Nov 18, 2009

bedroom plans (woo woo!)

You are such a perv.

I am talking about DECORATING!
I painted the bedroom this really soothing lovely grey/twilighty colour and I lurve it.
But then I got busy with work and realized that I should be spending my money on groceries like a responsible adult and not on trips to the thrift store for baskets/mirrors etc.

So the bedroom is a little forlorn!
We've got some lovely new white bedding thanks to my Ma, and I've been searching out online sites for dressers (thanks to Geoff's generous Dad that's totally acceptable! THANK YOU AGAIN!)
I am really looking forward to taking an afternoon to check out some used furniture places here in town because I bet there are some GEMS in there that just need a little love.

I could give them that.

But here is the plan as it currently exists in my head...

(do you love my mad photoshop skills or what!)
So I am thinking that getting some pictures from the wedding framed above the bed, maybe 4 equal sized frames.

And the Art Project!
This will have to wait until after Christmas but the plan is to DRAW MY OWN MURAL BITCHES! There is this wall paper that I LOOOVE so MUCH!
(this one!)

(via now cancelled Domino Magazine. :( yes I just typed a sad face. I am very sad about it people! in an aside, I am almost finished going through and rereading all my Domino magazines, I have them all you know. It's been really wonderful)

But I am not in a position to afford real wallpaper in my life right now. But paint pens? I can swing 2 or 3 of those and an afternoon of my time.

looking forward to doing this.


Q&Z said...

Jana, your house is looking adorable :) There is a new consignment place just down from my house that sometimes has old things that need love. The prices vary... but worth checking out if that's what you decide to do! No idea what it's called, but it's on Craigflower in VicWest and had zebra stripes.

Unknown said...

Cool! Thanks Zoe! I think I've seen that place, it's just recently been zebra'd I think.
It was really nice to run into you at Igloo last weekend! I am sorry I was a bit flakey, it was a looong day!

I hope that school is going well!


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