Aug 30, 2008

makin' stuff

I like to make things. This is an ongoing adventure most of the time.
(I am going to convert a cool old car into an electric leviathon one day. No one thinks I can/should, but damnit, I am SO going to.) And it will be AMAZING.

I generally work on a much smaller scale (jewellery see) but I also love to paint and print and generally make fun stuff.

While we were back on the island last week I got to get my hands back into screen printing.
Oh my god so much fun.
I had forgotten how much I like it.

It was late and I'd had a couple of drinks (the BEST time to relearn a skill, obviously) and I loved it.
I will definitely be doing it again.
And soon if I have anything to do with it.

On a totally different note, and one that I am going to try to not flog to death on here;
I am totally flipping excited that this guy

wants to marry me.

Holy crappers.

I've already had to be sat down and asked to chill out about it.

But seriously, I am chilling out. I am just going to be RATIONAL about the whole thing.

And quietly plan in my head.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

And that is where your evil genius perfects itself... quietly in your head until one day when people least suspect it... wham!
That's (one of the many reasons)why I love ya!! xoox


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