Aug 8, 2008

A week of bad dinners

Okay so they weren't really that bad per se. But they weren't the healthiest meal choices I've ever made.
On Monday I made a Midnight Pie.

Straight up classic Apple pie.
Enjoyed with a soy ice cream for A La Mode style fun.
I kid you not that pie came out of the oven at 11:30pm.
The gluten free crust was a dry mix that we picked up the last time we were in Qualicum Beach. (It's called Bea's and she's on 2nd Ave) There is a woman there who has a shop FULL of gluten free treats and mixes. Everytime we go up there we always make sure to stop in and restock.
She also has some really lovely loose teas which we're going to refill in a couple of weeks. (we're going up there for a wedding!)

Anyway, back to the food.
The pie was DELICIOUS. So good. We had a friend over at the time and he didn't think it was gluten free!
Yeah, it was just a delicious pie.

And then last night we had cinnamon sticks for dinner.

Oh man these were so good.
And again, they came from a mix. I am LOVING the GF mixes right now. I have been making all of my own gluten free flours for ages and it's so nice to have the convenience of a box that makes great food.
We'll still be making most of our food from scratch, but the mixes allow for amazing pizza, breadsticks, cinnamon buns, pie(and seriously, who doesn't love PIE?) in a jiffy!

Oh I am loving it right now!


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