Aug 4, 2008

Ordering online

I am wondering how many of you have ordered online?
I have ordered a few things, and have been SO IMPRESSED that I am sort of spoiled for shopping in real life now.
It's true that I have only ordered a couple of things now, but the deals have been SCREAMING and seriously folks, that's the way to get deals.
When they are so good that they scream at you.
For example, I ordered Birkenstocks online a few months back, and they arrived perfect, and I saved $100.
I kid you not.
And my ipod was the same thing.
I am very impressed by this.
Plus now I get PACKAGES IN THE MAIL! Which is more fun than Christmas.

What I am considering right now is a pattern for a dress.
This one actually.
The fabric store near me is pretty good, but the patterns are all your basic companies like Simplicity and McCalls. Which is great, but it's fun to have an assortment of different styles to choose from.
So I am just looking around at what else is available.
There is a company based out of Montreal that has some cute stuff too. Jailie or something.
I have to look that one up again.

But for now that is all I am online looking at.
(Well boots too, but I am being frugal in that department, and just testing the waters. I found a GREAT pair on Ebay that I was seriously going to order, but I went back to it too late! And they were gone. Very sad.
So I have learned my lesson and will IMMEDIATELY order the next great pair I see so I don't miss out on the awesomeness.)

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