Sep 7, 2008

What do you think?

I have been a bad little jeweller lately.
My day job has been taking up a lot more of my time that I expected and I have had NO energy to do anything once I get home lately.

Which is bad.

Because Out of Hand is only 2 months away and I don't have ANY stock ready.

You can't hear it, but I am screaming.

Anyway, now that I've got myself under control.

I whipped up these guys this morning.

I had drawn them up ages ago, maybe even in years ago, but had never tried a pair.
But this morning while I was getting dressed I realized that I wanted hoop earrings.
I know, I don't have any hoop earrings, what is THAT?
Well, I do now and I really like them so far.
They are super light weight and nice and clean looking I think.
What do you think?

I think that I might do up another pair of larger GOLD ones at some point, and I can definitely do these in a larger silver pair as well.
So I pose this question to you:
Should I develop these earrings for retail?

I am all ears!


Heather Anne said...

Hi Jana,
I went to highschool with Geoff!
He told me about it at the reunion (I think, its all a bit hazy).
First of all, congrats on the engagement!
Secondly, I LOVE these earrings, you should definately develop them for retail - I would buy these.
Thirdly, I don't eat gluten either, so it's fun to see where you find all your mixes and such.
Anyways, I love your jewlery!

Deedee said...

I think these are super cute.

Jana May said...

THanks guys! I am planning to wrangle a retail design out of them, maybe add some gold beads or maybe a double loop action or something to add pizzazz!
(I definitely spelled that wrong)
I'll post more pics when I've had a chance to whip them up!


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