Aug 12, 2008

fun weekend and more to come

On Saturday my friend's Angie and Chris came over from the island and I had SUCH A FUN WEEKEND!
I almost lost my mind from the fun I had.
And we didn't even get out and do that much! That's how easy I am to entertain.
We went fabric shopping and talked designs and I am so inspired and ready to get back on the sewing machine!
I picked up flannel, and a lovely chiffon for a blouse that is very late 70's chic.
I have to find a really sweet pattern for it.

I have also finished the latest big project, Julie and Keith's wedding bands! They turned out SO WELL!

They are picking them up tonight (and getting married on Saturday!)
Very exciting. I'll be taking loads of pictures of the event and I will post some pictures of that too when we get back.

Oh yes, did I not mention, next weekend we are going to the island for 10 DAYS!!
Count em' people, TEN DAYS.
I am so flippin' excited about this I can hardly sit still. We are heading over on Thursday night and going straight to the lake. I might not post while I am there, since I might be having too much fun laying in the sun and rolling off the dock into the lake. But I will be taking the camera and Geoff is bringing the laptop so you MIGHT have something to look at. But I will definitely post a big one when I get back, because not only are we going over for a wedding, it's birthday season!
My birthday, my Sister's birthday, one my my best friend's birthday's and Geoff's birthday (in that order) are all happening this month, so we're celebrating while we're away.

But don't fret my dears, I will likely post something ridiculous before we go!

1 comment:

Deedee said...

Yay Birthdays!!
*doing happy August dance*

The rings are BEAUTIFUL.


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