Aug 4, 2008

stamps and packaging

On Friday last week I ordered some custom stamps for my new packaging.
I have been thinking about this for a while, and I took the plunge to get them made up.
I will pick them up on Friday this week.
And if they are as cute as I expect them to be, it's quite likely that I will be stamping pretty much EVERYTHING for the next couple of weeks.
I have already decided that I will be stamping my new sketchbooks, which I picked up last week.
All will be covered in Cuteness.
These are my stamps.


Those all came out way bigger that I expected!
In real life they will all be under 3 inches, so they fit onto my new little bags.
And if these work out I will likely have MORE custom stamps made up and go crazy with the stamping.

It's how I roll.

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