Aug 25, 2008

A wedding, a birthday and a canoe

I know I've mentioned this before, but man do I love me a ferry ride.
It goes back to when we were kids on family trips on the west coast. I was born in Winnipeg, and we drove out to Victoria one year that turned out to be a pretty significant trip, considering that we moved there a few short years later and my longstanding and abiding love of the ferry.

Does that mean the same thing?

Whatevs. I love the ferry.

(classic touristy shot of moi)

And this particular ferry ride was taking me on a 10 day vacation at the lake.
Which I also love.
So it was particularly exciting. And we got some great weather and watched the sun set from the car deck.

Very nice.

On Saturday we went to Parksville for Julie and Keith's wedding.
This was my first wedding of a friend, so I was pretty stoked. They didn't disappoint. It was very lovely and so sweet.

Julie made her dress and it was so amazing! Layers and layers of ruffles and raw silk. HELLO!

Woop! How did this one get in here?

After the wedding was my birthday. We spent it quietly up at the lake which was great. It was raining and we had the door open to hear the rain on the deck and I
R E A D A L L D A Y.

My family came up bearing sweets and my sister and I swam in the rain under a rainbow.
I kid you not there was an eagle that flew through it into a patch of blue sky.

The next day I went into town and hung out with the lovely and talented gals at Floating Gold Iceberg.
They made me cupcakes.

This doesn't really have anything to do with my birthday or cupcakes for that matter, but while I was there, Andy came home with Kim Catrall (Andrew McCarthy wasn't there though)

It was a really good trip back. I will admit that I was pretty loathe to leave this morning.

Last night we went out for a canoe ride (it had rained all day and the sky cleared up in the late afternoon) The lake was totally quiet, just the two of us out on the water.

Geoff asked me to marry him.

I said yes.


Anonymous said...

omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg... I could continue but I think you get the point. All day long I would have these little moments of thinking about you and Geoff engaged and I'd get all teary and giggly. Oy, I'm such a girl.


Glenda-Bean said...

Congrats Jana! What a beautiful proposal!!!

Jana May said...

Thanks guys! I am so excited!
When I know more about details I'll let you know!


Deedee said...

I ran outside to do another little happy dance on my front lawn - My PJ's are wet from the rain, but I don't care!!! Soooooo Happy for you babe :)

Love you Much.


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