Aug 28, 2008

Rock band

While we were up at the lake last week, we got a chance to play Rock Band.
I don't know if you have ever played this little piece of GENIUS, but you really should try it sometime.
It's hilarious.

We had had a few beverages by the time we busted out the instruments, and whoa nelly.

I am a rock star.

I played bass for a while, then drums.
And then I got my hands on the mic.

I didn't know this about myself. But I love to belt it out.

I can't sing very WELL mind you, but I can sing quite loudly.


Deedee said...

My Rockband's name is METATRON - you have to have it all in caps like that and say it kinda angry.
I am the drummer, and I have a beehive hairdo and a teeny plaid skirt (in the game, not for real.)

I love Rockband!!

Jana May said...

I named our band Potato Skins Royale.

I am going to make t shirts.


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