enjoyed a fish meal.

That's right, I said it.

I ate fish. And liked it.

It was sort of like this recipe from Jamie at Home (which is AMAZING by the way, go out and get it right now)

This cook book is so awesome. EVERYTHING that we have tried from it has been delicious.
Seriously delicious.

And last night's meal also allowed me to use the heart shaped Le Crueset roaster we got for the wedding.
This guy.

Anyway, it was basically White Fish roasted with bacon (god yes!) leeks and asparagus.

And. This. Is. The. Thing.

I will eat it again.

I am reformed.

The weather...

is giving us a hint of Fall this week.
Yesterday I wore PANTS. And SOCKS.

In other news I have internet on my computer again!!!!!


Yes that requires so many !!!. It's been 5 months

No one's fault but my own really.
Had to find the cable.
Didn't know where it was.
Didn't care to look for it.

I just went through my blog list and did a very quick catch up with all of you lovelies.
Oh how I missed you!

And I just uploaded 265 photos from my amazing Christmas Camera, which I still love by the way.
Oh Canon G10, you do good work.

Anyway, I have digressed already.

A couple of weeks ago, we had an incredible summer thunderstorm.
The sky looked like it was on fire and Geoff was down on the walkway taking pictures and documenting it all while I freaked out and worried about him getting struck by lightning (the walkway is metal) on the deck.
He got some really great shots.

When I got myself down to the yard Geoff asked me to look ominous.

(I look like a slightly possessed kindergarden teacher or something)

His is much better!

Aug 3, 2009

So my birthday is coming up

and I usually don't want a fuss. Generally I am a no fuss girl.

But I am turning 30.

So I am feeling like a bit of fuss is in order.

Nothing drastic. Nothing over the top.

A BBQ on the weekend.

And an ice cream cake.

I think that's fair.

(we used to get an ice cream cake every year for our birthdays after my mom got her pinky caught in the mixer making my little sister's birthday cake one year. So it's tradition now.)

Aug 2, 2009

Wallabee love

I am starting to covet Fall things and my friend Ang got me thinking about these last year. She tried a pair on while we were out shopping and they were pretty damn cute.
Plus I tried on another pair of Clark's and they were INSANELY comfortable.

So now I need these.
(Look how cute that gal is in hers!)


I just stumbled across this blog while sulking in Geoff's room.
(My throat is sore and I want to go to sleep, but family is coming over to play Rockband and I just want to be a sulky baby.)

I am blown away by the cuteness of everything. She's got ducks, giant blossom brooches and a sweet looking farmboy.

I want basically all of her outfits.

All of them.

Plus she's got Made after her name. Just like me!


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